Welcome to the Virgo Full Moon!

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Welcome to the Virgo full moon!

There is a full moon in Virgo on February 19th, at 7:53 am (PST).

A Virgo full moon has a lot of wisdom to share about how we can learn to take care of ourselves, in order to be able to take care of others. This may be related to the daily practices of our lives, it may be related to our physical health, it may be related to personal boundaries and issues of responsibility.

We can connect to our bodies as our main resources, as they provide us with almost everything that we need, on their own. For instance, they can warm us up when we are cold, by moving around, and they can cool us down when we are hot, by sweating. In doing either of these things, our bodies as dynamic systems are activated—we burn calories, we exercise our lymphatic drainage system and release toxins, we increase blood flow through the body and to the brain. In addition, if I am unable to be a resource for myself, the people around me can help me, can provide me with what my body needs to get back into balance. This is the beautiful reciprocal nature of being a human, using the body as it’s meant to be used.

The sun is in Pisces, just since the day before to the full moon, which means we are also becoming aware of the self inside who is not attached to the body, who exists in the spirit dimension, or the formlessness of the soul. With this full moon we are at the intersection, or the meeting place, of our bodies and our spirits, or energy. We can see ourselves as a vessel for spirit, but can also see the importance of maintaining the condition of this vessel.

In this way, our health and daily practices become super important, not as an end unto themselves, or just for physical appearance or vanity—but as a means to support the energy that resides inside of the vessel. We can also see how important it is to balance being of service to others and being of service to the self. One shouldn’t really exist without the other: being only in service to the self is isolationist, and being only in service to others is sacrificial. When we want to act as caregivers to others, we can only do so if we, as the vessel of care, is also healthy.

During this moon we also have two of the personal planets linking up with two of the big guys— Mercury, the planet of communication, is in dreamy Pisces with Neptune, who is at home in the watery realm of Pisces. We also have Venus, the love planet, in harder Capricorn, alongside Saturn, who is aligned with the responsible and workaholic nature of Capricorn. So there is a bit of a feeling of being in between two different ways of being, one more spacey and one more grounded. During this time we might not always say what we mean, we might not be able to easily sink into romance, but we can also use these energies to strengthen our spiritual connections, and strengthen our commitments.  


For Aries: This moon is directly about your physical health and your daily practices that support it. You can be hard on your body and mind, and you can also easily avoid paying attention to your physical needs, preferring to push on through any pain or discomfort. Readjust your drive so that it can be more holistic, instead of just burning rubber. Your eyes and focus tend to look outward instead of inward. You are prone to injury, and your energy is concentrated in your head, so work on protecting your face and mind, as these are important pieces of your identity, and also moving your energy from your head throughout your whole body.

For Taurus: This moon will bring your attention to the health of your expression, whether you can freely emote and communicate your feelings and needs. You tend towards hoarding and containing feelings instead of releasing them, and this can cause blocks in your throat, the area that you concentrate your energy. The throat is a major release point, via our vocal expressions. When you hold things inside, you aren’t utilizing this tool, which can also be joyful and creative. Pay attention to your voice, try singing more, listen to whether your voice is tight or loose, and adjust as needed.

For Gemini: Bring your attention to your shoulders, these are the parts of the body that hold emotional burdens, when we don’t have a safe place to put them down. You tend to be on the go, mobile, and your energy also concentrates in the lungs, in the breath, full of air. But this moon will focus on the shoulders and the burdens we carry, and the need to have a physical space to set them down. Your home, your sense of belonging and security will come up, and if you don’t feel you have a safe sense of home, you’ll need to work on finding one. You can’t move as easily when held down by the weights you accumulate.

For Cancer: You concentrate energy in your chest, your breasts, which are the symbol of nurturing, whether or not you are a mother, or even a woman. Breasts are tender and sensitive, but also powerful enough to generate nourishment for others. Think about how you can be a vessel of love and care for others, and how the information that you are surrounded with plays into this channeling. You are a bit of a sponge, so be more aware of how you can process and discriminate the environmental information of your life. This makes you a better caregiver for others, which fulfills your natural innate qualities.

For Leo: You are the heart center. You energy flows out from the heart, the source of everything. Literally the powerhouse of the body, and also the connection point that holds universal energy. Are you connecting this powerful point enough to what’s outside of you? Or are you containing this energy and just using it to circulate love within your own field? Learning how to share this energy with others can be easier when we find material or physical expressions. It’s important that you are connecting to nature and to the material world on a regular basis, so that you find daily expression of the source energy flowing through your heart.

For Virgo: This moon is about empowering your own agency to become the most effective healer you can be. This is a crucial role in the network of humanity, and it’s one that comes naturally to you.  Find ways to initiate new modes of healing, and find ways to remember old ways of healing. Your energy is concentrated in the gut, the home of all the valuable bacteria and hormones that regulate how we think and feel. This is the intersection of all types of health: emotional, physical and spiritual. You are connected strongly to this system of intertwined, beneficial reciprocity. Tap into the ancient and internal wisdom of the gut to support your constant furthering of the self into well-being.

For Libra: Your energy is concentrated in the hips. The hips are a place that can be flexible with a large range of movement, or a place that holds tension and becomes stiff. It is up to us and how we choose to move and stretch that keeps us limber or keeps us tight. The hips, and butt, are also areas that benefit from softness and relaxation. Relaxation often requires release and surrender, the opposite of control, and this might come up for you during this moon. Learning to fall into a more liminal space is necessary for connection outside of yourself. The hips are symmetrical mirrors or twins, and this aligns with the lens that you view the world through, of balance and equality. Finding harmony in chaos benefits you by keeping your energy loose and flexible. 

For Scorpio: You don’t usually make it easy for others to co-exist around you, forming an easy community. You instead look for the potential dangers in others, because you are secretly quite sensitive. Your energy concentrates in the genitals, which are actually very vulnerable and porous—our nerves and membranes that are normally kept protected on the inside are more externalized and exposed in our genitals. But without this externalization, we wouldn’t be able to have the intense connection required to sustain the continuation of life. You would benefit from employing more of the trust that participating fully in community requires—to put it bluntly, you need to believe that your neighbor or friend isn’t going to kick you in the balls, even though they could hurt you that way. If you don’t trust that your well-being is a communal consideration of those around you, you don’t get to receive the wellness that it brings.

For Sagittarius: This is a time to activate your powerhouse energy, and really throw your weight behind a goal or project. Using your muscle to drive yourself up, and prove yourself. Think of a body builder doing a power lift, using every ounce of strength to reach a goal. Tapping into this intensity might be necessary now to move your career or public image ahead. You can tend to get lost in ideas and grand concepts, so work now on making things more concrete in the here and now, and really using your talents. Your energy is concentrated in the thighs, which are some of the largest and strongest muscles in our bodies. Your energy has more capabilities than you’ve been taking advantage of, because you’re usually more focused on where your legs can take you, rather than how strong of a foundation they can be.

For Capricorn: This moon is in a fellow earth sign, but it will activate more of a wanderlust feeling for you, a feeling that there is more out there, when normally you are content with dealing with what’s in front of you. Stretching out, becoming bigger, connecting with larger concepts about your life instead of just the daily hustle. This is important to follow, as any expansion is beneficial for us. When growing larger or pushing further, it’s important to remember to be releasing the past at the same time. You concentrate energy in the knees, and we tend to hold onto the past in our knees, which can hinder our mobility. Shaking out our joints keeps us able to move, and you’ll be reminded during this time of how necessary movement is, even for a stable earth sign.

For Aquarius: Even as you’re coming off of the high of your recent new moon, you might find that this time shed some light on some shadow work for you, which is really opportunity for further healing. Embracing everything, instead of avoiding it, is needed for deep healing. You tend to wear super rose-colored glasses, even while acknowledging the darkness in life, which can lead to avoidance of the negative, again, even while you are super aware of the negativity that does exist. This pattern of ducking out, due to your tendency towards neutrality, might not work during this moon, as it will activate the shadow parts of yourself. At some point you have to take responsibility and face up to these parts. Otherwise it can sneak up on you out of nowhere and trip you up, like twisting your ankle. If you pay closer attention to your surroundings instead of checking out, you won’t be caught by surprise by anything negative happening around you.

For Pisces: What can be most healing for you during this moon is working on your intimate and closest relationships. Your energy stays in your feet, and you often use those feet to run away from intense connections with other people. It can be hard for you to figure out how to engage with others in mutual relationships and friendships, with equal balance, instead of either extreme of co-dependence or neglect. Finding balance isn’t always easy or even clear, but we can grow through finding our place in more confusing or complex relationships. If you can stay put and commit to your relationships, even knowing that they might be difficult, but with the intention of evolving your ability to share love with another, you can bring a lot of healing into your life.

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