Welcome to the Gemini Full Moon!


Welcome to the Gemini Full Moon!

 On November 23rd, at 9:39pm (PST), there is a full moon in Gemini.

The moon is full in Gemini, while the sun has just entered Sagittarius the day before. Mercury is in the middle of a retrograde, currently in Sagittarius.

Gemini is the taking in of information. With this full moon, what might arise for you could involve issues of discernment (especially with Mercury in retrograde), issues of over-stimulation, issues of media and sensory overload. Gemini consumes and processes information, while Sagittarius, its opposite, transforms information into a higher dimension and a new reality.

Gemini, the twins, is the self in two parts—the one existing, and the one observing this existence. We often view the observer self as the more real side of ourselves, since this one has opinions, and makes judgments, and these judgments cause happiness or discomfort for ourselves. So we see this self as being in control—after all, its perceptions determine how we feel. But, in reality, the self that is being observed is the real one—it is the one who experiences the sensations in our bodies, who moves through time and space, who generates the emotions that the observer is witnessing, who experiences those emotions, the one whose energy determines how we move through the world.

The observer is only a witness. It is only an intellectual construction of our understanding of ourselves. Our thoughts are powerful, for sure. But imagine the body, and everything it contains, plus the energetic field, or the aura, around the body— this is much more substantial than the thin image or narrative of ourselves that we hold in our minds. The body, and its energy, knows more, it perceives more, it has more power and force— it is not limited by what we can consciously understand

We live within a heirarchy of communication— for humans, mental & visual awareness is usually prioritized. For example: “I’ll believe it when I see it!” This shows how our belief (really our conscious intellectual awareness — or, the observer observing ourselves understanding something) is held in the number one spot, while our visual intake is the most trusted supporting factor. Our many other sensory inputs, whether physical or energetic, are disregarded. This leads to an over-reliance on proof to form our concepts of the cosmos and ourselves, which then excludes anything of a mysterious nature, either inside of us, or in the cosmos, from our conceptualization of the cosmos, which limits what the cosmos can then be for us. 

So, this full moon time can be about cutting through the noise to find the true synthesis of the dual nature of our human experience, with the intellect and intuition in balance. Gemini is about our thoughts and mental processes, but with an additional layer of extra-sensory information — our divine spark which we connect to through our intuition and non-mental processing (vibes, energy, feelings, senses, tingling, goosebumps, etc). The dynamic of the twin — two of same, identical but separate beings— manifests in each of us within our individual bodies and lives. This full moon is about integrating and re-joining any disparate parts of ourselves, instead of relying solely or mostly on intellectual processing. In this, we can also reconsider our relationship to media and to mediated experiences and information gathering, as the mediation implies another layer of processing, outside of the two already co-existing within each of us (our logic-based understanding & our sense-based understanding). When we don’t practice discernment with mediated experience (this includes the opinions of friends and loved ones as well), and just ingest and consume without discretion, we are in danger of distancing ourselves from our personal truths. The importance of being in connection to our personal truths is paramount in energy work, because we understand how our personal truth resonates out from us, and connects with anything that is aligned with it. How our energy resonates works to shape the environment around us, and leads us towards scenarios and opportunities that feel more accurate to us, which leads us towards feeling well. When we don’t allow our true vibrations to resonate out, we are less capable of drawing like energy towards us, less able to build appropriate bonds with those around us, and less close to our own health and happiness.

When we take in too much from outside, as in today’s fast paced, media saturated world (yes, your friend’s photos on Instagram is media), we become overloaded because we are in fact interacting with each piece of information. This full moon might really drive this home for you. There is no such thing as mindlessly scrolling, everything you see has an effect on you, and your mind is constantly working to incorporate it into your worldview, the center of which is you. So your perception of yourself starts to become cluttered, noisy, unclear, and you move further away from your personal truths that resonate from you. Meditation is a way to step back from the noise and discard some layers that hold no valuable information for you.

Neptune goes direct in Pisces the day after this full moon. This adds even more influence to this time being about the fluidity of how we perceive, and places more importance on gaining personal clarity. Neptune in Pisces can have a feel of being immersed in an alternative, fantasy world, which is different than our normal everyday experience. With Neptune ending its retrograde and moving forward again, right at this full moon, it could lend a sense of disorientation, or transition. It might be interesting now to work on your mind’s clutter, and do some spring cleaning with your thoughts, in the same way you might clean your house.

We can also work to ground ourselves in the idea of primary lived experience. Whether or not we have clarity, whether or not we are content, we are still always living a primary life experience. When we immerse ourselves in it, in all dimensions, using all our senses, we gain more from the experience, than when it is mediated by something outside of ourselves. 

For Aries: Let this full moon click some information into place for you. There might be an important key in some new information you discover, that can open up a new angle into a problem you’ve been working on. Drop any resistance to hearing or taking in new information, especially if it is kind and loving. You might need that right now, and loving messages have healing power. Be open to hearing things in a new, helpful way.

For Taurus: You have a compartment set aside just for worry, like a pocket that you store your negative apprehension in, ready to pull out when something starts to go wrong. Try to feel how it would feel if you could set this worry free and instead approach everything with positive anticipation. A positive approach acknowledges that we magnetize to what matches us on the inside, and helps to protect us from things going wrong.

For Gemini: This moon is a good time to restructure how you organize your thoughts, and your surroundings. Accessing and engaging all the senses at all times is ideal, but with some much carelessness and production without intention around these days, you need to be refining your intake. Make sure you are nourishing all the senses, and not feeding them junk food. Be especially careful about media and news intake, as this can run negative and have a strong affect on you.  

For Cancer: The Gemini moon is about sensory intake, which you are always immersed in, but it’s also about how we channel this sensory information— in other words, how we communicate. There can be a direct line from your heart to your sleeve, but learning how to express yourself in between can help you set healthy boundaries that can protect you without needing heavy defense. Listen to this moon for help on how to express your thoughts and needs more clearly.

For Leo: You love to dance in the excitement of lots of chatter, so the Gemini moon may heighten this. Be aware of how much outside noise is influencing you. When it’s hard to focus, outside stimulation only adds to the confusion, or more like a scattering of attention. Re-center yourself in the inner calm and you’ll be able to rely on the opinions of others much less.

 For Virgo: Full moons are always a time of wrapping up loose ends, so if you feel like there’s something nagging at you, work to find out what needs addressing, perhaps in a new way. We synthesize the information from outside with what feels true on the inside, and there is no right answer to strive for, just a sense of alignment.

For Libra: Life for you is a curated experience, so you might need to watch out for both this cluttered moon and the Mercury retrograde. You already have a handle on practicing discernment, but try not to be too limiting in it. If you cut out your access to things that might be good for your growth but are outside your ideal zone, the retrograde could find a way to put them back into your path.

For Scorpio: Try not to totally dismiss this frivolity of this moon. We can all learn to communicate better, even when it feels unnecessary. It’s never a waste of time to commune with others in some way, even if words don’t seem like enough. Don’t get frustrated or impatient when others don’t get it, try instead to step outside your head to see where they’re coming from. Invest your words with your energy and intention, and they will understand you better.

For Sagittarius: This moon, and the Mercury retrograde in your sign, might ask you to take a step back to make sure you’ve attended to all the details. Your big picture mindset is inspirational but don’t forget the small pieces that make up the whole. Nothing is insignificant, so try to involve yourself in the details as much as you do in the larger concepts.

For Capricorn: There is a lot of enjoyment to be found in the sensory delights of both the physical world, and the energetic. As an earth sign you are more attuned to the physical, and very tied to established fact. But all fact stems from a range of sensory observation, so in this full moon you might try tuning yourself to more metaphysical input and see what you can learn from it. Trust what you can’t see, but can feel.

For Aquarius: This heady full moon will feel good to you, in that you’ll be comfortable in the non-emotionality of it. But one of your biggest lessons in life is about learning how to communicate your inner experience of life to others in a way that includes them in that experience. So don’t get too comfortable in the detachment of this moon— try to instead access the ease of language of Gemini in order to share more.

For Pisces: If you put a lot of energy towards it, this moon might be really helpful for gaining clarity. Because the Mercury retrograde is in a sign geared towards large, more abstract understandings (Sagittarius), you can take advantage and really work to ground yourself in a metaphysical reality. The abstract is where you thrive, so use this time to solidify your philosophies about life.


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