Welcome to the Cancer New Moon/ Solar Eclipse!

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Welcome to the Cancer New Moon Solar Eclipse!

On July 12th, at 7:48pm (PST), there is a new moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

In a solar eclipse, the moon is in front of the sun, blocking the light temporarily from reaching the earth. So in this way, it is like turning the lights off (metaphorically, as not all eclipses are total, completely blocking the sun). This shows us a moment in time where the inner world surpasses the outer world, where the darkness temporarily and unexpectedly eclipses the light. With a solar eclipse, I always think of what it must have been like to see it without prior knowledge of it. To see the sun, a daily constant, suddenly in shadow, to see day turn to night, and then back again, must have been mind-blowing, an extreme disruption of belief in one's own physical reality. To some extent, this is the energetic effect of a solar eclipse. It shuts off our normal perceptions in order to shake things up and get us to see things differently.

This is the second round of eclipses in 2018, the first ones having occurred in January and February. You can think back to what happened then, what got shaken up and reconfigured, what had been asking then to be re-examined and changed. There might be a deeper understanding of those events, a new light shined onto why things unfolded the way they did. Eclipse energy is said to last about 6 months, so see what has evolved in past 6 months and what is now known or realized, that hadn't been known then. Try to be neutral as you re-examine, without self-critique, judgment or negativity. Holding yourself accountable is fine, beating yourself up is not. You will block the lessons of how to do things right if you focus too much on what you did wrong. It takes less energy to simply move forward, than to try to move forward while holding yourself back with your disappointments about your progress. You are undoubtedly moving forward and progressing, whether you believe it or not.

The other thing that eclipses do, aside from turning the lights on and off, is reveal our shadow. Progression needs to take into account the shadow side of the self, the pieces of ourselves that we hide from even ourselves. They are no longer hidden during an eclipse. They will be triggered, they will be exposed, they will be felt. Try to surrender into what you are being shown about your own shadow. This may be shown to you through the shadows of others, and it may be tempting to dismiss the effects of your own shadow as the baggage of others. Your shadow is not your enemy. It is your teacher, it is a part of you that must be incorporated (incorporate: taken into your body, although the shadow is already residing there, causing disease and tension), and integrated as part of your sense of self. It is there whether you acknowledge it or not, and by acknowledging it you regain your sense of power, your agency and desire becoming stronger than its. Everything that we are affects who we are, whether it is a conscious or unconscious part of ourselves. This is why we heal ourselves, to become whole, to be able to face head on ALL of the pieces of the self, even the ugly or dark ones. To own all facets of our selves.

The eclipse in Cancer is also a new moon in Cancer, so the sun and moon are working together. Cancer is our home, our sense of belonging in the family and in the world. The family unit, so trauma around this might come up for you. Collectively it is arising, in the family separation policy for immigrants and asylum seekers, and its traumatic aftermath. We are being shown very ugly truths about which families are valued and which are not, who is thought to belong and who isn't. This is part of our collective shadow that needs to be seen, acknowledged, and released. And it may trigger your own feelings about your place in your family, in your community, in your world. If it feels sensitive or insecure, try to think of positive ways you can participate and engage more. Many of us feel alone, but not many of us are open about these feelings. It could even show you where you are not feeling secure in the personal home, the body. Can you work towards making your body an inviting home for your psyche, giving it what it needs, and embracing its desires, instead of working against them? Cancer is super sensitive, and empathic, so some boundary work around what expectations and wishes are yours, and which are someone else's that is influencing you, might be needed.

Feelings of discomfort might arise in the eclipse. We are not here on earth to be uncomfortable, in fact everything in nature is aligned for our comfort-- we have access to water, sunshine, the shade and food of trees, birdsong, etc. So discomfort is an important messenger. It tells us where we ourselves are mis-aligned. If a space feels uncomfortable, see what can be changed to make it more welcoming. If a relationship feels uncomfortable, see what dynamics are in place and put in some effort to try things differently, or take some time away from it to reset and gain clarity. If your body feels uncomfortable, see what can be changed in your diet, your sleep, your movement, to make your body more welcoming. Making yourself comfortable, especially if your comfort has not been a collective priority, is a revolutionary act. Remember that the message that life is inherently hard is a myth that has been told for centuries to the masses by the people in power, who themselves did not have an expectation of a hard life. When someone tells you something is true, but that truth does not apply to themselves, you would be better off not trusting their words.

This eclipse comes on the heels of Jupiter going direct in Scorpio. Jupiter in Scorpio has been pushing us to dig deeper into our psyches, in ways that are not always comfortable. Now going direct, Jupiter can assist us more, so that each time we excavate a difficult chunk of our unconscious, we will receive a positive outcome or see positive feedback in our conscious world. Jupiter may not totally protect us from emotional turmoil during the eclipse though, because Pluto is opposing the sun and moon. Pluto is the planet of power dynamics and all the ways those play out, both healthily and unhealthily. As this energy conflicts with the familial energy of Cancer, there could be tensions around the dynamics of relating to each other. Think of Pluto as the small guy with a big sports car; and don't underestimate the power of the insecure ego to pack a punch. Our perceptions, in this case about our own power and the power of those around us, shape how that reality becomes, and can override objective facts. The family unit is a highly emotional place for this to play out. When trying to parse out a cohesive reality from your subjective feelings as well as someone else's subjective feelings, remember to work from a place of kindness and not ego.

Cancer is about belonging. The flipside, or the counter-point, is acceptance. Belonging means we feel accepted, and since our emotions are a filter we live through, what we give is related to what we receive. And so a feeling of belonging can be found through extending acceptance.

For Aries: You often make decisions without considering others, and then wonder why you're not more supported in your life. Others are used to you taking on the role of leader, and they don't realize there are times when you want to be led, or taken care of. Find a way to let this be known, to take your guard down a notch or two, without sacrificing your pride. In other words, find ways to be empowered in your vulnerability, so that you can open up some entry points for other people to exist in your world.

For Taurus: Despite your love of indulgences, control is really where you thrive. Control and continuity, and consistency. Eclipses can throw off our sense of control, our innate understanding of how we think the world works. Go with the flow of this, as hard as it might be. It is hard for Taurus to admit weakness, ignorance, or fear. It is hard for you to allow your shadow side to exist without it being a huge thorn in your side, but in doing this, you make yourself even weaker than if you had just allowed for it. Your facade of strength, or confidence, can turn around and bite you, at times when softness and empathetic caring are needed instead. Integrate the strong and the weak together.

For Gemini: Taking things seriously is not your thing, but within a family unit, it's vital that all members feel taken seriously and don't feel emotionally dismissed. Reconsider any need you have to be right, and see if being inclusive is occasionally more valuable. Because this eclipse is about shifting our perceptions about where we fit in, who supports us and who we support back, and feelings of security, it’s not just all about you and the attention that you’re used to getting. It might be more about making your stage large enough for others, learning where to share the spotlight, maybe even making yourself smaller so that others can grow larger and feel seen and heard as well.

For Cancer: This eclipse will heighten all feelings for Cancer. Insecurities, vulnerabilities, fears. But you are already attuned to these feelings, and so you have a leg up. While the rest of us are just learning that we must face and address our weaknesses, that there's no going around them, you've already known this and allowing it comes naturally to you. Balancing strengths and weaknesses, and seeing the value in both, is something you already prioritize. Push this further and show the rest of us how to be super strong while, and in fact because of, acknowledging and honoring the soft underbelly of the primal human necessity of belonging and acceptance, and sharing a heart connection with other humans.

For Leo: Leo is the performance of the self and Cancer is the protective layer around the self. Leo is typically loyal and also protective of others, but through a lens of proving themselves, showing off their skills. Are you as aware of how to be a steadfast companion to yourself as well as you are to others? The eclipse may show you how you are putting on a performance as a good partner or ally, but is it what is really needed by the other person, or is it what you assume is needed by them? With Leo, there is sometimes a tendency to project one’s own desires onto someone else, when it might not be their true desire. By being your best ally to yourself first, you lesson the chance of projecting what you want onto someone else’s desires. And in doing so, you allow yourself to hear what they actually want, and allow that big Leo heart to connect to theirs.

For Virgo: Virgo and Cancer share some sensitivities, a deep sense of ethics and empathic responsibility. When someone next to a Virgo or Cancer hurts, they will do whatever it takes to help it, as if it were themselves hurting. You might want to see what this eclipse brings up in terms of how much you give away of yourself. Does your empathy extend to yourself, as much as to others? Are you making it hard for yourself to find your sense of belonging? Virgo's worst trait can be a belief that love is earned through good work, and in this way, you can make it harder for yourself to accept unconditional love. Move towards allowing an idea that you are worthy of love despite, or even because of, your failings.

For Libra: The eclipse might be hard in some ways, since the agenda is to expose and reveal, while Libra sometimes prefers to avoid or cover up, in order to present a smooth surface. Facing and accepting the shadow self in yourself or others can be very difficult for you, there is a lot of resistance towards seeing this non-idealized version of the self. Integrating the chaotic shadow self will in the end make you stronger and more equanimous, despite feeling out of control or unpleasant in the process. Remember that the process makes up the outcome, they cannot be separated. Focus as much on the journey, even if messy, as on the final package.

For Scorpio: For all of Scorpio’s toughness, they have quite a thin skin. This porousness is a strength, not a weakness, as it allows you to access a lot of non-verbal information hanging around in the air. But, if you are too beholden to your defensiveness, this power is lessened, and that information can’t be used in the best way for you, and it merely hurts you. Use your weapons, don’t become your weapons, or else you’ll be attacking yourself as well as others. Cancer is about being a cohesive part of something, of feeling like a useful part of a larger whole. If you are always on the defensive, always prickly, you can’t fit as well into the embrace of your surroundings. All of the information coming in can be overwhelming; learn to decipher and pull out what needs to be in focus, and let the other things go.

For Sagittarius: The home of Sagittarius is the entire world, and you're very comfortable sticking your neck out and exploring places unknown to you. You might be less comfortable working with the inner landscapes of your natural home of the self and your immediate surroundings. Your tendency to roam and travel might be masking a deeper impulse to run away from yourself. The eclipse energy is one that shows us what exists, whether we want to see it or believe it. The sun disappears in spite of our belief that it always shines during the day. Your inner self, with its needs and vulnerabilities, exists whether or not you are constantly proving that you don't have them. Bring these qualities into your identity and let them teach you something new about yourself. 

For Capricorn: Capricorn is on the opposite axis of Cancer, and is much more concerned with the active and rational side of life, than the internal and receptive. Your discomfort with feelings and the confusion they can bring can feel like a weakness, but only if you choose to view it as such. Feelings are not logical or rational, they are intuitive, and therefore necessarily opaque and unclear. If you can learn to reconcile the mystery of emotions with your logical understanding of the world, you can actually go farther and deeper. The eclipse will bring up issues about nurturing, and your capability to do that, especially for other people. Sit with your sense of self and see if it can include more of a ‘mothering’ vibe, even if it’s mothering a project or a career path. Mothering includes creativity, flexibility, and intuition, all of which can enhance your experience of whatever you’re working on at the moment.

For Aquarius: Aquarius can sometimes neglect one-on-one relationships, because they are vibing on a total acceptance of humanity. But each person is a building block of humanity, and in this way, one-on-one relationships need to be nurtured in order to nurture the whole. Blind acceptance of everything can sometimes lead to a martyring of the self, in order to support others, as is the mission of Aquarius. Positive support of others can build friendship and community; blanket support no matter what the circumstances can sometimes weaken the sense of the self. Practice more discretion in choosing who and what to lend your support to, and make sure you're not neglecting what those dear to you, including yourself, want to experience with you.

For Pisces: The eclipse could be very emotional for Pisces, because it could rub up against some exposed nerves. Pisces and Cancer are both highly sensitive and raw signs, but Cancer is better equipped at knowing what it needs and seeking that out. You might not know what you want; you might want something different today than you did yesterday, and so your rawness is less likely to find its salve. Look for grounding. Even though Cancer is a fellow water sign, and naturally fluid, it is about finding roots where there are none, creating security where there isn’t any. Even if you have to create it yourself. Pisces is the sign most connected to the intuitive and dream spheres, so trust in your energy’s ability to attract and generate what you need, even out of thin air.





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