Welcome to the Leo Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse!

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Welcome to the Leo Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse!

There is a full moon in Leo on January 20th at 9:16 pm (PST), which is also a lunar eclipse. The sun is newly in Aquarius, on the same day.

Leo is the sign of children and family, creativity, romance—all the most fun and active pleasures of our lives. It is also our self-esteem, our own private suns that we shine out, our will and agency. It correlates to the solar plexus chakra, where we house all the energy we use for our personal actions, how we send our unique energy out into the world. It’s also where we store our anger and frustration, so keep an eye on any type of energy that you send out into the world, whether it be creative and generative, or the force of anger. Our anger has its own powerful energy that we can inadvertently send out towards others.

In the same way, our positive contributions also flow from us and have consequences in the world. Perhaps you’re thinking about whether you want to start a family, bring a life into the world. Perhaps you’re planning or initiating a new creative project. Perhaps you’re beginning a new relationship and wondering if it’s the one to commit to. In all these things, we want to consider the energy expenditure required, and then feel into if we want to follow through, what’s the best way to follow through, what will the effect on the self and the world be, etc. Leo is a curious mix of casual fun and spontaneity, and serious commitment and loyalty. Leo is both light-hearted and fiercely attached to what it loves. This full moon, which is also a lunar eclipse, may show us ways that we are or aren’t committing to what we love. The combination of fun and determination can actually show us that we find what’s right for us through our enjoyment and pleasure. When it comes down to it, it’s much easier to commit and work hard on something that we enjoy doing. If this simple equation isn’t adding up in your life, look for ways that you can release what you don’t enjoy, and bring in what you do enjoy. We have been so separated from our own pleasure responses, especially as women and other marginalized people, that we sometimes don’t know what we enjoy, or are conditioned to resign ourselves to doing what we don’t enjoy, or don’t think we deserve to do what we enjoy.

This Leo full moon will show you how natural it is to follow your pleasure, that our happiness leads us towards those things in life— people, work, activities—that fulfill us the most. Because this is an eclipse as well, which is more intense, and more revealing, we might come up against situations that show us if we are or aren’t following our happiness, in a positive way, or a negative way—in whatever way we will hear the message. This is why it’s good to work on cultivating positive thinking and approaches: do you want to be more open to learning your lessons through positive circumstances, or are you more primed for the negative? You choose the language that you want to receive your messages in, through whichever vibration you are more attuned to. Astrology is sometimes full of warnings; but be open to the universe affecting you in positive ways, not just negative. The revealing of truths that can come with a lunar eclipse does not have to be hard for you, if you are open to hearing, and changing, it can be a very positive experience. Go with the flow of what’s happening at this time, even if it feels strange or different.

The sun and the moon are opposite each other, and are both square to Uranus in Aries. This might add something unexpected or spontaneous, or a feeling of reality or your ideas being shaken up and disrupted.

Leo is related to our health and vitality, and connected to the heart. The heart is affected by physical, emotional, and mental energies, so make sure you’re taking care of yourself on all levels. Physical stress, worry, emotional pain, self-loathing, under or over-exertion – whether physical or mental— these can all have an affect on the health of the heart. The heart works best when open, wide, expansive, and strong.  

Work on cleaning up anything that might block your creativity. This goes for everyone, even people who don’t consider themselves artists. We all use creative thinking in our lives, and it’s especially helpful for finding new solutions or new perspectives when looking at a problem. This assists us in keeping our hearts open. Any idea or thought or habitual mental pattern that makes you feel closed down, small, hopeless, or tight, does in fact have a creative solution that can help you to open up, grow larger, more hopeful and more flexible.  

A lunar eclipse is about bringing something from the unconscious into conscious light. This doesn’t have to be negative, it can just as easily bring a positive expansion in your life, as it could expose something hidden in the dark.

Your real world responsibilities and activities may have been ramped up since the last eclipse, in Capricorn. Now is the time to create a synthesis with your happiness and enjoyment, to integrate these newfound responsibilities with what brings you joy. Anything new that is being set up in your life can be used to support your purpose in life. Don’t be overwhelmed by new activity or greater responsibility; instead find ways to see how these are expanding your world, expanding the possibilities of what you can do. What was starting to be shaped in the last eclipse—new structuring of your time and what you do each day, can be shaped even more by you now, to support your personal goals and desires.


For Aries: This eclipse will ask you to define more clearly your feelings about creation, whether in art, love, or family. You are very used to plowing ahead on your own, and very good at initiating things, but true creation requires more follow-through and commitment. Work on gaining clarity about what you truly want to commit to, as the events and environment around you will be pushing for this as well.  

For Taurus: What is up the air right now for you is your home, your sense of belonging. If it’s not stable, this can be hard for you because you are very invested in the material world, and the home for you is both an emotional container for your sense of safety, and a physical one that you take pleasure in engaging with. If things are not feeling safe in the realm of home for you, it’s an opportunity to find safety in yourself, in your capabilities, in your energy, which travels with you wherever you go. Expand your sense of home to include you as the initiator of its pleasures, not just the recipient of its benefits.

For Gemini: You enjoy the nuances of language and wordplay, and this brings enjoyment to others as well. Make sure you’re not simply twisting your tongue for casual distraction, but use your words for what really matters to you. Don’t be afraid to show your heart, it will bolster your expression, not weigh it down or hinder it. Make sure you’re addressing your fears of commitment, especially with your creative work. Show yourself, show your work, and know that you can back it up even past the initial fancy footwork.

For Cancer: Your possessions and the objects in your life are representations of your sense of safety, and so your home and the things in it are often like a nest for you, as you surround yourself with objects that reflect your values. But make sure you’re not putting too much power into the ownership of things. If they start to act too much as a protective buffer for you, you can become separated from your own experience of life. Remember to put energy into your own original creations as much as you do towards consuming and appreciating the creations of others.  

For Leo: Be prepared for this eclipse to show you information about your self, and how you present your identity to the world. If you are not being totally honest with yourself about your self, you might be shown this, through the reactions of others in your life. It’s time to put more energy into establishing your identity in your own terms, so when others show you a reflection, through their response to you, make sure to give a lot of time to processing how you feel about it. Don’t brush it off, but really take it in and parse out how accurate you feel it is, and what to change or adjust if it doesn’t feel accurate.

For Virgo: You’re being asked to widen your focus a bit, and to soften your focus too. With a heavy Uranus influence right now, it’s not helpful to be narrowly focused on too much, because a lot could change, and in fact has already been changing. Use your connection to the earth and the natural realm to guide you through any changes, so that you can go with the flow more, while still feeling grounded by knowledge and wisdom.

For Libra: Your wider network and your place within your community is up for examination now. While your intentions are always good, and you are focused on maintaining harmony around you, you sometimes aren’t aware of all that you can offer to the larger world. Finding a place for yourself outside of any self-consciousness is important, and so losing yourself in something like volunteer work or community activism might actually help you find a new part of yourself.

For Scorpio: What’s coming into light now is how you can elevate your chosen career path. You might have been beholden to certain ideas about how it’s done, and especially about what not to do—the opinions of others does matter to you a great deal, and you might have projected some ideas onto others, that you now are forced to follow. Try to see any other paths to success that might be more true to you, and work to honor those ideas instead of dismissing them.  

For Sagittarius: Your path to your higher self is in focus now, and this path has to go through your enjoyment. Any perfectionism or endless seeking can be a detriment now, since you need to settle into the present moment in order to make the difference that you want to. Continue to learn and push forward, but remember to immerse yourself in the moment and what it’s giving you now. If you can’t connect to your pleasure without wondering what its value is, beyond just your happiness, you’ll miss out on a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.

For Capricorn: This full moon is a good time to work on accessing the more hidden, private parts of your psyche. Because you are usually so focused and direct, you can benefit from not being held back by any shadows lurking in the background. If anything comes up around this time around things that feel like skeletons in the closet, work on clearing out the cobwebs so that you feel free to move forward. Try to directly address any anxiety about unhealthy patterns around money or intimate relationships.

For Aquarius: You’re being asked to stretch a little bit, to include deeper one-on-one connections. This requires vulnerability, which you’re not super comfortable with, as well as inner confidence, which can also be tough for you. In close relationships, we are required to share all of ourselves, which means exposing the bad, and showing off the good. If you’ve been avoiding doing this complex dance in your friendships or partnerships, you might have to start trying now. Use your well-intentioned heart to give it a go.

 For Pisces: This moon will ask you to focus more on your body, and inhabiting it fully, which could mean addressing any medical or health issues that you might have been avoiding. Or re-prioritizing your daily habits, which are important foundations for our health and well-being. Work on connecting to your body more, and even connecting to others through health or exercise. Connecting your inner sense of self to your physical vessel more can help you be more grounded.



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