Welcome to the Libra New Moon!

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Welcome to the Libra New Moon!

On October 8th, at 8:46 pm (PST), there is a new moon in Libra.

A few days earlier than this new moon, Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio, on the 5th. This will cast a shadow on the Libra new moon, one that will force us to go deeper into ourselves. To find ways to travel inside ourselves through the lens of our relationships.

All our relationships—from familial, to romantic, to professional—show us ourselves through the eyes of someone else. This sounds nice and lovely, and it can be, when the eye has a loving gaze. But in addition to being seen through another’s eye, we are also felt through another’s heart, through another’s pain, through another’s whole separate perspective on the world, a perspective that includes us, but isn’t ours. Our being is filtered through the other’s perspective, and shown back to us, through the other’s words, gazes, actions and behaviors. We have no choice but to interact with this specific mirror reflection, especially as we develop emotional bonds and connections with another. But this specific reflection is not exactly the same as our own reflection of ourselves.

Libra is linked to Venus, the planet of love: Venus rules two signs, Taurus and Libra. Taurus is the earthly, sensual, physical manifestation of love, while Libra is the heady idealistic side of it. As Libra is an air sign, it lives in the mind, and so with Libra our ideas about love, our interaction with it, and our expression of it, live in the mind not the body. We have to work to move it into the body, and express it through action and gesture, not just words or thoughts. With Venus retrograde in Scorpio, and with this new moon coming off of the Aries full moon two weeks ago, we are in somewhat awkward territory when it comes to our relationships during this time. The day after the new moon, Mercury joins Venus in Scorpio, and so all our deep dark feelings will be more likely to be communicated, but with a slightly frustrated Venus contributing her feelings to the mix.

The awkwardness stems from Scorpio’s connection to the darkness within us. With Scorpio, Venus is compelled to journey into the darkness, to face what’s hiding there, to dig into the dirt and dredge up the skeletons living there. Ultimately this is positive, as Libra’s desire for harmony is enhanced by explorations into the deep, instead of skimming the surface. We run into problems when we try to achieve the balanced scales of Libra, the justice of Libra, without understanding what lies beneath the issues, without moving past our discomfort in order to no longer avoid what holds us back from true harmony. Libra would LOVE to achieve harmony through turning away from the uncomfortable, through using discourse to intellectualize anything problematic, without getting its hands dirty. This is not the way though, this is not possible. The dirt has to be dealt with, this is where that Scorpio Venus comes in, and it will be messy.

Perhaps this new moon can help us to gain ease when confronted with the messiness—rather than pulling away or avoiding, we can try to find excitement and pleasure in facing all aspects of ourselves.

When we think of the scales of Libra we can also think of the mirror’s reflection: what we see equals what we are. Whatever we see in another, is what we know to exist in ourselves. When this manifests positively, the love we feel inside finds its natural home in the people around us; we are able to attract in people and circumstances that align with the love inside us. When this manifests negatively, that which we hide from ourselves, that which we disdain in ourselves, that which we do not process and deal with, will reflect in everything around us.

Our unconscious feelings and energetic beliefs still have an effect on us, even while unknown to us. And, since our human and spiritual nature is to grow, evolve, and get closer to unconditional love, as a way to help us and teach us they are shown to us by the universe, externally of ourselves, through the actions and behaviors of those around us. Our unconscious or unprocessed negative energies are reflected back to us through others, especially those emotionally close to us. Through this reflection, and our responses to the manifestation, when we choose right action—recognizing conflict and seeking to re-balance it—we are able to shift the unconscious into our consciousness, and in doing so we can then choose to continue letting it affect us in a certain way, or we can choose to stop letting it affect us. This choice is the evolution for us, from when it was unconscious, but still acting on it, and we didn’t have the choice, to when it becomes conscious and now we have the choice, the agency, the power, the energy to respond in more authentic and honest and loving ways. Your trauma, patterning, perception may still negatively affect you.

Our problems don’t disappear when we heal them—if you have trauma in your past, your healing of it does not erase it from your experience. But, as your consciousness of it becomes more in focus and clear, you regain the ability to choose how it affects you. This is all. There is no changing of the past, instead there is changing of your perception of the past, there is changing of your emotional attachments to the past, there is changing of the conversations you have with these emotions, there is changing in the role your emotions play in your life. This change can bring you freedom in how you respond to your environment, how you respond to the people who you form connections to, how you respond to yourself.

Now that we can see that choice is an important aspect of living consciously and having the life experience we want and the relationships we want, it brings us back to Libra and the scales. The scales, a common visual symbol of Libra, are a representation of choice. It is not just about reflection and balance and harmony. With the existence of two sides, there is choice inherent in the symbolism. 

Look to see where you can be self-reflective when you observe and critique others. Engaging in relationships, even when conflicted, can show us deeper understanding of ourselves, when we turn our gaze back onto ourselves. And then we can choose to embody our habitual nature or a more intentional, conscious nature. We often hold different expectations for others than we do for ourselves, and it’s helpful to see how they are linked, and what the contrast can teach us.  

For Aries: You push yourself to the max, whether or not the situation calls for it, and whether or not your energy is being put to good use. But you are also quick to critique others for not being fearless, when they might just be using the discretion that you lack.

For Taurus: You expend energy fully only when in your comfort zone; when you leave your comfort zone you tend to withhold your energy. Yet you also tend to find fault in others for being lazy—not understanding that someone else might have similar boundaries in place for themselves.   

For Gemini: You can be hard on yourself, and hold yourself to unreasonably high standards when you choose, but if someone else holds a standard for you to meet, you all of a sudden don’t want to rise to the occasion.

For Cancer: You can sometimes seek to adjust external situations to benefit your needs and your comfort, but also tend to overly observe, analyze, and then sharply critique others for doing the same.

For Leo: You soak up attention like a sponge, but can look down on others who act prideful or seek positive feedback, sometimes unintentionally dampening the light of others.  

For Virgo: You feel good when you feel like you’re helping to support and sustain all aspects of human life, but you can get uncomfortable when others express their life force in ways that don’t feel productive to you.

For Libra: You focus a lot on presentation and doing things right, but can get frustrated with others when you think they aren’t being authentic or true to themselves. But the right way for you isn’t necessarily true for others.

For Scorpio: You are incredibly fragile beneath your hard exterior. But you will rip someone else apart for showing any weakness or vulnerability.

For Sagittarius: You enjoy the freedom you give yourself and see all doors as being open to you, but you don’t necessarily extend this openness to others, especially when their path deviates from yours.

For Capricorn: For someone who likes rules so much, you also have a tendency to bend them as needed. But you do not tolerate this behavior in others.

For Aquarius: You have a tenuous relationship with your own emotions, but you also require that others be super in touch with theirs, and to healthily express it to you, while not offering back the same openness.

For Pisces: You find it easy to follow your own whims, to follow your own changeable desires, but would prefer others to act in predictable ways that you can understand and use as guideposts.



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