Our Planets, Our Selves

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Welcome to the Capricorn Full moon!

On June 27th, at 9:52pm (PST) there is a full moon in Capricorn. The sun is in Cancer. Saturn and Pluto, two planets with harder energy, are also in Capricorn, and retrograde. This adds a sense of difficulty to the already somewhat conflicted Capricorn full moon. The conflict stems from the less emotional energy of Capricorn being in the realm of emotions, the moon, while the sun is also in the realm of emotions, in Cancer. The moon rules Cancer, meaning that Cancer and the moon are connected; they both affect our sense of belonging, a very deep sense of safety and the ability to feel secure enough to be vulnerable. In this way, they are connected to our emotional landscapes, our capacity to love and share ourselves with others. Capricorn’s sense of emotions tends to stay in a black and white area, tied to a sense of being right or wrong. There are more rules, more laws, more responsibility. Capricorn exists somewhat outside of the world of sensitivity and feelings. It doesn’t come as naturally to stop and investigate how things are feeling, because there is work to be done, and a path we’re on, and important things to get done. This is not to say that Capricorn energy is emotionless, but emotions do not have as big of a part of shaping reality, the way it does with Cancer, where emotional truth is the only truth.
Capricorn is our more public face, but of course the flip side is Cancer, our private self, and one can’t exist without the other. But with Saturn and Pluto also in Capricorn, we might be pulled more into prioritizing how we operate out in the world, and everything that comes along with that (status, power, access, judgment). Saturn and Pluto deal in power dynamics, in priorities, in hierarchies, in the rule of law. This can show up personally or globally, or a combination of both. Capricorn is the persistent striver, the hard worker, one of the stubborn animals of the Zodiac (goat/Capricorn, ram/Aries, and bull/Taurus), who sometimes repeatedly push against something out of automatic, habitual nature. The moon’s energy is the opposite: it is responsive and flexible, altering itself to move with the tide, not against it. The two different types of energy at play here are further exacerbated by the power planets, Saturn and Pluto, being in retrograde. This retrograde does not soften the harshness of the planets’ energies, but stifles them, or reveals where the power has become abusive. Since a full moon is a culmination, an accumulation, we want to acknowledge the buildup of certain energies and then release them if they are not helpful, or take advantage of them if they are helpful.
The day before the full moon, on the 26th, Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius. Aquarius is an evolution of Capricorn energy, it is how we transform our public productive self into a useful member of society. Aquarius needs other people to be around them as allies, not just as an audience. Mars in Aquarius, and retrograde, shares some of the conflict of a Capricorn moon, mainly the pull between the needs and desires of the individual and the needs and desires of the community. Mars is the fearless warrior who takes risks and steps out ahead of everyone else. The individual, even a brave one, works best as a valued member of a family or home, but sometimes we are called to go beyond that and push ourselves as individuals in order to make a larger step forward, for ourselves or for humanity as a whole. What is needed then is still balance between the two, so that in pushing forward we don’t isolate ourselves from the web that supports us. Family can be a tricky place for a lot of us to live, it is the ultimate reflection of the self, whether accurate and loving, or not. Try to take a larger view of who your family is, to see it as more than a nuclear cell of a few people, and include more of the wider world. Perhaps you’ll find yourself there. Support can show up in all sorts of ways.
Soon after the full moon, on the 29th, Mercury moves from Cancer to Leo. Mercury rules our communication and our immediate surroundings, so even as the sun is deep in Cancer season, our expressions become less interior and sensitive, and more external and outgoing. Our thoughts and conversations move from being expressions of deep inner feelings, to more of an immersion in our environment and social scenes, with more activity and excitement. As we balance the inner and outer dichotomy of the Capricorn full moon, be aware that Mercury in a fire sign means that your words might have less tact than usual, might come quicker than usual. As always, think before you speak, and pay attention to which part of you is truly expressing itself: the vulnerable inner self, or the constructed façade of the outer self.
On July 9th, Venus enters Virgo, and so our pleasure starts to center more on health and wellness. We might look for more meaning and healing in love, rather than the fun and excitement of Leo prior to this. Empty expressions of romance or care become less fulfilling, and it becomes more important to have depth and sustainability. This supports the general push this month to reconcile our individual needs within a space that is more communal and healthy for everyone. In Cancer season we are more aware of how we feel, whether we feel good and secure, or not. Since we can’t carry our physical homes with us, like the crab, we have to use what’s around us—our environment and our peers, to form a sense of home. For many people, this security is hard to find. Perhaps Mars in Aquarius can move our primary motivations towards providing security for everyone around us, not just ourselves. Aquarius identifies the self with the community, and so embodies an expression like, “I’m not free unless everyone is free.” And Venus in Virgo is mainly concerned with service to others, helping others, being a good citizen. In this political context, the Capricorn energy of persistence can translate to a powerful resistance, especially with Pluto, the planet of power and its potential abuses, off-balance in retrograde, showing us how we are taken advantage of and where we can resist that.
On the 10th, Jupiter goes direct in Scorpio, after being retrograde for four months. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so while in Scorpio we are expanding our perceptions about our own shadows, darkness, fear, and ability to release. Jupiter usually has a rewarding effect, so even while in a sign like Scorpio, where we are forced to pull back the layers hiding hard truths, we will be rewarded for our hard work. But while retrograde, you might have felt those rewards drop off, or some momentum get stalled. You might have felt some hard times or lack of abundance, or even a sense that things you considered yours were taken away from you (tax time did fall during this retrograde!). Scorpio is all about coming to terms with what is and isn’t ours to own, and being able to release while at the same time maintaining. Jupiter will start to reward your efforts to let go, by cycling in what you need in the moment, as long as you release it again once it feels right to do so.
The Capricorn full moon is conjunct with Saturn, so a more rigid mindset will be in the air. This can have positive effects, to help us make invisible ideas more concrete and therefore usable, but can also undeniably be altered for more unhealthy power manipulation, as we see in current times. Capricorn and Saturn are seen as business- minded, but can't business be flexible? Or legal-minded, but can't law be flexible? A danger with Capricorn is the promotion of law over the needs of humanity, rather than using law to support humanity. And with Saturn as the planet of learning, or mastering discipline, it would be good to incorporate more of a sense of self-discipline over trying to force the discipline of others. Everyone has different needs for structure, different rules for what type of living makes them feel good, and so self-determination makes more sense than blanket rules for everyone. And self-determination also involves trusting others to do the same, giving them the opportunity to, and taking a hands-off approach to each person’s evaluation of their own situation. 
For Aries: The Capricorn full moon could bring out the more authoritative (bossy) side of Aries. Remind yourself to step back and scale back, instead of insisting on your viewpoint as the only correct one. A humble Aries is a powerful one, since it acknowledges the power within, as well as the power held by others. Watch for tunnel vision; by scaling back you can see the larger picture. Even though that means that the spotlight moves away from pinpointing you, the result is greater illumination, which ultimately enhances you.
For Taurus: Again, be wary of "my way or the highway" type of thinking. Taurus can get stuck on ideas of right and wrong, like Capricorn, but Taurus can also access a more organic flow of the natural ways of being, so move towards that. Flexibility has more strength than rigidity. Use the earthiness of the Capricorn moon to re-attune yourself to the slow pace of the natural world, to patience, and to enjoyment of a more winding path. Even though this might bump up against the rigidity of Capricorn, Cap is also capable of respecting the organic flow of things, so take advantage and use the power that comes naturally to you.
For Gemini: In the Capricorn full moon there can be tension between how easily Gemini plays with words, language, and by extension, meaning, and how literal Capricorn is. Meaning is fixed and so language must be fixed to represent that. But Gemini gets to actually manipulate, in a good way, how we perceive meaning. It becomes more fluid and more fun. Go with this, despite pressure to nail down meaning for others. You have a leg up with your understanding of language and comfort with shifting and changing realities.
For Cancer: Cancers should watch where they may compromise their sensitivity for their need for safety. Cancer is naturally empathetic, while Capricorn is naturally not. Capricorn is seen as the public armor, but perhaps Cancer can gain some power to bring their strength in sensitivity out more. In an archetypal sense, Cancer is the receptive feminine while Capricorn is the active masculine. We had decided that the latter should be the acceptable public face, but perhaps Cancer can assert itself to take a softer, but powerful place in the public eye. Look for your individual unique strength and bring it out.
For Leo: Leo tends to have good values in place—prioritizing family, art and loyalty, but it can still deal in power dynamics, naturally placing itself at the top. While mostly benign behavior, and always taking into consideration others' opinion, the Capricorn full moon could have an influence, enhancing this spotlight seeking. Keep the balance with the Cancer sun and Cancer’s care for the comfort of others, so that your heat-seeking also benefits those around you. Remember that others exist in your sphere in addition to you.
For Virgo:  Capricorn’s rule-abiding and strong ethics can be aligned with Virgo’s analytical mind and affinity for perfection. Because Cancer is also at play during the full moon, remember to be gentle and kind with yourself. Capricorn can be hard on itself, since there is always more to strive for, and Virgo can easily get caught up in that mentality too. Capricorn has a sense of offering conditional love, based on merit, while Cancer is more of an unconditional love, based on emotional acceptance. You might feel pulled between the two of these, so decide which you feels more aligned to you.
For Libra: The Capricorn full moon and especially the conjunction with Saturn, may be well aligned for Libra. Because the goal is always harmony and balanced structure, this moon might just move you further along into working on that more, and in a better way. Saturn pushes us towards always learning more about how to find the structure that is helpful for us, that ultimately benefits us, which Libra understands and strives for as well. Make sure you’re checking in with the Cancer sun to ensure that your true feelings are being taken into account, but otherwise use this moon to push straight ahead into your work, and continue doing it well.
For Scorpio: This full moon might be intense, because the public/private axis of Cancer and Capricorn is one that Scorpio also wrestles with. Deciding what to keep private, when everything is always deeply felt, and what to bring out into the public, when it’s hard to keep so much inside. Capricorn is good at putting on a mask for the public, while Scorpio has a tendency to be “inappropriate” as far as TMI, or how much it shares with others.  There is a lot to be learned in this full moon, so if anything is being shown to you about how you are with others, whether well-received or not, use it to learn how to better balance your private self and your public self. Make sure you’re giving yourself enough solitude to feel all your feelings, as deeply as you want to.
For Sagittarius: You can work well with this full moon because structure is a stepping stone for you, not an obstacle. Capricorn is about climbing the mountain, and Sag is about reaching the top of the mountain, in terms of wisdom, understanding, and achievement. Capricorn's drive is familiar to Sag, they share a focus and determination. Make sure that you're taking all of the necessary steps and not jumping ahead, because the Saturn aspect will block you if you try to cut corners in your ascent. 
For Capricorn: The Capricorn full moon will reach out to Capricorns the strongest, but because it is the moon and not the sun, your feelings might be touched more, which could be uncomfortable. Learning to open up to the yin of Cancer, balancing your own yang of Capricorn, will be beneficial. The Saturn conjunction, and the fact of Saturn being retrograde, could have a limiting or constraining effect. Be aware of the Capricorn tendency towards rigid thoughts, because this could be accentuated now. Try to let yourself wiggle a little loose of such tight restraints, and see if being more relaxed and go with the flow can benefit you, perhaps teaching you something you weren’t aware of, and widening your view beyond what’s right in front of you.
For Aquarius: Aquarius has a strange relationship to rules: completely, almost overly, respecting them while at the same time refusing to enforce or necessarily abide by them. Because this relationship to authority is so nuanced, you might find some complicated issues coming up with this full moon. Where are you holding double-standards or judging other people by rules that you refuse to follow? Perhaps you can be willing to investigate deeper into these rules, and instead of just exempting yourself, see if they are even valuable for anyone, and maybe work to change them.
For Pisces: The Capricorn full moon can trigger any ways that Pisces is skirting around the rules. As the most ephemeral of the signs, Pisces’ life work will need to involve learning how to approximate the boundaries and structures that the rest of us live by, despite not naturally adhering to them. Capricorn could show ways that these boundaries are not being upheld, to the detriment of Pisces’ emotional needs. Building structures in the ocean is hard but not impossible, and creativity is maybe the best way to approach this task.