Welcome to the Leo New Moon/Solar Eclipse!

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Welcome to the Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse!

On August 11th, at 2:58 am (PST), there is a new moon Solar Eclipse in Leo.

This eclipse is the third in a series that started last month. We moved through a Cancer solar eclipse, into an Aquarius lunar eclipse, and now we are wrapping up with another solar eclipse in Leo.

Lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional and dramatic, with revelations and previously hidden knowledge becoming more conscious, able to be seen and processed, and eventually released. Solar eclipses tend to be more about harnessing the physical energy of those more emotional truths. What do we do with a new understanding, once the unconscious has become conscious? How can we move forward with this new insight? You don't necessarily need to act during this time, but you can work on becoming comfortable with your own ability to act and respond, accepting your own empowerment.

The previous lunar eclipse was about truly seeing ourselves as one small piece of a web, inextricable from the whole. This understanding can come along with positive feelings, as it allows us to relax into the safety net of the collective, or negative ones, if we are dealing with trauma or conflict with those close to us, even inherited or karmic trauma, which feels inescapable. The positive thing to carry from this eclipse, even if the insights you received were more negative, is that your own personal healing affects those around you, positively.  In the same way that our traumas become shared through our energetic bonds, our healing can also become communal.

The energy of a solar eclipse is lighter; we are sometimes at the mercy of the angst of a lunar eclipse. Because a solar eclipse occurs during a new moon, it is more about our own actions and agency, and carries more forward momentum than a full moon, which can carry the weight of the past.

A new moon in Leo is about change, expression, creativity, and light. The sun and moon are side by side, working together, so there is less conflict. The self can more freely share itself with others; the heart can more openly explore its desires. Even though Aquarius is not a part of this sun/moon connection, the energy is still present, as each sign carries an indication of the opposite sign. Eclipses also act as bookends, so the Leo solar eclipse is like a part two, or follow-up, to the Aquarius lunar eclipse.

The Leo/Aquarius axis is a manifestation of yin/yang balance, the same way each opposite pair of the Zodiac is. Each sign needs the energy of the opposite sign to truly be balanced.

When we have just Leo, without the energy of Aquarius, we have pure self-love. But self-love without openness to the radical healing needed for the collective is selfish & doesn't express source love fully enough. We need to balance our own self-investigation and self-care with holding space for others to do the same, even if their healing doesn't look like ours. The neutrality of Aquarius allows plenty of space for this variation and doesn't attach to any specific way of being as a reflection of the ego, as Leo does.

With only Aquarius, but no loving Leo energy, we have healing of the collective without the support of self-love (aka source's reciprocal love for itself), which is too empty to sustain true healing. The work of healing the self and supporting the healing of others around us is exhausting. The fuel to keep going is our immense and never-ending capacity to love, in all ways. Without this fuel of love, without a holistic healing that touches not just on the physical and mental needs of humans, but also the emotional and energetic, our personal progress and evolution is unsustainable.

In this new moon: Ask for what you need. Trust that it will be given. Trust that there are endless creative solutions to any problem, and that your energy, when it is connected and operating at a high vibration, is more creative than your thoughts. There is a channel that can run from your energy to your mind, and your only task is to let it run without blocking it. Leo's gift is its ability to create, whether that is art, children, pleasure, or emotional bonds. To create more from less, to create something tangible from something ephemeral. To transform feelings into physical reality. Leo is anything we do for fun, for enjoyment, and to satisfy our heart.

We are coming into this space of support for our creative abilities after being forced to accept our responsibilities (and/or burdens) of being a piece of a larger whole. Because of this there can be a somber or sober feeling to our sense of creation. Perhaps a sense of stifling of our joy, because we are so much more aware of how our actions ripple out and have a larger effect on the world. But it's also an opportunity to re-connect with our sense of joy, perhaps letting it mature and shift into something more useful to our present moment. When we play as children, we are in fact – beyond just hitting our pleasure centers – making mental and emotional connections, learning, exploring our imaginations and the boundaries of our perception, and operating in a wide-open intellectual space. As we age, we contract and restrain this expansion of our minds, and our hearts are directly affected, as this restriction also restricts our sense of possibility and hope. We need to continue play as we age, to feel permission to explore and discover, instead of always already knowing. We need time when our imagination can roam free instead of being limited to one logical path. Our creativity depends on it, and our sense of happiness depends on it. Try to make more time for yourself where you can allow your mind to relax and wander, and your heart can come more to the forefront. When we create, we are re-creating our own emergence into the world, and so we honor ourselves and whatever we believe created us, whether that's family, nature, or something more divine. When we love, we are re-creating our own conception, honoring our own existence as a physical manifestation of love. We need the fierceness and vulnerability of love in our lives, to keep us going.

Because Mercury is in retrograde in Leo during this eclipse, our actual ways of expressing ourselves will be affected. There could be hiccups or obstacles in how we self-express, how we present ourselves, how we are perceived by others. There could be misunderstandings or confusion about your presentation of your authentic self. Because we are working in eclipse season with the idea of lineage and the past, our self as it is related to others, and their ideas about us, could be coming up for review. Do you have the freedom to adjust your sense of self and how it engages with others, or are you beholden to their preconceived ideas of you? During this time, Venus is in Libra. While this can be nurturing, especially to our aesthetic sense and our feelings of romance, this energy can also be bound to ideas of how we need to be in order to sustain harmony for others. If we can't be loose in how we engage with others, we are not free to explore and express all aspects of ourselves. Creativity requires loose boundaries, porous walls, and a relaxed mind. Think of ways that you are creative, even just in how you express yourself on a daily basis with others. Do you feel free to dance to music when you hear it, to play with your words and tone of voice as you speak, to dress in unexpected ways, to make jokes or puns, to flirt? We are constantly talking to other people. Are you free with your words and ideas or are you constrained and rigid? Can you make communication, a necessary part of life, fun, or is it purely to get information across? What do you think of the sound of your voice – is it pleasant to listen to, do you speak fast or slowly, is there room in your conversations for thoughtfulness and playfulness? Is your voice relaxed enough to carry the vibrations of meaning underneath the words you say, or is it tight and controlled and without vibration? Do you laugh a lot?

With Leo, everything we do can be an art, can be creative expression. The entire self is a creative expression of divine love energy, the expression of the heart. You can infuse everything you do with your personal light, brightening what's around you.

Let’s work on what you’re doing, and ways that you can be supportive and enthusiastic towards yourself and your actions, instead of going through the motions of action that you’re not really invested in.

For Aries: Your need to be right often overrides your need to be loved. Try to sit in a space of not knowing if you are right or wrong, until it no longer matters. Once you’re free from this desire, you can more easily move into the aura of another person, a space where you can’t possibly know everything, and that’s the exciting part of it. You need to hear constant words of validation and yet you don’t listen to most of the praise you get, because everyone speaks a different language of love. It’s often more subtle than you would like, and it would help you out to pay closer attention to the silence or the soft-spoken.

For Taurus: At times you have a never-ending well of need. It’s hard for you to provide support for yourself, and you often exaggerate your actions to show how well you’re doing it, but it can sometimes just be a show. Learn how to let others help you, let others care for you. You think you know best how to nurture, and so you’d rather do it for yourself. Except then you don’t follow through, for yourself. Let others show how they nurture and care, and use their versions as guides rather than things to automatically reject.

For Gemini: You need to ground more at this time. Leo energy is too high intensity to compete with and you’ll burn out trying to. You need to find balance between what you put out and what you take in. Who are you really in that space in between, when you’re not performing? Your constant self-doubt, hidden underneath a network of defenses, can be tamed, but you have to first acknowledge that it’s there. Denial of natural human uncertainty can put others off, instead of linking them to you in ways that benefit you. Circling around and around instead of settling into the center will wear you out. Learn how commitment can help you instead of entrapping you.

For Cancer: Self-deprecation comes more naturally to you than showing off, although when you do show off it’s always endearing and not obnoxious. You’re terrified of taking up the space that someone else needs, and of someone exhibiting a need that you didn’t already pick up on. This is a huge responsibility that you don’t need to take on. How are you doing? You’re so tuned into your emotions and their potential to carry you like a wave from one place to another, that you’re not establishing your own agenda for what you want for your own life.

For Leo: Work on containment. Your generative energy is at its peak, but you need to provide some structure for yourself. Create structure that works for you, instead of rebelling against structure that you don’t like, which doesn’t help to move you forward and is a waste of your powerful energy. Listen to your heart first and foremost. In this time when your own energy is amplified, beware of giving in to the easy habits of your sign. Don’t get too attached to the excitement of the ego and the thrill of engagement—you’ll want to keep grounded so that you can keep in balance. Remember your quiet side, your center, and your connection to yourself.

For Virgo: You are also spinning your wheels, when the structures in place don’t work for you, and yet you just despair against them instead of setting new structures in place. This world is ours to play with, and yet you will continue to live by rules that only limit and don’t support you. Why? It is okay to be wrong or to make a mistake, when the intention of building something new is the reason why. Stepping into the unknown is the only way to start something new. Remind yourself that the world is your playground and that the unknown can be your friend.

For Libra: You have a natural shyness that can manifest as discomfort, when you don’t allow yourself to be shy. Your expectation of yourself should be more aligned, try to give yourself permission to be all types of ways instead of just an appropriate one. You’re not one to push boundaries, but at the same time you have very specific ideas of the right parameters, and they are in fact more relaxed than limited. Let yourself be more free, without judgment of your actions.

For Scorpio: Your sense of self can become very wrapped up in others’ senses of their selves. Think about what you need, outside of what you want others to need from you; everything is not as much of a mirror as you make it, and you especially can’t force people to be your mirror. Your existence can be separate and autonomous, and still connected. You might want to work on starting a practice of extracting your energy from those you care about, on a daily basis. This won’t isolate you from your tribe, but will strengthen the actual connections that are based on action, not on emotional attachment.

For Sagittarius: Because your excitement is found in what exists away from you, it’s hard to connect with what’s in front of you. But what’s far away from you is theoretical and what’s near you is actual. Don’t do a disservice to your present moment by always looking away from it. Creativity depends on total presence in the present moment. Your readiness for anything is infectious, but see if you can add in a little “be here now.” It will strengthen your energy and have an added bonus of making your loved ones feel that you truly care, instead of that you are trying to escape them.

For Capricorn: Your productivity is your strength, but in the realm of play, it is beside the point. Your actions, when they are too focused and directed, without wiggle room, can start to work against you. You make the rules and then force yourself to live within them. This is not how the playful energy of creation works, it needs to be more flexible than that. Learn how to follow your passion, without holding yourself accountable to anything aside from your enjoyment.

For Aquarius: You are tuned into your tools and what’s needed to get the job done, but you need the motivation of what thrills you. Your excitement is the missing ingredient when you might have everything else in place to build. What are you pursuing if it’s not what you’re excited about? You have to put action into place from the heart, not the mind. You shouldn’t feel that there’s anything wrong with wanting to pursue what you like. 

For Pisces: This can be a very healing time for you, because the heart is a portal to other dimensions. We hold the love and wisdom of our ancestors in our hearts, and you are particularly attracted to this idea. It makes sense to you. But you still sometimes distrust or discount the love and wisdom coming through, which denies the power held there. Your task is to ground yourself in pure trust and faith in that which we can’t see or touch. This is natural for you, but it’s just as natural for you to deny everything you believe in. Just because something shifts and changes doesn’t mean you can’t have faith in it.




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