Welcome to the Cancer Full Moon!

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Welcome to the Cancer Full Moon!

There is a full moon in Cancer on December 22nd at 9:50 am (PST).

We’ll wrap up the year with a moon in the sign of home, of belonging, of security and safe containment. This moon will bring up ideas of how we find our home in the world, and may show us how, and where, we are holding emotions around this. During this time you might feel more aware of your feelings and your inner emotional landscape. Because the holiday season usually involves spending time with family, we might be more aware of those feelings that are unrelated to the here and now, and more connected to the ancient history of our childhoods. Our family dynamics can often trigger feelings that are out of time with our current selves, as family tends to respond to their own memories and concepts of who we are, rather than our current authentic selves. This is not necessarily negative, although it can manifest negatively for a lot of people, since family response is based on an accumulation of ideas over time, not on just the current snapshot of ourselves. Accumulation is an important aspect of wisdom—we learn over time, we build knowledge on a succession of experiences. So when family draws from their well of knowledge when they interact with us, it’s not necessarily a bad thing, except when it shows us where we have been inauthentic in the past, and we see clearly how it still affects the present. It can require us to assert our own ideas of ourselves more than we would like to have to, but this also can help us build wisdom about our own selves. When we have to correct someone's idea of us, or update it, this is an opportunity to define something about ourselves, for ourselves. Since all outward existence is a reflection of an inner existence, try to think about any adjustment in your family dynamics as a positive step for yourself, with the added benefit of perhaps updating and refreshing your image within your family lineage, rather than just working hard to convince family members of who you are, who you have become outside of their influence. Even if you think you aren’t being seen, if you persist over time with asserting your authentic self that you are currently comfortable with, that intentional accumulation will gradually overcome the old accumulation and the old image of yourself will eventually fall away.

Cancer is about finding our place in the world, which is the same thing as finding ourselves comfortable in our bodies, in our minds. Our inner world is a version of the outer world, so if our comfort starts there, we can be better equipped to achieve comfort and contentment in the outer world. Conversely, if we are uncomfortable within ourselves, we will never find comfort in our environment. We can only be comfortable within ourselves if we learn to accept everything inside of ourselves. Finding acceptance is not the same thing as condoning or endorsing—we can find acceptance and comfort even with those things we wish to change or heal from within ourselves. This allows us to actually let these negative aspects go. Fearing, hiding, feeling shame about something, only strengthens it and empowers it and its grip on us tightens.

Most of what we've been taught about how the world works is incomplete, as it doesn't address things on an energetic level, only physical. Finding success and safety outside of myself—in a family, a home, wealth, fame, etc,, will not bring me happiness unless that happiness already exists within me. Outside validation is only energetically positive if it is a reflection of inner love and acceptance. Without that, outer success is empty and will never fill the void inside. When you approach life from this new loving angle, with your main intention to feel a sense of belonging, to feel like an important small piece of a whole, a network or web, which cares for you, and values your presence, it can then radiate out into everything you do. If instead you only work on achieving the outward signs of success—which are really just external signs of this inner sense of acceptance— the achievement won’t be able to give you its medicine, if your internal acceptance and embrace of yourself is missing. You’ll forever be striving without ever reaching the final goal of acceptance and personal validation.

What if you could just relax into the not knowing, into the truth that we’re each living a fractional piece of a whole. It’s exhausting to feel you have to know everything, be right about everything, have considered all angles, make everything work. What if instead you could drop more fully into whatever piece that you’re currently embodying and expand into that, truly flesh it out. Truly become the self that is living this life, with the specific guidelines that are right for you. 

This full moon is at 0 degrees, so we really have a chance to make a new start. A fresh start requires you to shift your perception about what is possible. For too long many of us have felt outside of ourselves, our families, our communities, our environments, instead of experiencing the healing benefits of feeling included, safe, and supported. We have to release old ideas that we are not allowed to feel this nourishment, that there isn’t a place or room for us, or that our needs are not valid and relevant. Once that old false belief is gone, we can work on rebuilding a context for our lives in a way that works for our well-being.

For Aries: Your motivation is usually to stand out, and to be a lone wolf. To do it all yourself, because others aren’t fast enough or with it enough to keep up. However, all humans have a need for a sense of belonging—make sure this idea doesn’t translate into weakness in your language. You might have distrust from times in the past when you couldn’t rely on the people around you, but this can change. You are more powerful when you make use of your support system. Make sure you’re seeing those around you who want to help you, and let them in.

For Taurus: You enjoy the perks of a support system, and you love the feeling of being at home in the world. But not everything is your home, not everything and everyone is for you. If you practice discretion more, and zero in on getting what you actually need for your best support, you’ll gain more nourishment from your relationships and environment. Watch for your tendency to consume indiscriminately, and shift instead towards utilizing smartly. If things aren’t working, it’s up to you to try to make changes—take the initiative. Trust your intuition to guide you in how to do this.

For Gemini: Finding a sense of belonging requires you to stay still enough to grow roots. You’d rather analyze your lineage and intellectualize your history than to use it for what it can help you with in the present and the future. Your ancestry is your library, but it doesn’t work for you to keep yourself outside of it, because you are a part of it too, as you write your personal book of the self. Let yourself absorb the wisdom held in the emotional plane, instead of only observing through a mental lens.

For Cancer: The moon in your sign will always be extra emotional for you, but you also have the influence of the sun in Capricorn. This will push you to consider the more public side of your life. This side has to take into consideration more than just your own personal needs, which can be a difficult task, as these rule your life experience. But pushing your boundaries and bringing more balance into what other people need from you, not just what you need from them, will evolve you greatly, and actually make your life a little easier.

For Leo: Some may think that you don’t have a private life, since you’re so accustomed to being in the spotlight. But you do, and it might be the case that this is where you store negativity. You don’t want to show anything to anyone that could be viewed as bad, so you might be hiding some of those things in your inner world. It would be better to let those things out into the light, and make room for more positivity inside, not just on the outside. Our private worlds are the source of our creativity, and the more open and experimental they are, the better. So any feelings of shame or embarrassment will hinder this creative space.

For Virgo: Your sense of belonging is tied up with feeling useful and helpful. Practice reminding yourself that your mere existence is enough to be of value in the world. Your place in the world is not conditional. When you believe that, you inadvertently and vibrationally send this belief out onto others, putting the same conditions onto the existence of others, which is not aligned with your original intention to be of service to others. Practice unconditional love towards yourself when you are not “doing” anything, and see how just existing with a positive vibration holds space for others, and is of service, and so you find yourself within the web of humanity even when you’re not actively working.

For Libra: The emotional needs of a Cancer moon can be a mirror image of your needs: Cancer finds feelings of security through a sense of inclusion, while Libra finds safety in being the one to bestow that acceptance. You might need to address your own needs and employ some self-care, instead of worrying more about other people’s needs and fulfilling their desires, for them. You see yourself as a conduit for beauty and harmony, but make sure you’re establishing enough of a firm sense of self for yourself at the same time.

For Scorpio: During this moon, Venus is in your sign, so there is even more intensity added to this emotional Cancer moon. Translating intense feeling into something that can form connection with others can be tricky, as it involves moving your emotions from inside out. The more intense the emotion, the harder it can be to do this. Work on detaching somewhat from outcome, and instead focusing how good it feels to connect with others in the moment, regardless of what happens later.

For Sagittarius: The theme of commitment comes up for you here, as Cancer wants to form bonds, and establish a secure network that can’t be broken. This can conflict with your desire to move freely and discover new networks. You don’t have the same need for stability, to the same degree, and so you might want to connect more to the Capricorn sun, which is also interested in moving forward and not feeling bound to emotional networks. Ideally it would be good to balance the two, allowing for your natural freedom while at the same time benefiting from strong emotional bonds with those who love you. They want to know that you’ll be there for them, and that you’ll receive the help they want to give.

For Capricorn: This moon falls directly opposite you, and so you may need to reckon with some things you aren’t comfortable with, mainly your inner emotional self. When things are not physical, they are harder to understand and more importantly, to trust. You would gain so much in your experience of life if you opened up to your emotions in a way that empowered them to guide you. You would make smarter decisions, your actions would make you feel happier, you would be able to access a deeper and wider sense of the world. Practice listening to what your feelings are trying to communicate to you.

For Aquarius: Try not to intellectualize your natural desire for community within your environment, but to allow yourself to be immersed in it. You are the most naturally inclined to understand humanity as a cohesive whole, but sometimes it seems like you don’t include yourself within it. This could be a defense against possibly feeling any feelings of separation, which feel bad, but actually feeling separate from the whole can give us motivation to push further past our own walls and boundaries. We need to feel how it feels when we’re surrounded by what we don’t want, in order to push for what we do want.

For Pisces: Mars is in Pisces during this Cancer moon, so while you’ll feel a pull towards solidifying things and committing, which isn’t your strong suit, everyone will be feeling the dreamy effects of your sign on their motivation. Everyone will be immersed in their own thoughts, and less focused on forward momentum, but more side to side or even backwards. You would benefit from working on your ability to commit to what supports you. For you, taking your ideas public rather than keeping them private might help to create a more solid reality around them.

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