Welcome to the Aries Full Moon!

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Welcome to the Aries Full Moon!

On September 24th, at 7:52 pm (PST), there is a full moon in Aries.

The sun is opposite, in Libra, since the 22nd. Mercury has also moved into Libra, on September 21st.

Aries is the self as reflected by the self, and Libra is the self as reflected by others. This time is about how we direct our energy through ourselves, towards others.

Being yourself versus pleasing the people around you. Cooperation and flexibility are not the same as changing your personality to make others comfortable. An Aries full moon will not tolerate where you are trying to change yourself to fit into the space that others have made for you. It will only allow you to be as big as you want to be. This often gets interpreted as being too much, and a fire moon has a feeling of harshness to it. But, with Mercury in Libra, your expression will be tamed by the needs of others, by a sense of diplomacy. So any desire for bigness will express more in intangible feelings, a sense of expansion within. You might feel caught between being yourself and being what others want you to be, for their own desires or wishes or comfort. Risking being unlikable or displeasing to others is actually tolerable, a bigger risk is being unlikable to yourself—this is an impossibility that can lead to dis-ease and dis-comfort within your own skin and sense of self. This Aries full moon will not tolerate this.

Aries is the coming into the self, so some conflict that you might feel now might be tied to a desire to enact separation from others, while the Libra sun is invested in being in relationship. As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries can be related both to birth—the coming into life from the nothing or the everything that we come into being from, and to childhood, a gradual drawing away from the life of the parents and the family and towards a more independent perspective and shaping of one’s own life. This movement is natural and beneficial, but it can sometimes bump up against the wishes of others, or even just the integrated beliefs we have about what others want from us. This is where we can feel constrained, and the other side of Aries can develop from this constraint—the rebellious and willingly destructive nature, that will rail against any perceived enclosure of the self. This is the child yelling No to everything, simply to assert her ability to, even if it goes against to her own needs and wishes.

Don’t question what you are led towards, don’t try to anticipate what the outcome will be, just trust that you are being directed, by yourself. Aries acts first, while Libra wants to consider all possible outcomes and land on the one that works for the most people. Aries can’t care about this because that would deny and inevitably prohibit most of the great ideas it has. Some things that we initiate can seem selfish or too self-determined in the initiation part of the process. But this is what gives the motivation to start doing the thing. Libra can be hesitant, reluctant, too deliberate. All air signs can have a danger of being wishy-washy, because they consider all options. Air rules our mental states, and our minds are good at seeing all possible angles. Aries is fire, which just acts, just burns, just does, it just follows the path it’s on. Without considering the possibilities—the only possibility is what is actually happening. This can feel unsentimental or uncaring, and Aries has a reputation of brutishness or force that other, more fragile signs can wither under. But it’s not personal, it’s just about doing the thing, and sentimental feelings become secondary. For Aries, the only feeling to feel is whatever is most powerful in the moment. Aries will fall in love in a second, and can also fall out of love in a second, which is just because they only follow the feeling of the moment, not the feelings of the past. This Aries full moon will pull you towards this tendency, while the Libra sun will try to remind you of the nostalgia of your emotional obligations to others. Find the balance in between of being true to yourself & your feelings, and also being responsible to the feelings of others. When you are acting in your truth, you will also end up acting right by others, but they will only see this if they are also acting in their truth. Bring the focus back to yourself—creating, becoming, learning, self-empowering.  This can co-exist with mutual support for the self and others, but remember to notice when others or yourself are acting out of self-sacrifice, instead of self-nurturing. You don’t need to honor the desires of others if they are coming from a place of self-sabotage.  

The asteroid/planetoid Chiron is retrograde in Aries and goes back into Pisces the day after the Aries full moon, on the 25th. Chiron entered Aries in April 2018 and went retrograde in July. It will go direct in December, and back into Aries in February 2019, for eight years. This has a big influence on our own personal healing journeys.

Chiron is the symbol of our wounds, and of our healing, because our disease points to our health. And it’s the symbol of the healer, because only we can heal ourselves. Our direct knowledge of our pain, through our experience of it, is our training to become the doctors of ourselves. It can point us towards allies— both living and spiritual, of flora or fauna. It becomes vital to face and learn from our pain rather than turn away from it or avoid it.

When Chiron is retrograde, we are almost able to see ourselves objectively, through new eyes, with some necessary distance or detachment from our pain and trauma. The subconscious can become more conscious, as we are a step removed from it, we can examine it more objectively. When we do become more aware of some unconscious behavior, this is a beautiful sign that we are developing and growing, that we can now see what was once so hidden and buried within us, that we once mistook it for ourselves. When we learn to live with our pain, instead of expecting that it never exists, by facing it, accepting it, transforming it, loving it, healing it—we are evolving within our lifetime, learning to respond with love instead of fear.

Chiron in Aries is the healing of the self, by the self. The perception of the self through its wounds, and the connection to the self through healing mirrors. The coming into perfection of existence through acceptance and therefore transcendence of the self. When we love the self, offer the healing of love to the self, we become bigger than the self, and through that act of love, transform the self.

If you feel unworthy, and not whole, you can work towards loving yourself, through acceptance, integration and embrace of all of the self, even the shadow and darkness.

Through this act of love, the self is no longer the self it used to be, and therefore is healed. A loved self is not the same self as the previous, unloved self, who was unhealed and in pain. Just through loving, you have changed.  You can work towards responding with love to everything that comes your way, even conflict.

For Aries: This full moon will amplify your impulses and exaggerate your tendency to react strongly to whatever is in front of you. Remind yourself of your values and goals, so that you don’t go off the rails following some hot temporary emotion. Work on grounding yourself in your body as an antidote to any rising steam. Burn that physical energy you pride yourself on and you’ll also be smoothing out your edges.

For Taurus: You’ll be more drawn towards the Libra sun, as it shares your idealizations about the world, and the unpredictable Aries heat can scare you. What is this moon trying to tell you though, about your own reactions; though more tempered than Aries, they can also sometimes be too reactive and unprocessed. You do require some work still, just like Aries, so focus on refining yourself rather than comparing yourself to others.

For Gemini:  With Mercury in silver-tongued Libra, you’ll probably move unscathed through this full moon. If you want to go deeper though, pay attention to what is stirring down below, perhaps in places you don’t usually like to visit. You are a person in a body, as much as you don’t usually focus on that aspect. You have needs and a physical presence, and this sometimes needs attention. There are no words in this embodiment, just feeling.

For Cancer: The pressure of this moon for you involves both the Aries heat and the Libra coolness. You can get caught in the middle of them. Don’t let this make you lukewarm, as can be the safest option sometimes. Use your powers of flexibility to cycle back and forth rather than dilute yourself into the middle. Work on being in control of this cycling rather than randomly carried, and you can use each side to your benefit.

For Leo: You can work with this moon to your benefit, but be wary of any urge to people-please. The Libra influence, as well as your desire to distance your own creative fire from the recklessness of Aries, could lead you towards manipulative means of self-protection. Connect yourself back to the origin of Aries, which is the origin of the self, and refine it rather than try to escape it.

For Virgo: The issue in this full moon will be perfectionism and the ways it can stop you from taking action. We have to admit that we don’t fall as easily into traps of perfectionism/fear of failure without fear of the judgments of others. So this makes the relationship focus of the Libra sun come to you along with some feelings of being unsafe, and vulnerable to others. And yet because people-pleasing does satisfy your itch to serve, you’re also uncomfortable in the Aries moon space of not caring what others think. Find the in-between space of serving your own needs and comparing yourself only to your own standards.

For Libra: The Aries full moon holds many things you find unpleasant: irrationality, impulsiveness, carelessness, disrespect, selfishness, blindness towards others. It feels messy, loud, and vulgar to you. But remember Aries is struggling as much with its nature as much as everyone around it has to, and that we all have messy needs that we wrestle with, we all make mistakes. The diplomacy you pride yourself needs to extend to parts of yourself or others that you find distasteful—what’s hiding underneath could be a tendency to negate and deny the humanity of yourself and therefore others, for the sake of an attractive veneer. A child is learning as it goes, that’s what the mess is for, and since you see yourself as a master, you might be denying the child within you some further growth.

For Scorpio: You might be tempted to just step outside of this full moon/sun axis of the self and others, because you see yourself as to the side of this seesaw. You can jump in and out of either side, with equal intensity. But stepping away and not engaging is not the same as reconciling and finding balance. Like Aries, you attach to things as they come, but when it comes time to dis-attach, instead you can form an equally strong antagonistic response, which does not really set the thing loose, but holds it closer. You can learn a lot from both the moon and the sun during this full moon, about release and letting go, about the difference between unhealthy obsession and a healthier, more neutral, sentimentality.

For Sagittarius: Both the Aries and Libra influences can carry you high, because that’s where you are willing and able to go. You can transcend the lower vibrations of each sign, provided you don’t sink into your own lower vibrations. Being the most airy of the fire signs, you are attuned to ideals, and so you can move forward with a lot of momentum with this moon. Remember to look out for anyone who wants to join you on this ride, don’t leave them in your dust.

For Capricorn: You like the go-getting power of Aries but you have to reconcile with its impulsive side first. The Aries full moon might show you your addiction to control, because Aries is more likely to be making it up as it goes along, while you are more of a planner, and this self-anointed freedom annoys you, since you’re always playing by the rules. But you are also allowed to create new paradigms, we all are. Experiment with getting more loose with the guidelines that you live by.  

For Aquarius: Stepping into your full power is always difficult for you, you don’t want to be seen as hogging the limelight or being too proud. Ironically though, the more you step away from the spotlight, the more you alienate others. Others can be your cheerleader as much as you are theirs. There’s no need to shrink yourself down to make room for others—the room you make for yourself also widens what’s possible for everyone.  As much as it turns you off, practice wearing some Aries blinders and give yourself the support and attention you need.

For Pisces: You exist somewhere in the midst of the self and the other, without a clear grounding in either. Your boundaries tend to be porous, and your empathy great, which means you can vacillate between the perspectives of your own and of others. All the water signs can see themselves as not quite grounded in the self, and not quite fully surrendering to the relationships around them, because they are so able to flow back and forth. And sometimes you want one way, and sometimes you want another way. You have to get grounded in something though, or else your flow will lose its power.


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