Welcome to the Sagittarius New Moon!

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Welcome to the Sagittarius New Moon!

On December 6th, at 11:20pm (PST), there is a new moon in Sagittarius. A new moon means the sun and moon are together at the same point in the sky. Because of this cooperation between the sun, the external, and the moon, the internal, a new moon is a good time to initiate any new ideas, projects or life phases. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is also in Sagittarius, adding to this momentum and positive energy.

Mercury has just gone direct, in Scorpio, after being retrograde. Venus is also in Scorpio. This adds a slight darkness to the light of Sagittarius, but Mercury turning direct will feel good; any stalled progress in your life can resume again. In Scorpio, we always have opportunity for deeper understanding of the self and of other people. Scorpio is intensely private, so perhaps as you start to move forward, you can keep some of your cards close to the chest until you feel ready to reveal.

Sagittarius is the sign of idealism, of striving for all action to match what's in the mind, which can sometimes be unattainable in its search for perfection. If it's not balanced out with enough humanity, enough understanding and empathy in doing what can be done in reality, not in theory, we can get too far away from ourselves. The bow and arrow of Sagittarius is about what we are aiming for, but we don’t always reach that. We can work on separating out our goals and desires from what is possible in the environment we exist in. Finding wisdom and guidance in the times that we don’t succeed or don’t reach our goal. Finding allowance and stretching out laterally instead of always vertically, expanding the options to the side of us instead of always reaching above. Finding contentment when we humble ourselves — humbleness creates bridges between people and events that don’t get built when we focus only on ideals, and not reality. Facing reality is a positive thing, finding balance between what is and what could be. Instead of finding dissatisfaction, which can translate into distaste or elitism as it’s received by other people, even if not intended. Finding inclusion through not separating yourself out from the masses or not raising yourself too high above others, again even if not intended.

There is a part of us that needs connection with other living things, to feel the same as, to acknowledge the “same as”, the oneness between all people. This makes us feel more at home in the world, which is maybe what we are all actually striving for. Elitism, hierarchy, perfection, these are all involved in separation, not inclusion with. They take us out of our environments and so the decisions we make from them are inherently unrealistic, can be destructive to our environments and communities, and don't benefit us as a whole.

Take time to look at your goals and desires for yourself and your future. Do they benefit more than just you? Do your aspirations ever tip over into something more controlling? Even if you are too controlling just with yourself, it sends a vibration out to others that you desire control more than you can allow for organic flexibility, and those around you will feel they have to adhere to your need for control. It’s all a circle— how I view, love or don’t love, and treat myself echoes out into how I view, love and treat those around me. Regardless of my preferences, the specifics of my personality (and this is something I always try to balance with astrology— as we think about each sign and it’s preferences, we don’t want to get too caught up in them to where they supersede the underlying humanity of all people. My humanity and its basic needs are the same as yours, they are just expressed differently via the different personalities) — regardless of my specifics, the truth of how vibrations echo out and affect others remains.

So it’s important to look at if we are letting our goals, our vertical trajectory, override our horizontal, communal networking. Sagittarius is a tricky sign, because it’s very gregarious on the surface, it’s pretty positive. But if we look more closely at the positive surface, we sometimes can catch a glimpse of where Sag prefers to turn away from anything that feels not idealistic. There is a bit of Air in the Fire of Sag— a mental processing that moves away from true human experience. It has some connection there with Libra, and with Virgo (a very airy earth sign). These are signs where there is a preference for equanimity and the ideal, and a discomfort with messiness, with failing, with the dirty reality. We are all capable of being in this head space no matter our signs. In fact this mindset is encouraged by society, where all business is a race to the top, where a neat and attractive appearance is a crucial determinate in success, where attempts to control and homogenize lurk around every corner. The danger in this is with the energetic charge that idealism holds. It can send a message, even unconsciously, both to yourself and to those around you, that worth is based only on being good enough. This belies a basic organic truth of value in all living things, of value based on existence, because even mere existence is a manifestation of divine source energy. It sends a message to yourself that unless you are performing perfection, you are less valuable than what you should be. When you tell yourself and others that you are ever less than, you affect the health and happiness of everyone. When our health and happiness are depleted, we don’t perform as well, and are further away from the ideal we seek. But more importantly, when we are not existing in love and connection, by existing within dissatisfaction and negativity, we are further away from the ideal we seek.

Use this new moon and this week to work on balance when it comes to thinking about the future: Can you project yourself into the future in a healthy way, a way that honors your ideals and values, without discrediting or devaluing where you are now on your journey?

This is a great time for learning new things, or deepening your knowledge. In winter months we tend to go more into our interior worlds, and Sagittarius is a great entry point for this, as it holds a lot of excitement about higher learning, expansion, and greater depths of wisdom.

For Aries: You believe you can do everything and anything. Even when you can't, or aren't practiced enough to do it. Remember to scale back and work on the baby steps that lead to capability. This will empower you more than just imagining that you can do something. We all need to learn many things along our journeys. Instead of thinking you're good at everything and then waiting for someone to prove you wrong so that you can exhibit your fighting instinct, try to work on developing your specific skills instead. It's okay if you can't do everything, doing some things well is good enough.

For Taurus: Living in flexibility can be uncomfortable. You prefer to believe that there is solid ground beneath your feet, that things are not constantly shifting and changing around you. Instead of worrying about what you might not know when things change, work on believing that you can adapt and learn new information when its time for you to know it. Confidence does not have to be linked to previous knowledge about the past, it can come from believing you'll respond in the appropriate way in the future.

For Gemini: For you, this new moon is about getting in touch with higher levels of the self. For all your social capabilities, you can have anxiety about your self and where and how you fit in. You can see all angles and so all possibilities. Sometimes when we have too many options, it’s as bad as having no options. The more centered you are in yourself, the less you’ll be swayed by too many options. Practice being grounded in yourself when you’re feeling relaxed and confident, so you can remind yourself of that feeling in times when you’re not.

For Cancer: This new moon wants to prepare us for new ways of living, for new possibilities that are available to us. Stretch your mind and energy a little bit so that you can allow more exponentially more options for yourself. You’re used to comparing only two options: what you want to happen and what you fear will happen, existing in an anxious little yin yang of dark and light. But there are so many other possibilities, always. Sagittarius expands out into these unknown territories, without attachment on just one way. Practice shaking off your attachments to outcome, particularly to the outcomes that you don’t want to happen.

For Leo: This new moon is asking you to take on some more responsibility. You can often get by easily, so when it’s time for you to really man up, it can feel like a chore, or like too much of a job. It doesn’t have to be like this, you are allowed to inject fun into everything you do. Remember that you’re always sending vibrational messages out, and when you act like you can’t step up, perhaps when someone needs you to, you can be sending a message that you don’t care enough to. Even when this isn’t the case, so try to do everything in a way that’s aligned with your values, even if the action doesn’t come naturally to you. The way you do anything can be done with your natural style.

For Virgo: The new moon, along with Jupiter’s expansion in Sagittarius, provides you with opportunity, if you can find the courage to join the momentum. You hold tight to your perceived limits, as an earth sign, but in fact, because your drive is to help and support others, there are no limits. You are totally supported in what you do, when it fulfills your energy of caring for others, and uplifting others. Work to find balance between your own understanding of the physical world, and the limitlessness that happens when you act with the energy of love.

For Libra:  This new moon is not about staying in the comfort zone. It’s not about staying where you’ve already perfected your way of being, it’s about moving past that into unfamiliar territory. Forging ahead will always contain mistakes or attempts that don’t work, and this cannot be avoided. Remind yourself that progress is not about perfection, and evolution does not come not without some losses. Learning to take these in stride will benefit your personal growth more than if you cling to the ideas you’ve constructed for yourself. Your value exists outside of whatever strict parameters you’ve set for yourself and others, and the looser you can be in life, the more room there is for experimentation and success.

For Scorpio: While Sagittarius ascends, you descend. This new moon is light and bright, what can you learn from this? Lightness is capable of being as intense as the darkness, and you can also access this. Let yourself learn what contentment feels like. It doesn’t mean unawareness of discontent, remember that Sagittarius is wise and can learn everything, but chooses to emphasize what holds the most interest. Awareness of darkness but choosing lightness could be your new routine. You’re wary of seeming naïve or unlearned. But being wise has more to do with discretion and choice—you can know everything that you know and still choose what you spend the most energy on.  

For Sagittarius: This new moon will hit especially strong for you, and with Jupiter in your sign for a year, this is a very potent time for you. Make sure you’re living with the intentions that you truly want to manifest. You could spend some time on this new moon working on clarifying your goals, as well as how you will achieve them. It’s much easier to achieve goals that come from your heart, with all the power and energy of your positive vibrations working as momentum. When we have reluctance, we slow our momentum, and sometimes this is for the best—reluctance can be a message that we don’t actually want what we think we do. Clarify for yourself what gets you excited and what is just taking up space. Then commit to those things that get you excited and see where that takes you.

For Capricorn: This moon can be exciting for you, if you let it be. You are down for an uphill journey, as it gives you a chance to prove yourself. Stay focused on the emotional motivation for why you do what you do, and stay connected to the heart behind the actions. It will not lead you astray. You tend to distrust emotions, but they can be fuel. Striving just for the sake of striving, because you feel you are supposed to, can lead to burnout. Imagine if you combine the energy of loving what you do with your endless energy to achieve it, how powerful that would be, how inspirational for those around you. Emotions are your allies. Harness their power instead of denying their messages to you, and you’ll be more successful in whatever you try to do.

For Aquarius: You naturally reach out on a horizontal level, aligning yourself with what is common in your environment. This is honorable, but at times, can hold you back. Work on reaching high for once. Your self-esteem can suffer when you don’t let yourself dream big. It’s not egotism if you’re just honoring what your energy wants to do, and what your gifts are made to do. You always want to remain humble, but don’t challenge yourself by testing out how to remain humble as you ascend, you sometimes prefer to just stay with your head down. Try out how ascension feels, how being in the spotlight feels, how rising feels.

For Pisces: This is a good time for you to work on establishing firm boundaries and routines for yourself. It’s important to root your feelings in reality, as this makes them more powerful, clear, and strong. It helps to support you in this life. Although it’s not your main concern, and you frankly don’t see the point, doing this helps those around you to understand you. The more you understand yourself, and then also ground your feelings into firm values and philosophies, the more others can access you and connect with you. Remind yourself of what your core values are on a regular basis and they can become more real.

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