Good Vibes

Good Vibes

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Many of you follow me on Instagram and enjoy my astrological musings / horoscopes / motivational thoughts about the cosmos and our place in it.

I enjoy doing these posts, I enjoy getting the positive feedback from all of you, and I stay away from doing any sort of promotional marketing for anything on my Instagram, in order to keep it authentic & down to earth. However, it does take time and energy to channel the universal consciousness and to write it all down in a clear and approachable way, and I want to keep the exchange honorable.

I set up this "sale" of Good Vibes, in case anyone feels moved to support the continuation of my posts; they are not dependent on your support, but would be enhanced because of it. As I continue to push myself to not just mentally appreciate the world around me, but to take action to physically support it, whether it's giving of my time or money to causes I believe in, or picking up trash in a park; I ask you to also consider taking action on behalf of your beliefs.

You will not receive anything from this "sale", this "sale" is to both retroactively and proactively support the wisdom on offer in my Instagram posts, and to support future projects and expanded sharing of wisdom. Thank you!

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