Welcome to the Gemini New Moon!

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On June 13th at 12:43 pm (PST) there is a new moon in Gemini. Also on this day, Venus moves from Cancer into Leo. The day previous, Mercury had moved from Taurus to Cancer.
The sun and moon are together in the sign of communication. This new moon falls pretty much halfway through 2018. We can evaluate ourselves right now in this current year with one foot in the past and one foot in the future. 
A Gemini new moon is a good time to implement new ways of processing information, of making decisions, and of using perception in a new way.
Have you ever thought of telling your mind what it should think about something? Gemini is very connected to the mind, to our thoughts and words, but it is also represented by the idea of twins, or duality. Our minds contain both our perceptions and our observations of those perceptions. How often do we actually take the time to evaluate both of those— to really examine how our perception is shaped as it comes into our minds and starts to determine our sense of reality, and then what we think of those perceptions, and our realities. We are constantly taking information in, and also making determinations about that information. The practice of meditation is used to quiet and tame the mind, because it is a practice of shutting down the judgments on our perceptions, or the reactions to our perceptions, leaving only the neutral perception. We can then, in a calm state, choose what we want our opinion or determination about any perception to be, instead of reacting to it automatically. Through this examination we might find that our habitual response no longer matches our current reality, or a reality we are aspiring to live in.
Your emotions receive input from all over—from other people’s energy, from physical stimulus, from memories, from the weather—but a large piece comes from our thoughts, feeding information to our emotional centers in the body: the nervous system, and our hormones, thus creating the right conditions for a certain emotional response. So our bodies and feelings respond in kind, becoming angry, stressed, sad, frustrated. Once you realize that your thoughts inform your emotions, that we are not at the mercy of our unconscious emotional reactions, it becomes vital, and possible, to monitor and then consciously shape your thoughts so that you are providing a better condition for more positive emotional responses. Feel free to use the Gemini energy of speaking and communicating, to explicitly tell your mind how you want to feel, and then let your thoughts create the conditions for that. One practice is to spend time in the morning thinking about how you want to feel in the coming day. Not what you want to happen, or who you want to see, but how you want to feel. Then you are preparing your mind to create thoughts that provide the conditions for your body and energy to produce that emotion.
Sometimes you have to tell your mind how you want it to respond before it learns how to do it on its own.
This Gemini new moon is air energy. The only fire sign active right now is Venus in Leo, which is great for nurturing creative energy, and can work with the intentionality of the new moon. Leo is related to the imaginative creation of art and music, but also to parenting and children, so it encompasses all kinds of physical creation. As we use our thoughts to create our emotional realities, we can also manifest physical reality. Venus rules how we love, whether this is romantic, artistic, familial. If our thoughts are based in love, the realm of Venus, the outcomes will be more fertile, more abundant, more enjoyable, than when we manifest outcomes from a place of fear or worry. Venus in a fire sign can mean a heightened sense of passion, drama, momentum, action. So we can start to weave these ways of being together to create the appropriate way of being for us in this new moon. Focusing on the power of our thoughts and perceptions, the Gemini energy, and adding in the passion of Venus in Leo, which gives us purpose and motivation for the work of managing our thoughts.
Mercury in Cancer is more additional support for this Gemini new moon. Because Cancer is the sign most connected to our emotional body, our feelings of safety and security, our ability to care for our needs as we move throughout the world, with Mercury there we are more likely to articulate these needs and emotions. Mercury is the planet of communication, and it is linked to Gemini. Our thoughts and words are the bridge between our inner and outer worlds. Water signs are empathetic, sensitive, and caring. As we add this element to the new moon moment, we add in more depth and more intuition, so that our fiery passion is not single-minded or self-centered, but more holistic and perceptive about our surroundings and ourselves within our surroundings. This is important information to feed your mind—information about how you’re feeling, how another is feeling (with Mercury in Cancer, you might be more likely to inquire about the emotional states of your loved ones), how the environment is feeling, how the universal energy is feeling.
With the trio of Gemini, Leo, and Cancer, there is a sense of wanting & needing validation, to be told that we are okay. Air, fire, water, but no earth, which would ground us in our body and environment & make us feel safe, lessening the need for external reassurances. Gemini is enchanted by words, Leo likes trophies, and Cancer is always inherently dealing with feelings of security. There's a feeling of wanting explicit, spoken approval. But—energetic, unspoken acceptance, when allowed to be internalized, received, and integrated into the self, is actually what we need to feel safe & valued. Words express emotion through vibration, so in order to get the emotional message, the vibration needs to be allowed in, along with the meanings of the words. A word is the vessel to carry the vibration of the feeling.
On June 18th, Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces.
Neptune moves in and out of retrograde throughout the year, spending about half the time in each, like a sleeping/waking cycle. Because mythically Neptune lives underwater, in a shifting and mysterious seascape, and Pisces is the dream-world, sleep and dreaming is the natural way of being, and so the retrograde is a time of waking, of clarity. As we are simultaneously using the Gemini energy to focus on how our minds’ perceptions work, and harnessing the power of our thoughts to work more intentionally, Neptune goes retrograde and more starts to be revealed. Perhaps some more subtle reasons or causes for your minds’ habitual activities start to become clearer. Some deeper, more ephemeral, more spiritual logic might come into play, and because we are working more consciously with our minds’ patterns, we can integrate these subtler ideas into our perceptions. Neptune moved into Pisces in 2012, and along with Uranus moving into Aries around the same time, is a big reason for the recent rise in interest in new age (and old world) spirituality, more openness around gender identification, the desire for more inclusiveness in general, more softness around ways of being, and for more, deeper connection with the true self and the true selves of others. The search for meaning and truth in energy and feelings, not just in the concrete manifestations around us. The push-back to this will come from those who are uncomfortable connecting with the invisible world, the world of emotions, of energy, and of spirit. Counter this by encouraging and supporting your own connections to emotions, energy and spirit. “Inspiration” is directly linked to the connection with spirit, so draw on your own imagination and inspiration when it feels like others are trying to block or deny your ability to see beyond the surface of things, into the more interesting and complex layers of meaning.
On June 21st, the sun enters Cancer.
The Gemini new moon can prepare us for entering Cancer season, by establishing healthy patterns of thoughts in our minds, and healthy expression of our emotions through words. Cancer is represented by the crab, who creates and carries his home on his back; it is a part of himself. As people, we are more beholden to external forces to create a sense of home for ourselves, a sense of belonging. But we can choose how we engage with external forces, and decide to nurture and encourage those forces that work with us, rather than following those that create more struggle.

For Aries: The Gemini new moon will place more focus on building a web or network of support BEFORE taking action. This will take intentional work for Aries, who would rather skip from idea to action without the necessary building blocks of creating context. Try to see the importance in the contributions of others & work to include them in your plans.

For Taurus: The Gemini new moon can charm Taurus away from work very easily. Gemini's flirtation appeals to the indulgent side of Taurus, so engage in the fun and games of wordplay, but don't drift too far from the path that's already been laid. Distraction can be a strong force now.

For Gemini: The Gemini new moon will heighten the things that are already changeable for Geminis, perhaps leading to more mood-swings and less clarity. Since Gemini thrives in the in-between spaces of duality, where most others feel uncomfortable, it's important to retain a sense of empathy and sensitivity towards others who might not reside there as naturally.

For Cancer: The Gemini new moon could cause some anxiety for Cancer; there can feel like a lack of the seriousness that Cancer relies on for feeling steady. At the same time, the social sphere of Gemini contains our more intimate relationships of friends and siblings, which inherently enhance our feelings of belonging. For Cancer, surrendering some control to those we surround ourselves with could actually encourage a sense of safety. Let yourself be carried by others a little more than only relying on carrying yourself.

For Leo: The Gemini new moon will work with Leo's sense of playfulness. There is a lot of energy to harness now for a sense of lightness and even transcendence. Leo can in a sense be set free from other restraints and can vibe well with the expansiveness of thought. Go with any concepts that arise that feel exciting and new and blissful.

For Virgo: The Gemini new moon can assist with the analytical aspects of Virgo, but that lack of seriousness, or what others might perceive as the frivolousness of Gemini, could bother Virgo. It would be helpful to relax a little into seeing what others can offer of service, even if it doesn't appear to have value at first. Virgo at its highest is connected to medicine, and it would be good to see that medicine does in fact come in all forms, even ones we don't immediately recognize as healing.

For Libra: The Gemini new moon is a sibling energy for airy Libra, but could also bring out Libra's competitive side, one it tries to hide, but is there. A feeling of competition is worth examining, since it might actually be telling you something that you're uncomfortable with about yourself, rather than who you're competing with. Libra's smooth surface could find itself disrupted by the more chaotic and changeable Gemini energy, so finding peace within even in a storm could become a priority. 

For Scorpio: The Gemini new moon could exaggerate Scorpio's tendency towards drama. Gemini does tend to give permission for others to indulge in bad behavior, since it likes the entertainment of this and doesn't let itself be affected by it, as air signs tend to let emotions pass through them. Scorpio is all or nothing energy, so you'll want to be more careful, and not just fly wherever the Gemini wind wants to take you. 

For Sagittarius: The Gemini new moon is a good partner in crime, one that encourages Sag to go farther. Gemini is like the hype man for Sagittarius's wanderlust & investigative nature. Use your words to elevate, not just push forward. Sag has a lot of power in this new moon to work on establishing new paradigms, and using the tool of communication for greater things. 

For Capricorn: The Gemini new moon could shake up some long held beliefs. Try to be more flexible and open than usual in order to let the magic of shifting consciousness have its affect on you. Capricorn may not feel comfortable on shifting ground, but it can lead to new and exciting things. 

For Aquarius: The Gemini new moon brings more expansiveness to Aquarius's already expanded consciousness. Try to stay connected to the greater truths that might hit you now, rather than getting caught up in trying to avoid gossip and drama. A piece of minor information might actually hold some valuable information for you. Put aside your ideas about what you know, in order to really learn something new. 

For Pisces: The Gemini new moon has potential to create conflict, as Pisces does sometimes employ avoidance and distraction tactics in order to not have to face facts. Or to create a separate, fantasy-based sense of reality. To bring balance, make sure that you're communicating with actual reality, not an idealized reality, and you'll be able to have more of an effect on your surroundings. 

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