Welcome to the Capricorn New Moon / Solar Eclipse

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Welcome to the Capricorn New Moon/ Solar Eclipse!

There is a new moon in Capricorn on January 5th at 5:28 pm (PST), which is also a solar eclipse.

New moons and solar eclipses bring opportunities for new beginnings, or new approaches. The sun is a representation of our active self, the part that acts, does, moves, initiates. A new moon in Capricorn (where the sun and moon are together in the same sign) means the emphasis will be on how we act in public, how we act in our authority, how we act decisively and with commitment. Capricorn is the public face, the self that we intentionally put on to make moves in our careers and our work. It's not our emotional self or our private self, though your public persona might involve emotions, depending on what work you do, and what you choose to act with authority about. One interesting idea to consider with this new moon / solar eclipse, is whether we can allow authority to co-exist with vulnerability. We probably don't feel that it can, since we still tend to equate authority with rationality, not intuition. Since we're operating with newness though, especially as this new moon falls at the beginning of a new year, when we are more comfortable with approaching life with new and different intentions, perhaps we can work on integrating feeling with authority. Trusting our intuitive and emotional senses and not just our mental logic.

This new moon eclipse in Capricorn may stimulate your work life, in a positive way. Perhaps there are new avenues that your work can take, expanding and flowing in alternate ways. The day after the eclipse, on the 6th, Uranus turns direct in Aries. Uranus had moved into Taurus in May of 2018, but then retrograded back into Aries. It now moves forward for a final dip in the Aries energy of the self, for two more final months before fully moving into Taurus. The Uranus in Aries transit, since 2011, has been dramatically transforming the self and what it is capable of once the old false beliefs of the past have been shaken loose. At this time, we can now merge this new sense of self, of our own identity (Aries), with what we do with it, our work, our purpose, our interface with the world (Capricorn). The internal changes that Uranus had spurred, forcing external changes to follow, and forcing behaviors to become more self-nurturing and accurate to our true selves, can now flow into our purposeful actions in our daily lives, in how we present to the world.

This moon may be calling you to step up into a space that you've been gradually drawing yourself towards, a version of the self that is concrete, wise, and confident, an unshakeable self. Seeing the authority within yourself instead of looking to others for it. Seeing the capability within yourself, to go above and beyond, to master things you thought you couldn't. The image of Capricorn that I always think of is the Mountain Goat that climbs up the steep faces of cliffs, in a seemingly physically impossible vertical path. In order to be able to stand sideways on a steep, practically vertical cliff, you have to believe that you can do it, to trust completely in your body, in your purpose, and have no self-doubt. Capricorn, the goat, is one of the three horned animals of the Zodiac, meaning it is stubborn (like Aries, the ram, and Taurus, the bull). It has to be able to proceed without questioning itself, without second-guessing itself. This can almost translate into faith, or surrender, although Capricorn doesn't usually manifest in this way. It is usually more focused on the reality of physical facts. But, this idea of having complete faith in oneself, which translates to confidence in action, can be incorporated with the Uranus Aries movement. Since we are more conscious of our sense of self now, after the Uranus transformation, we no longer operate unconsciously or passively, instead we act intentionally, from the transformed, intentional self.

For some of us, this more enlightened or conscious self-awareness can be destabilizing, and destabilization is in fact the goal of Uranus (overturning the table vibe). This Capricorn moon could be really helpful to start to create some stability for yourself, but it will have to come through yourself, from yourself. Seeing yourself as the grounded circuit for your energy to flow through, seeing yourself as the one who will ultimately have your own back. Seeing yourself as the authority on your own life, which is only natural. (How could anyone else determine what feels right for you?) It's a circling back to the original mode of being, where your actions, particularly as they relate to your external persona, stem from an interior center of the self. The Uranus in Aries journey since 2011 for you might have just been a shedding of everything that is not centered in the self, of all the behaviors that are not accurate expressions of the center. Returning to the true self is equally as transformative as evolving into a truer version of the self. Use this Capricorn eclipse to make whatever evolution you’ve been experiencing more concrete. The changes we make inside become more real when we act on them in our engagements with the world, which is the domain of Capricorn. In this way we solidify our growth, and we transform our growth from aspirational desire into actual, measurable action.

Ways to use this Capricorn new moon / solar eclipse to your benefit:

Because Mercury is also in Capricorn, you can tap into your communicative tools to better serve your future. Use the energy of your words and breath to make your desires more real, moving thoughts and feelings into actual sound vibration, which then has a greater effect on physical reality. Choose your words to match your goals, not your blocks. Choose which thoughts to emphasize, deciding to follow ones that support your purpose, and turning away from the thoughts that hinder you. For everyone, but especially air and earth signs, watch your words, and make sure they are helping and supporting you. Replace negative and doubtful phrases with more positive and confident words. If you are speaking it, mean it.

Venus is in Scorpio, which means there is a truthfulness, a brutal honesty, that none of us can avoid. Our path towards our purpose can’t be one that we wear like a costume, it has to be accurate to ourselves. It might be especially helpful to try to reconcile those ideas about yourself that feel weird or uncomfortable with your purpose—finding ways through the discomfort into the wisdom or guidance there. Every quirk of our personality has a function. The function is not to make us palatable to others, or not; the function has to do with our specific journeys and the tools we need to use along the way. Integrate your judgments about your personality in a different way: what’s important is if you can use how you naturally are in a way that makes you happy, not whether your traits make others happy. For everyone, but especially water and earth signs, be honest and maybe more open about your sensitivities, your insecurities. Look for what gold is held in the vulnerable spaces. Our individuality feels more vulnerable than our commonalities, but our individual nature is also where we can achieve what we are meant to.

Mars is in Aries, its natural placement. There is a lot of forward momentum and initiating energy right now, which adds heat to the stabilization power of Capricorn. Find and use what fuels you, whatever that may be. Solar eclipses are when the moon temporarily blocks the sun. The energetic effect is like turning the lights off and back on.  The same light can seem brighter afterwards. For everyone, but especially fire signs, try to see everything that you are capable of now. It’s more than you currently think. Try to grow into a bigger space instead of keeping yourself small, try to step into a larger spotlight. Remember to use your fuel purposefully, with planning, direction and aiming towards building your future, instead of using up your fireworks on what’s currently in front of you. It’s time to graduate into a bigger arena, which requires more focus and consideration. Direct your energy wisely.


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