Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon!

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Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon!

On August 26th, at 4:56 am (PST), there is a full moon in Pisces.

The Pisces full moon is about finally reaching ourselves. We can do this through meditation, through giving ourselves interior stillness and quiet.

This is a time to release being anything that isn’t truly you. To unwrap layers of conditioning. Pisces is a deathbed in some ways, a death of anything we wouldn’t want to bring with us into the afterlife. If we imagine the ancient Egyptian ritual myth of weighing the heart against a feather, it’s not just any negativity that would weigh against us, but anything that we’ve carried that isn’t aligned with our authentic self. Pisces is the search for the self, which is not straightforward, as it is the fish swimming in two directions. The search for the self includes enacting many existences that are “us” to varying degrees. The “I” that is a daughter contains many realities, some of which are true, some of which are conditioned. That self is different than the one who is a friend or a lover, which has its own degrees of authenticity. When I am by myself, this “I” is also enacting different realities of the self, some of which are true and some are still working from trauma or conditioning to some degree. Even alone. Pisces can bring us to another level of being, one of being the “I” in a spiritual sense. In this way, we are not alone, but we are also not with others who expect or who are conditioned to expect certain behavior from us. We can look at ourselves in relation to something else, with a mirror, which is always helpful to see ourselves, but this mirror is not one that requires us to be a certain way, or to act as a mirror back to it. This mirror is pure and clear. This mirror only wants to reflect our authentic self back. There is no agenda, no desire, no judgment, no engagement with our defenses. This can feel empty and structure-less until you learn how to participate and show your true self. Connection with spiritual energy, with source energy, with energy of something timeless and eternal, something outside of time yet fully present, with energy of the natural world, with loving energy, with ancestor energy, with divine energy— whatever construct works best for you— can provide a balancing reflection for us, one that exists outside of the dynamics of human relations, with all their baggage and expectations, that might affect our ability to act as our true selves. There is no need to protect yourself from spiritual energy, from love. No need to not act from your own true center.

If you think about what you want for your life, what you want to achieve, to gain, to succeed in; it starts to seem absurd that you would ever gain what you want (what makes you happy, what is right for you) by hiding yourself. It just doesn’t make sense. If you’re acting as someone else, how will anything you want find you? So, we don’t hide ourselves on purpose, we hide ourselves as coping mechanisms and as protective devices. We hide ourselves as a trauma response. So in doing so, we perpetuate the trauma, we empower the trauma, we allow the trauma. Instead of accepting the fact of the trauma, releasing it, and letting our true selves shine without hiding them for the sake of the trauma. This is what would be a major regret in the afterlife, as your life is weighed out, that you directed more energy towards your traumas than towards your authentic self. That you directed more of your own love and attention towards protective walls to hide your wounds, than towards the expression of your authentic self.

Collectively as a nation we are facing this: the legacy of directing more energy towards exploitative systems than towards support of people. The systems are meant to support the people, but instead the people support the systems, which only take from them and don’t give much back in return. We can become so used to this dynamic, on a personal level as well as in our public lives, that we learn to become uncomfortable with receiving supportive energy, because it lacks the structure that we’ve become accustomed to. Spiritual energy, which is the domain of Pisces, only asks you to be your true self, the self that is pure expression of loving and creative energy. It doesn’t not want to engage with your facades, your protections, your walls, your unhealthy dynamics. Depending on how built up your walls are, how integrated into your sense of self they are (they can be so ingrained that they seem inseparable from your conception of yourself), your ability to step outside of the construct of the self to meet the essence of the self will be more or less available to you. In this full moon, we’ll be asked to enter more deeply into the space of the timeless self, rather than the day-to-day current self.

A great way to access this self is in dreams, also the domain of Pisces. You might notice that in dreams, there are most often no cell phones, no computers, no TVs. We interact only with real things, not simulations, but these real things take on the qualities of simulations. Time and space dissolve, our emotional barriers dissolve, and a thought in a dream translates directly into action, without our filters or conditions to stop it. Our emotional selves are raw and open, and honest, in dreams. Our desires are manifested without barriers of judgment— only honest emotional response. If we think something, it manifests, and we then respond to the manifestation. There is no time spent going over options in our minds, building anxiety based on what may or may not happen as a result. We are forced to confront the reality of our thoughts & actions, but surprisingly we are also able to change actions mid-manifestation, by thinking a different thought. Dreams mimic our experience of living life energetically. Even in waking life, every thought carries an energy, whether or not we put it into action. In real life, we don’t see an immediate manifestation of our thoughts, unless we choose action, so we assume it doesn’t have an effect. But it does, and every night our dreams are showing us how powerful our thoughts are. Our dreams show us the energetic side of our existences. In waking life, we can’t see our energy, we don’t always see the results of our energies because sometimes it takes time to unfold, and so we need to intentionally choose to believe in our energy, and believe in the power of thoughts, even in their invisibilities. Aside from the occasional nightmare, dreams feel good— in them we feel blissful and free, we are unchained from our limiting thought patterns that keep us unhappy (or we are forced to confront them, which is also good— better than keeping them lurking below the surface and acting on us unconsciously).

Surrounding this full moon we have the lingering effects of Mercury stationing direct after being retrograde in Leo for over three weeks, in the midst of eclipse season. You may have wished that certain moments in these past weeks could be erased or never had happened; trust that time is an eraser, as long as you can let go of both the thought attachments and the emotional attachments to any mistakes made. The sun has entered fastidious Virgo, so you want to be especially intentional about letting go of criticism. Let Virgo swing into its helpful, nurturing side, rather than its anal and nit-picky side. The day after the full moon, we have Mars stationing direct in Capricorn after a long retrograde of over two months. This means action will regain some forward momentum, so any feelings of discontent with the past month, or a sense of dealing with fatiguing and overly dramatic emotions over eclipse season, will also more easily dissipate. Remember that Mars loves to look ahead and speed towards goals, so his atypical foray into rumination during the retrograde will be ending as he goes direct. His normal way of being is to act before thinking, so if you’ve been over-thinking too much recently, this should help counteract that.

For Aries: This moon requires releasing and surrendering, into a formless space where you can connect with a more immaterial existence. This goes against your need to control, in fact you hate to be out of control. To leave decision making up to others, even to a divine energy, is almost impossible for you. It’s the exact rigid mindset that leads to the hubris of thinking that you know everything, in the right way. Unless you open up to the flow of the universe, your world will remain small, and you won’t find the happiness you’re seeking. Others will have expectations that you are in fact very much in control of what happens in your life, so remind your loved ones that despite your confidence, you don’t know everything and are okay with some flexibility and not-knowingness. You need to learn how to put trust into action.

For Taurus: Let this moon touch your inner child and address it’s needs. The wall protecting your soft underbelly is not so much needing to be in control, as it is needing to feel important and valuable. You need to feel like you are valued by others, so much so that you neglect valuing yourself, and also counter-intuitively act as if you don’t require this validation. This emotional state needs to be accepted by you, even though you see it as immature, so that you can stop pretending that you don’t have emotions or emotional needs. Accepting that you need to be loved, as does everyone, and then letting yourself be loved, can alleviate some of the need for validation that you have. Your hard shell is quite transparent to others, so you might as well give it up and be as soft as you naturally are.

For Gemini: Going back to control: your easy-going facade can hide a need for control that attempts to control even the larger, more metaphysical aspects of life. Your fear of death keeps you from delving below the surface. You are uncomfortable in the wordless energy field of Pisces and the underworld. It doesn’t make sense to you, and you can attempt to joke about death but it terrifies you. All of the symbols, and the knowledge that you rest your idea of reality on disappears in the waters of Pisces. Maybe try to access the spiritual truths held there through your dreamworld. Pay attention to messages and metaphors in your dreams— this is more of a language that you can speak.

For Cancer: This moon will also hold issues of control for you. You might be overwhelmed by life things, and feel out of control. You like to create structures, but these are often theoretical and not easy to put into action. For some reason the doing is where you get stuck, perhaps because the idealized form you came up with in your head is actually not feasible. How can you merge your imagination with the realistic options? The Pisces moon will want to draw you deeper into the abstract, so put some extra effort into the day to day steps required for your plans.

For Leo: Can you find as much excitement in a sense of not-knowing as you do in a sense of confident clarity? The only thing required to tip pride over into arrogance is an idea that any current clarity also extends into all past and future clarity. But you don’t know the future, and you have to let it unfold in order to know it. You have to allow in as much unknowingness as possible, and learn how to adjust yourself to it, instead of asking the world to adjust to you. The future is sharing itself with you, and asks that you share yourself with it. This requires some surrender to the flow of things you might not have already mastered, things that are in fact unable to be mastered in this lifetime.

For Virgo: Again, it’s about letting go of control and the need to know, but in your case, the need to know goes deeper into the cosmos. The need to know that everything is in place is not to satisfy the ego’s sense of self, but a deep understanding of how the world works. However, with this Pisces moon, you have to consider that the world also runs on meaning and functionality that is outside of your perception. The mystery is not a place you like to visit. You will do everything you can to support life, to nurture, to keep the daily machine going, but there is a calmness and serenity in the mysterious realm outside of life, that you can also access. Let some of that peace into your busy world. When you pause, it doesn’t create a vacuum like you fear, but it allows enough silence for some whispers of wisdom to enter.

For Libra: Art, poetry and music are tools to express what can’t be expressed explicitly. What can’t be stated clearly in words can be communicated through the feeling of expression. Our senses are also tools and entry points for spiritual connection that might not be easily felt otherwise. Our relationships are also tools for spiritual connection, our beloveds give us opportunity to express our capacity to love. If this full moon is overwhelming you with emotions that can’t be named or explained, remember to use your tools to access what you’re feeling.

For Scorpio: You might be the most closely aligned with the deep waters of Pisces. But Pisces seeks harmony and balance, while your focus is mostly about the process of stripping down to the bone, a violent and destructive act, which is gratuitous when it doesn’t lead to an ultimate connection point. Remember why you are driven to explore and dig deeper, into others and into yourself. The reason to peel back layers is not just to show that you can, so remember what you are trying to get closer to. If Pisces is the underworld, the afterlife, Scorpio is the gateway to it, the moment of release and death. Don’t get stuck there, forever walking hand in hand with death, but remember to move past that into the spiritual universe awaiting you.

For Sagittarius: There is no journey to wellness without consciousness raising. Your trajectory is often only up, without a crucial lateral awareness. Your aim is high and you exist a couple of steps ahead of yourself. Your aim is honorable, but try to expand horizontally as well as vertically. Don’t miss out on pieces of the puzzle that exist along the way, not just at the end. You need to be present in the present moment to take advantage of everything it has to offer, but you can miss out on this by racing ahead. Learn to tread water in this full moon; it won’t feel like you’re getting anywhere but you’ll be able to take in more information.

For Capricorn: Don’t get too caught up in the energy being ephemeral with this full moon. Because even though Pisces operates in a fluid space that shifts and changes seemingly at a whim, which is uncomfortable for you, this energy can be harnessed and directed. It would help you out to understand this. Energy runs alongside everything we do, even if you can’t see it like the ground beneath your feet. If you work with it more intentionally, you’ll be able to incorporate it, turn it into the physical, manifest with it. Experiment with setting intentional thoughts now, and wait for them to become real.

For Aquarius: You can have resistance to the wishy-washy nature of Pisces because you too can sometimes be wish-washy, or more like hesitant to take action. Your reason for hesitating is more about wanting to do the right thing for everyone, or perhaps fear of taking a wrong step. Despite being ruled by Uranus— or maybe because of your familiarity with its unpredictable nature— you are cautious and extra careful. As long as you’re in tune with your inner voice and guidance, you can probably break out of that a little bit. Use this full moon to listen to what guidance is coming through.

For Pisces: Any resistance popping up for you now might be more structural. You can have trouble following the rules, or even acknowledging that rules exist. Your experience is such that rules and boundaries are flexible and sometimes wash away completely. Is this always helpful for you? Maybe not. Anytime you’re in a mood that’s more structured, take advantage of it and put some boundaries in place, clean your space, clear some clutter, clarify your thoughts. It will put a good foundation down for your future wellbeing.





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