Intro to Tarot Workshop Video

Intro to Tarot Workshop Video


This is a video of a previously-held online Intro to Tarot workshop.

In this 2 hour video, I go over all of the cards in Tarot, using my own Small Spells deck, but speaking about universal meanings for the cards. There is also some discussion about giving readings to others, spreads, and intuition. This intro class provides insight into Tarot, for beginners looking for an entry point. It breaks down the Small Spells Tarot into more accessible groups and elements, and explores ways to incorporate your own intuition into a reading. We will go over all the cards, discuss spreads, and bring in other esoteric tools, all to expand your Tarot vocabulary and get more in tune with the cards.

My approach in these workshops is casual, and I work to show the connections between the cards using the elements and the numbers, to make Tarot understandable for everyone.

When you order, you will receive a document that contains a link to a private video file in Vimeo, which you can access to watch, or to download and keep, and watch an unlimited amount of times.

*This video contains my own thoughts about Tarot and should be taken as one voice among many that you learn from!

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