Welcome to the Taurus Full Moon!

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Welcome to the Taurus Full Moon!

On October 24th, at 9:45 am (PST), there is a full moon in Taurus. This full moon comes the day after the sun enters Scorpio.

The keywords for the Scorpio / Taurus axis are: Resources, possession, growth. This full moon can bring shifts in perspective about how we view our resources, how we view possession or ownership, how we view the potential of our own growth—do we limit it, do we control it’s trajectory, do we measure it by our possessions or resources, and so back to, how we do we view our resources—does it include our self, or just the objects we own, buy and sell? Can it expand and be flexible?

Taurus is about making things real, manifesting into reality, turning feelings into stone and clay.  It’s connected to the objects of our lives, the material aspects of life, and the things and ways of being that we own. Scorpio is the opposite— it’s about turning the concrete into dust, deconstructing reality into the abstract realm of feeling. It’s surrender, while Taurus is about accumulation.  

What might come up for you around this full moon is boundaries— not emotional boundaries, but physical ones. Boundaries related to your time, your body, your energy expenditure. Are you able to do what you want to do? Or have you given over your time to too many external things (people, social media, your job, etc). Taurus deals with the physical boundaries of our bodies and how we move in time and space. Are you in full command of your time, is your day yours? Probably not, as we are conditioned to be busy and productive all the time, so our use of our own time is often parceled up and assigned already, before we even start our day.

Scorpio deals with the possession of things, of our selves and our energy, on a more abstract level. If our time is not ours, who have we given it to? This gets into issues of control, of who is in control of our time, our energy and therefore our happiness. If it is not us, we are not in control. Scorpio shows us where we are dependent, attached, and chained—or where we rely on other’s dependence or attachment to us.

Fertile places to explore these ideas of boundaries & possession are within the family (people connected who are of you but not you- similar but different) and with your relationships with your home & material objects. Both are potentially fraught with issues of control, ownership, autonomy, a push & pull between safety & independence. Both have the potential to provide healthy foundations, or toxicity.

Each full moon brings the unconscious into brighter light, so that we can see the two parts of ourselves—the conscious and the unconscious (or subconscious)— more clearly, and make choices about how we fuel and empower each side. In this case, our consciousness, the sun, is in the realm of Scorpio, so it is open to revelations about our deeper psyches. Our unconscious, the moon, is dealing with the attachments we have to the physical manifestations of our life. You might be currently confronting things like how trauma is stored in the body, or how your physical energy is affected by emotions and stress.

Taurus is notoriously stubborn and resistant to change, so during this time you might feel like you’re gripping to understandings or beliefs that you know, despite any signals from your body or your life that they need to be released. Pay attention to signs from your body—your discomfort is a message that something needs to change. Be ready to release old traumas or negative energies that have been incorporated into your physical experience. Look into any teachings or readings that reference how we hold trauma in our muscles, organs and nerves; do some meditations on the wellness of each part of your body—our emotions originate and are kept in different parts of the body. The liver stores excess anger, the shoulders is where we put the excess if we’ve taken on too many responsibilities, the pelvic area holds our primal fears, etc.  Release of stress in each body part is crucial for continued health, and this involves both Taurus (the body) and Scorpio (letting go). You might feel some tension between the opposing ideas of preservation and release. It might feel good to use your hands, to make and create, to use your powers of manifestation and creation, rather than consuming, in order to honor a healthy expression of Taurus energy.

Uranus is with this moon in Taurus, at the beginning of a 7-year stay. As we begin this journey of Uranus moving through Taurus, we can look forward to discovering new ways of using the physical resources around us, and new ways of engaging with the physical world. Remember that Uranus has just spent a transformative 7 years in Aries, altering how we see ourselves and our own personal power, exposing ways that personal empowerment and will are often oppressed, and finding new ways of expressing it in order to escape from this disempowerment and oppression. See how this transformation is shifting into the realm of the material world and resources, expanding out from the self into the environment of the self. Just as this past 7 years have been groundbreaking for personal development on a global scale, perhaps the coming 7 years will be groundbreaking for the evolution of how we use the planet. This is crucial now, as I’m sure we’ve all seen the reports about how we have about a decade to adjust how we engage with the earth in order to shift back into a more balanced relationship, and avoid further suffering due to climate change. This shift brings a clear focus onto material objects, and financial structures, on a global scale. Uranus likes to shake things up, so we are seeing a shift in politics towards some socialist ideas on the left, and some fascist ideas on the right, all dealing with how we use and share resources—are they fairly and honorably shared and accessed, or are they hoarded? This is happening now, urgently, as we finally come to face the facts about climate change and how our abuse of the planet is causing radical change in how we can co-exist with her. As you, on a personal level, with this full moon, look at your own dichotomies of shared vs owned, mine vs ours, remember to scale up and see the mirrors echoing on the global stage.

 For Aries: You like to think that you are always in control, and also able to change course at any time you want to, but try to see if you’re doing this in a healthy way. You sometimes slam the door shut on something that’s not working and quickly move on, but unless you process the emotions along side as well, you’re not really moving on.

For Taurus: This moon will emphasize any areas of your life where you need to LET GO. You talk a good game about what changes need to be made, but when it comes to making them, you find it hard to open your hands and release. Instead of forcing yourself, try to shift your focus onto the places where you are able to be flexible, and encourage those more, and hopefully the practice of change will organically spread out from there.

For Gemini: This moon may pin-prick you in places where you are unable to commit. There is a deep power in commitment, a wave of energy that comes when we commit, so each time you don’t do this, you lessen your own personal power. Remember to plant seeds as you go, don’t simply have fun on the path.

For Cancer: Find an outlet for any nervous energy. This Taurus moon wants you to be centered, grounded, and rooted. Boundaries are not easy for you, as you quickly empathize with everything around you, but this is why you need to establish practices of separating your body from the people around you. Visualize your energy consolidating together and rooting down into the earth as much as you can this week.

For Leo: Your attention stays on action, but a Taurus moon is slow and considered. Instead of rushing ahead like you might naturally do, stop and let yourself sink into yourself for a moment. Don’t let yourself be a leaky faucet, losing the energy of your ideas as you go. Build in one spot before moving on and you’ll be more contained and powerful.

For Virgo: You might have it tough with this moon, as you’re connected to both sides of this sun/moon axis. You relate to the earthy realism of Taurus, but you also relate to the impossible idealism of Scorpio. Your dilemma is forever managing the pull between practicality and perfectionism. Make “give yourself a break” your new mantra, and let yourself indulge in any sweetness you find along the way.

For Libra: The idea of physical boundaries becomes very important for you, as you are used to focusing more on the bodies of others than your own. Your attention is towards the needs of others, and only sometimes towards yourself, through the gaze of others. Look closely at yourself and your needs, divorced from the desires of others—this is hard for you. Try to de-intellectualize your conception of yourself and venture into the visceral nature of your human body, in order to learn more about what it holds.

For Scorpio: The Taurus moon will exacerbate your rebelliousness against being conventional and predictable. Make sure you don’t react just to react, but instead try to see the benefits in being more established and consistent. Seeing your body as a friend and ally instead of just a skin suit can help you to learn from it. Connect to the wisdom inside and out, instead of isolating yourself from your environment.

For Sagittarius: Always rushing ahead, always rushing to the next thing, moving forward for the sake of moving forward. In this moon you’ll be pushing against a wall if you do that. Taurus is still, and Scorpio is moving inward and down. When you try to move up and forward, you could be missing out on the timeless wisdom of stillness. The quiet can be hard for you, but this full moon wants you to listen.

For Capricorn: Taurus is your friend as far as pace and agenda goes. Slow and steady wins the race. This time around try to get your hands dirty a little, and see if it feels good to play as you go. You can stay goal-oriented during this moon, but the Scorpio sun influence may force you a little off your path.  Follow any side journeys that seem irrelevant on the surface—you can learn from everything around you.

For Aquarius: Since change is your game, and Uranus is your ruler, you’ll be more focused on bringing the Taurus energy where it hasn’t been, breathing some Taurus air into places it hasn’t been found (bringing life into stagnant waters). You can be really efficient in pushing a radical agenda when it comes to re-establishing and re-balancing our ideas about resources. Follow that as it comes up for you.

For Pisces: Acknowledge that you have a body. Acknowledge that some of your energy has to go towards supporting this body. Once you do this, you can get deeper into the ancient teachings of the ancestors that is held in the natural world, which your body is a part of. You know it’s there, but you don’t often try to access it with real intention. Learn to cooperate with the earth energy.

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