Welcome to the Scorpio New Moon!

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Welcome to the Scorpio New Moon!

On November 7th, at 8:02 am (PST), there is a new moon in Scorpio.

The most interesting thing about this new moon is that it comes one day before Jupiter moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius. Jupiter spends roughly one year in each sign, working to expand and increase whatever aspects are most prevalent in that sign. So, while Jupiter was in Scorpio for the past year—the sign of how we engage with other people’s control over us, our own empowerment or lack of control, and the depths of our psyches and the subconscious—we may have experienced an opening up in these realms. Uncovering has been the theme, and this past year has been difficult for many people in both personal and political aspects. This difficultly may also have come along with some sense of relief that you are no longer forced to carry a hidden burden (of personal trauma, of societal norms, etc). While it may feel bad to acknowledge the existence of this burden, once it is exposed, it is available to be released. The subconscious, or unconscious, can become conscious and therefore able to be dealt with. When you don’t acknowledge something’s existence, it cannot be processed, because as far as your processing mind is concerned, it doesn’t exist. So when things are made explicit, we can understand them on a deeper level, and while emotionally difficult, this is the first step towards healing the wound. So this was Jupiter in Scorpio.  

Jupiter in Sagittarius has a lighter feel, but also comes with some more responsibility. Scorpio is harder, dirtier, messier, more emotionally intense, but our personal responsibility there was only to face the truths we’ve been hiding from. Hard work, but it really only takes surrender and letting go. Sagittarius is more active, it is a fire sign, so it involves our energy output, more than Scorpio, which is a receptive water sign.  At the same time, Jupiter is a benevolent planet, the gift-giver, so he does make things easier on us. Sagittarius is the sign of transforming what we learn into a workable philosophy for ourselves. It’s shaping our experiences and our wisdoms into useful paradigms. On a global scale, this feels exciting, as we can take all of the exposed toxicity of the past year, and construct it into something new. It’s no longer just about facing abuses, it’s about presenting an alternative solution that is more healthy. If this past year was immersion into what we don’t want, this coming year can be about what we do want. And how do we turn this into something we can stand by, something that can help us, something that we intentionally build.

So, this new moon in Scorpio is a last goodbye to the Jupiter in Scorpio year. We have a chance to wrap up our feelings about how we came to terms with hidden traumas, and how we started to accept realities we wished weren’t true, but in the acceptance, we are now able to work on the problem. Again, you can’t intentionally and consciously work on problems that you are not admitting to, or acknowledging as true. Finding solutions, which is the Sagittarius energy, is only possible when you accept the problem, since the solution is wrapped up in the problem. Avoidance and denial do not work to resolve anything. Use this new moon to set an intention that as you move forward from now on, you’ll no longer engage in burying, denying, or avoiding any problems as they arise, large or small. We can choose to move forward with clear intention to not add to our current karma, to not perpetuate denial of truths. In this, you might also need to set an intention to honor your own understanding of truth, to get closer to your own intuitive sense of what is true for you. We are all viewing life through our own lenses, and this needs to be acknowledged as well. My lens is not your lens, your lens is not my lens. We have been seeing a lot of denial of other people’s truths by people who do not share the same lens. Choosing to believe a person when they say—“my experience has hurt me”— whether this is a woman telling a man that he forced her into something, or an immigrant explaining the violence they are leaving behind at home; choosing to believe them even when your experience, and therefore lens, might be different, is acknowledgement that all experience is different but all are valid, and that our lenses can be expanded and that this is a good thing, a healthy expansion.   

Sagittarius is about expansion, growth, and travel. It is global, it is inclusive, it is a higher level of understanding. It is aspirational and inspirational. We can work now on preparing ourselves for this shift, by releasing our grip on perceptions that hurt us. In a meditation recently I had the thought or message or idea: what if I really fully shifted into a perception of reality that was truly magical? I intellectually believe that our energy manifests our realities—I see it happen in my life and others’ lives—but there are parts inside me that don’t fully believe in it, because those parts are attuned to a more mundane or limited perception, are still tied to an older way of being. What would then be possible if we fully switched into believing in ourselves, in believing that our intention is capable of creation? Jupiter in Sagittarius is about making that switch, transforming ideas and feelings into concrete world-views and life philosophies. Use the Scorpio new moon to shed whatever fear is holding you back from making a commitment to your own life philosophy. 

For Aries: Because you burn through events and experiences very quickly, use this new moon to tie up loose ends that you might have missed the first time around. Face your fears so you can understand them; although you consider yourself fearless, you might just be blocking yourself from seeing them. Once they are faced and understood, you are more in control of how they affect you.

For Taurus: Your tendency is to hold onto the past, as an integral building block for your sense of identity. The Scorpio new moon is asking you to shift your focus onto the present more, which is really the only real thing we experience.  If there is pain in the present moment, making it hard to immerse yourself, work more on caring for yourself now, rather than letting yourself get lost in memories.

For Gemini: Although you are a quick-moving air sign, you are also constantly receiving and taking in information from outside stimulation. You are particularly attuned to this constant radio frequency of knowledge that not everyone else is aware of. Be aware that you are constantly processing and this requires discernment. The Scorpio new moon is about transforming and shedding energy once it’s cycled out. Put in the effort to evaluate what needs to be released; not every piece of knowledge will be useful in the present moment.

For Cancer: This new moon could be a nostalgic one for you, as it can also be hard for you to let go of the past, or to see it with accurate eyes. Scorpio can be ruthless, and you’re a sensitive creature. Remember that when you empty your hands of something, something old and out dated, you always have the opportunity to refill them. Don’t be afraid of the unknown, dream big about what you want to replace any obsolete ways of thinking with.

For Leo: You have a surprising amount of resistance to change, for someone who is very quick to jump from idea to idea. You prefer to initiate change rather than deal with it from someone else, but in Scorpio, we have little to no control over what change comes and where it comes from. You like to have complete knowledge of a situation so that you know you are doing the right thing, but again, in Scorpio, there is more underneath than what we think we know. In dealing with the mysterious, try to go with the flow instead of getting yourself in a tizzy trying to stay on top of it.

For Virgo: You might let yourself get pulled under the Scorpio waters, since you’re so sensitive to the responsibilities of life. Your large amounts of fear, often more focused on other people than on yourself, could surface. You feel responsible for those around you, which is lovely, but also can delve into control issues. Any need for control is not going to work here, so try to surrender into the lack of control. By surrendering, I mean join your efforts with the efforts of the universe, to feel some mutual support instead of a void.

For Libra: Because you are so attuned to justice and balance, which is not the concern of Scorpio, you might feel put out by this moon. If so, work instead to bring that sense of harmony to contexts where it might not already reside. You like things to be easy, but the real work of your sign is to restore harmony, not just enjoy it. This is a benefit you can give to yourself and those around you, as long as you don’t get scared off at the first sign of disruption or conflict.

For Scorpio: You might feel especially emotional during this moon, but when are you not emotional? The energy of the moment is moving towards the Sagittarius detachment and curiosity, not immersion in feelings. Feel what you want to feel, but always remember that there is more outside of the scope of your feelings, that might also be interesting. There is more to think about and consider than your powerful emotions, and perhaps also a better use for them.

For Sagittarius: Don’t sprint ahead just yet, this is a powerful new moon for you to really set clear intentions for your future. When Jupiter spends a year in your sign, your powers are magnified, and the gifts that we will all receive will feel especially important for you. You are being called to step into the highest expression of your sign, your most honorable and most effective way of being. Set aside some time to meditate on what you desire most for yourself, your loved ones, and your environment.

For Capricorn: You do not like things taken away from you, which is the energy of Scorpio. Often we only release when something is forcing us to, otherwise we’d prefer to hold on. Maybe changing your perspective so that you can do some preemptive housecleaning, before being forced to surrender unwillingly, would be helpful. Adjusting your views on owning material objects, wealth, even your life, to include the possibility of change would help you, if and when you need to confront any real changes. Flexibility is not your strong suit, but it is an exercise you can practice and improve on.

For Aquarius: This moon is about facing the shadow, of the self and of others, and your typical response to this would be to turn & walk the other way. Try to stay in the discomfort a little longer, to discover what would be helpful for you to release and move on from, in a healthy way. Abandonment is not the same as moving on. Recognize your path as you go, almost like a snail slime trail behind you. The past does not disappear, so it’s best to reconcile with it instead of ignoring it.

For Pisces: Your struggle in this time might be more with the idea of commitment, rather than the emotional depths of Scorpio, which you don’t really have a problem with diving into. But commitment can be hard. If it helps, remember that it is true that half the battle is not even up to us, we are of course at the mercy of the mechanisms of the universe, of those around us, of all the energy that swirls around us. But, the other half is in our hands, and is empowered with our intention. Commitment strengthens our intention, and a new moon is an ideal time to both make commitments and set intentions.

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