Welcome to the Virgo New Moon!

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Welcome to the Virgo New Moon!

On September 9th, at 11:02 am (PST), there is a new moon in Virgo.

Virgo is often conceptualized as a virgin, but she is more like a witch. One who takes on both self-investigation and the healing of others. Her self-dissection and understanding doesn’t take place in a vacuum, but touches those around her. Her deep self-knowledge is filtered through healing, nature and health.

Virgo can tend towards perfection, leading into dissatisfaction and towards self-sacrifice. Why does self-sacrifice feel good to us sometimes? Why do we sometimes find satisfaction in martyrdom? Giving up what we love touches us in spots where we’ve prematurely accepted our disappointments. It satisfies an itch of self-denial. It is an exaggerated compromise. And because Virgo deals in our everyday lives, the mundane worlds, it has come to know compromise very well.

Virgo has super high standards—even impossible ones. It has tasked itself with the incredible job of representing the infinite spiritual in the limited physical plane. It is a task that can only be attempted, and never achieved. Perhaps coming to terms with Virgo's quest for perfection, which can never truly succeed, can be done by shifting your emphasis onto the process and away from the end result. Perfection is death, while Virgo is completely concerned with living and sustaining vitality. Our conception of Virgo as a neurotic disciplinarian hell-bent on being critical and raining on everyone's parade is a small sliver of what Virgo is capable of, and is a lower manifestation of her energy. She knows all of the possibilities of the spiritual realm because she can see it blossoming in the physical realm. She is the witch—she sees the beauty and intelligence in the plants and the medicine that is everywhere around us. She sees the perfect moments of humans helping humans, of plants helping humans, of animals and humans helping each other, and she wants this to keep on going. She will fight against any force that downplays the power and majesty of humanity, and this is the honorable manifestation of her energy. She can't stand to see humanity degraded. If we choose to enact her energy through fear of degradation, and obsession with purity, that's our own distortion. She just wants what's best for us and she knows how hard this is to attain, and so she pushes us, hard. It's all conditional love, because she knows that we have to make ourselves holy enough to fully step into the unconditional, infinite love of her counterpart Pisces. We are truly okay as is, and she only doesn't communicate this to us this because she assumes it to be true, and her devotion to humanity pushes her to push us. Find the love in Virgo, hidden beneath all of the "not good enough".  She doesn’t actually feel this way. Any Virgo in your chart, or any Virgo in the sky above is not meant to make you feel bad. It’s meant to push you to rise above yourself.

So let’s look at why sometimes our motivation to rise above comes after a time of sinking below. The idea of rock bottom—that we can overcome ourselves only after we’ve sunk as low as we can go, so there is no further depths to have fear of. There is nothing to lose, so our efforts no longer carry any risk.  This can be necessary for some of us to experience, in order to lose our fear of failure. Virgo knows both sides of this—the high of blissful connection & ideal human expression, and the inverse— the suffering, the waste, the denial. She is willing to go to both places; she has to be in touch with both, as she is the bridge between two worlds—the spiritual and the physical. It’s only by enacting our human selves, to the highest good, that we can attain spiritual peace. We can all experience moments of this, even in our darkest, most unconnected times, we can feel a glimpse into what is available to us. But for this to be consistent and most useful to us, it has to become a practice. And so Virgo is a stickler for routine, efficiency, schedules, etc. Because she knows the value of a practice; that a daily practice establishes a foundation for us that supports our higher connections, spiritually, and with each other.

Other influences around this new moon include Mercury entering Virgo and Saturn going direct in Capricorn, a few days prior. Mercury leading us into this Virgo moon is setting the stage in our minds for a clearing out of confusion, and a re-structuring of how we perceive our own well-being. Transforming any focus on our pains, illnesses and disappointments into a path towards wellness instead. Illness points us towards wellness, as long as we take it as a helpful direction and not a place to get stuck in. If my arm hurts, my job—and it’s one that Mercury in Virgo is equipped to help us with—is to learn more about why it hurts, and how to move myself away from the pain and towards an experience without pain. There is a lot for our minds to work with, in any situation, we can always put our minds to learning more, about where we are, where we want to be, and all that’s in between. But we can also delve into that place of martyrdom, where our minds don’t travel beyond our pain, where our emotions stick to our pain instead of our pleasure, and we train our minds to stay circling around the pain instead of finding a path out of it.

Saturn, the planet of our discipline and structure, aligned with Virgo motivations, and also in earth, is going direct after 5 months of retrograde. While retrograde, it has been working on the context of our lives, shedding what doesn’t work, and setting in place what does. Capricorn is not concerned with fantasies or dreams, so this time is really for dealing with what is actually happening, not what could happen. The Saturn retrograde may have brought some loss to you, even just of some ideals or concepts that aren’t actually accurate to you and what you need to be doing now. Venus enters Scorpio on the same day as this new moon. The following day, Mars enters Aquarius. This makes us both high-minded, with Aquarius, and depth-seeking, with Scorpio. This is helpful energy for a Virgo moon, who needs to be consistently reminded of all possible expansions, in order to keep the energy as high as possible.

Virgo is about where we place our attention. The flip side of Virgo—the Pisces spiritual connection, is always there, it always exists. The Virgo human side is about our action of connection, which is our attention. Virgo has awareness of the spiritual world but does not live inside of it— she lives in the physical world. Virgo knows that it's by paying attention that she gains access to this other world, which co-exists with us. So her whole focus is taken up by modes and methods of how she places her attention. That's why her focus is health & wellbeing.

When you are not worried about your self-preservation, because you are already taking care of it behind the scenes, then you can interact with people in ways where you can always learn something from them—even through more negative experiences, because you don't need them to provide your preservation. Doing what you need to in order to take care of yourself SO THAT you can positively interact with others, and spread wellness to them, is a high vibration Virgo action.

You might have a lot of different blocks towards taking care of yourself—our trauma responses often twist our relationships to our bodies & minds, to where we become convinced that they don't need care or nurturing, when in fact they always do. Or we become convinced that we are not the person to do the care, that it is someone else's job, when in fact it is always our own job, even when we're in relationship with another. Especially when we're in relationship with another, because this gives them space, and lightens their burden, so that they can care for themselves.

With Saturn going direct in Capricorn, your attention of your self-care might be directed at your finances or success or status in the world. Remember that there are many other ways to provide stability for yourself that don't have to involve money. All this earth energy can direct you towards your body—there are a lot of ways we can care for our bodies, which include giving it what it needs when it needs it. You might want to look at & reevaluate your diet, your sleep, your movement. Everything about the care of your body might seem easier if you had more money, or more control, or more time, and these are all lower form earth sign desires that can come up now. But remember that sometimes what you need is as simple as a 10 minute walk outside, a hug, a 20 min nap, a 15 min meditation, a bite of fruit, or a quick chat & laugh with a friend.

Venus in Scorpio will point you even deeper inside yourself for your references of self-care. I have found that sometimes when I feel off, or have discontent or frustration, if I sit down & direct my attention into myself instead of outward, I instantly feel such a huge sense of relief from my inner self that I'm just paying her some attention, even before I focus, listen and start to learn what I need to be giving myself at the moment. Your inner being holds all the answers to the questions that you have, or the solutions to the problems that you have, or the abundance to the lack that you're feeling.

The message for all signs is to be kind to yourself, as a practice.

For Aries: Pay attention to the parts of yourself that you neglect in order to be as productive as possible. Be kind to your soft, slow, sleepy, sloppy parts.

For Taurus: You expect the worst in every situation. Practice being optimistic, surrendering, and finding the enjoyment in letting the universe truly care for you, and support you.

For Gemini: Remember to accept the person you are when your energy is turned off, or down. You’ll exhaust yourself trying to entertain, but let yourself be an audience sometimes. A silent observer is still a presence.

For Cancer: Your persona doesn’t need to remain small, in order to fit into your shell. Expand your shell so that your persona can expand. Honor yourself as a whole, complex being.

For Leo: Let go of this idea that validation from others acts as proof of your value. Be nice to yourself when no one is looking.

For Virgo: Stop being so hard on yourself. Trying to attain perfection is a noble task, but the harshness that you show yourself will always keep you at a far distance from it. Practice self-appreciation as a way to get closer to a perfect love.

For Libra: You’re easily seduced by the idea of perfection, but an approximation is not the same thing. Move your focus away from an idealized performance and towards joyful manifestation.

For Scorpio: Self-flagellation will not humble you, will not elevate you, will not act as the healing balm that you think it will. Caring for yourself does not need to be balanced out with a little self-harm, it can exist on its own. Practice acceptance.

For Sagittarius: Not the usual advice, but: practice not learning sometimes. Give yourself enough time to integrate, process and use, before going onto the next new thing. You’ll round yourself out, and appreciate your mastery more, when you take time to incorporate all your knowledge.

For Capricorn: Take small steps towards a deeper knowledge of, and comfort with, your emotions. They are not inconveniences, they are your GPS. They hold acute wisdom that you miss out on when you’re scared of facing them.

For Aquarius: When you think of humanity, somehow you are outside of it. Treat yourself as well as you think everyone else should be treated. You are the champion of all beings, so include yourself in that equation. You are not alien to humanity.

For Pisces: Your physical needs are important to maintain. You have the opposite view of most of us: the invisible is more real to you than the physical. Integrate and solidify the physical as a way to show your invisible self that you care about its health and happiness.



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