Welcome to the Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse!

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Welcome to the Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!

On July 27th, at 1:20pm (PST), there is a full moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.

This full moon is conjunct Mars in Aquarius, which is retrograde, so a frustrated Mars will have a strong impact on this eclipse. In addition, Mercury goes retrograde in Leo on the 26th, the day before. The theme of how the individual operates within the community will be at play, not just with the Mars conjunction, as Mars rules the actions of the individual, and rules Aries, the sign of the individual; the Aquarius full moon is opposite the Leo sun, and Leo is about the individual, and how we express our ego selves. Aquarius is more about the connective nature of community, where the individual integrates into the group as a whole.

This eclipse will highlight the contrast between the web of humanity and the individual’s unique needs. All eclipses tend to expose secrets, hidden truths, buried understandings, repressed emotions. Your private emotions might feel more at the surface. A full moon is like menstruation: it is an accumulation, a gathering together of intense feelings with the intention of releasing them. The energy leading up to a full moon is similar to pre-menstruation, where we are emotionally more raw, vulnerable and ultra-sensitive—prone to being triggered easily. There is often a sense of emotional relief once menstruation actually starts, because these unpleasant emotions can now be released. (If you’re a cis man reading this, ask a lady you feel close to if they’d want to explain how this feels to you!) It’s like there’s an unconscious stew brewing inside us, at times sending up emotional energy packets to be made conscious, understood and released to be healed. If things stay hidden, we can’t know them, and can’t process them, taking what wisdom we can glean and releasing what’s not useful. Releasing toxic emotions is healthy, and helps us to be a better part of the group, because our feelings don’t have to dictate how we operate with others.

Aquarius is a complex sign, sometimes erratic, eccentric or unpredictable, but also quite developed in knowing how to exist with others, how to integrate itself with others. This co-existence sometimes manifests in a detached way, which is actually a sign of it’s evolved nature; being almost to the end of the Zodiac cycle, we have to trust that Aquarius is operating out of some accumulated wisdom and understanding. Aquarius’s detached nature allows it to more comfortably exist in a changing landscape, and to respond dynamically to outside stimuli, as it isn’t clinging to one fixed concept of reality. The full moon is opposite the sun in Leo. Both signs, while opposing, have a similarity in that they both stick out, they both follow their own guidance. Leo operates from the heart, looking inward at the self for validation, and is firmly rooted in the physical body. It holds some connection to the signs around it, Cancer and Virgo, in that it finds security in belonging, to a family unit especially, and finds fulfillment in nurturing others. Aquarius also looks to the signs next to it: it has a tendency to respect the rules of how to play the game, like Capricorn, (even while it doesn’t always play by them), but also has an innate pull towards following its own internal logic, even when it doesn’t make sense, like Pisces. Because Aquarius is an air sign, it intellectualizes emotions and feelings, becoming a bit disembodied, even while fully immersing into those emotions. The connection with others, even romantically, can become a theoretical understanding rather than “from the heart”, like Leo.

Because we can all embody traits of the signs at any time, especially when there are heightened events like an eclipse, this contrast between Aquarius and Leo can show up as a reflection in our own lives – ways we are bumping up against these different ways of processing our emotions (theoretically, at a distance vs. deeply and earnestly felt). Possibly places where do we not follow our own hearts, our own guidance, our own internal compass, especially when we're being told that the right thing to do is to act against it. We come up against this more when we are children, as our lives then are more structured with rules and timetables, set by others. We rebel against these restrictions, but eventually accept them, to avoid conflict. The trauma of this ranges on a spectrum for all of us, from mild to severe, but we've all gone through this domestication. I just read that scientists believe the perception of a baby is similar to ours when we dream, or use psychedelics. Free-floating, shifting, nonsensical, fun, frightening, forever & constantly changing. As we age, our brains become more ordered and we lose that sense of perpetual unexpectedness, only tapping back into it when we dream. Aquarius retains some of that attunement to a constantly shifting reality. There is a comfort with change, with the unexpected. Although it can seem like there are two mis-matched sides to Aquarius— the community- and group-minded one, who might be a little aloof in one-on-one, but is accepting of the whole of humanity, and can't stand injustices against the underdog or the masses. Then there is the eccentricity, or outsider vibe, where the true inner self can seem hidden by walls or layers, impossible to access. Where Leo presents itself fully and openly, even demanding to be seen at times, Aquarius lurks behind smoke screens. How do you show yourself, or let yourself be seen? Which is the true self, the one you experience privately or the one you present and perform for others? How integrated are they?

In order to do any kind of intentional manifestation work, to bring in what you want for yourself, it has to start with authentic intention. You have to access what you actually want, a true desire, for it to be able to unfold in reality. This Aquarius full moon is about releasing whatever is not our authentic self, and accepting, embracing and embodying our true desires. Even if they seem weird or crazy. We often name our thoughts as crazy just because we don't see them affirmed outside of ourselves. But outside affirmation is not everything. If we own our "crazy" ideas, if they stem from our authentic selves, then we can create them into reality and then they can find affirmation once they exist, in the 100% supported form they are meant to. This is the visionary side of Aquarius—bringing to life that which hasn't existed before. Even in the face of our own lack of courage due to the lack of outside affirmation. Aquarius goes its own way, and follows its own maps. How are you able to exist as a sovereign being, answering only to the self?

The detachment of Aquarius can be used as a spiritual tool—to step back from one’s life and see it as an expression of something larger than the individual scope or perspective. Aquarius and Leo present two different ways of ideally asserting the self—one as an empty vessel for divine connection, and one as a full vessel of divine expression. Both require freedom of expression, free from judgment and fear of persecution.

There might be things about yourself that you feel are weird. Are different. That you don't see reflected outside of yourself very often. They might be things that you could actually accept about yourself, and transform into gifts, but you're holding them back by labeling them as something undesirable. This might be from conditioning, and this might be unconscious. But as you become aware of things that you enjoy and like about yourself, or things that interest you, or pull you to them, while at the same time seeming different and maybe outside of the norm, you then have a choice to decide to embrace them and see how far they can take you. Committing to the things that are unique about you, even while they aren’t necessarily collectively existing or being affirmed (how could they be, if they are unique to you and no one else?), is powerful.

Neither Aquarius or Leo is about assimilation of the self. They are both about standing out. This eclipse is about creating your own context for yourself. Without self-judgment and without bowing to judgment from others. Here is an exercise to practice for this eclipse: Imagine yourself free to do whatever you want, in whatever way you choose, with total support from the environment around you. Does your creative inspiration rise with this thought? Can you get your creative juices flowing just by imagining that you can do whatever you want—you can also change what you’re doing, you have total freedom to pick up on an idea or energy, or to put it down. Like in a dream, where other people who enter the frame or other places that you land in, are reflections of you, and they move in accordance with you and what you’re doing. If this feels freeing, feels exciting, feels motivating, try to imagine this a lot during the two weeks after the eclipse, when the energy is still active. Reinforce this imaginary construct that you have total creative freedom in what you do, say, think, believe, and feel. This might not always fit into the physical reality around you at the moment, but at least you will be working on allowing yourself that freedom, instead of shutting it down.

For Aries: You are the most focused on yourself, but can you truly connect with yourself, with no barriers? No walls of strength in the way? It actually feels good to just sit with yourself and let yourself be with yourself, where you don’t have to prove anything, especially to yourself.

For Taurus: The world will not fall apart if you relax; if you stop actively working on it for a moment, it will still continue. Breathe out fully once in a while, enough to empty yourself out. You don’t like emptiness, but you’ll find that there is actually a lot contained in empty space.

For Gemini: Relax, as well. Your cynicism becomes a wall blocking true connection. It’s not just about entertaining others, although you do get rewarded for it—it’s also a defense mechanism. Being too cool for school keeps you from freely experiencing your true emotions.

For Cancer: Work on grounding yourself. Tether yourself to the earth, so you don’t float away from yourself. Over thinking is also something that separates you from your true emotions, which are so deeply felt that they can be overwhelming. Don’t over-intellectualize—instead ground your body to the earth more.

For Leo: Simplify. Be with yourself without costumes or performance. It feels reductive, but again, there is so much to find there in the quiet, without distractions.

For Virgo: Although your energy is similar to Aquarius, you might feel lost. Sad. Taking on too much of others out of duty, but then in the reductive light of the Aquarius moon, you’re left without yourself. Virgo’s tough lesson is always to shed the needs of others in order to find and tend to your own.

For Libra: Let things be enough. Be more meditative—you are aligned with Aquarius energy but still continually search for meaning horizontally on the surface, instead of going below, vertically. Let things just be, and maybe you’ll discover them or maybe you won’t. It’s fine either way. 

For Scorpio: The Aquarius moon is not as antithetical as it might feel. It’s not trying to erase your feelings. It’s trying to help you look away from the buzzing and find peace. Peace is all around you but you can’t find it if you aren’t attuned to it.

For Sagittarius: Again, nothing is ever enough. Let it be enough. Take down your pride a notch in order to see where you are pursuing instead of sitting with. Your high ideals can become a crutch, and a wall blocking you from seeing what’s already there.

For Capricorn: When you sit with yourself, you give space to let things within you mingle and integrate. Don’t compartmentalize—have more fluid boundaries within yourself. It’s less confusing than you think.

For Aquarius: Your desire to shape-shift might intensify. Use this for good—not just for escape or to block others from coming near you. Use it to expand your empathy. Your pliable personality can be finessed and refined, if you put the effort in.

For Pisces: You want everything and nothing. This Aquarius moon will not give you everything. So instead, try to find the everything in nothing. Readjust your ideas of abundance and lack, so that you find abundance in moments of emptiness.






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