Welcome to the Aquarius New Moon!

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Welcome to the Aquarius New Moon!

There is a new moon in Aquarius on February 4th at 1:04 pm (PST).

We’re in the midst of Aquarius season, and this Aquarius new moon is about letting it flow. Aquarius is full of contradictions, as every sign is. It is an air sign, so is flexible & changing, but is also a fixed sign, so can be stubborn & rigid. It’s also known as the water-bearer, so that fluidity comes back into play, an endless pouring out of expression (picture the Star tarot card). But, Aquarians can also be notoriously aloof and contained.

Understanding the dynamic between free expression and deep personal boundaries can be helpful this month. Boundaries are necessary in order to make us feel safe to express everything we want and need to, not to cause repression and further separation between people. If you approach all your potential behavior as holding constant possibilities for expression— whether for release, for connection and communication, or just for pleasure and joy— you can be more free in how you move through each day. There’s no right or wrong way to express, and it is a main purpose of life, for our formless energy to find avenues of manifestation through our bodies, thoughts, words, all our movements. Aquarius season can be about finding balance between times that we want to contain, and times we want to let it all out.

Aquarius is about free expression and about changing the humanitarian environment around it—these intersect through the sharing of the unusual mindsets of the Aquarian, and the Aquarian power to shift those around them into alignment with those mindsets, rather than conforming to the environment. Of course, if not supported, this can manifest as repression of the unique mindset and viewpoints, and of course, we can all fall victim to this pressure to conform, not just Aquarians. So this moon is about letting our unique ideas grow and develop, without holding ourselves back, and seeing how our environment can grow and evolve with us, through us, and because of us, which is empowering and nourishing to witness.

The sun, moon and Mercury are all in Aquarius. They are all in an easy flow with Jupiter in Sagittarius. There is a sense of openness, and allowance, and even further, a feeling that all expression is not just allowed, but encouraged, and we are supported to find the connections between our expressions and the world. Each of our words, our breaths, our movements, contribute to the existence of the world around us, and the environment that this new moon is within is very supportive to this.

Venus moved into Capricorn the day before this new moon, lending an air of serious dedication to this moon. Pushing us deeper into the responsibility that we each have to our words, our thoughts, and our breaths. Our individual ideas and experiences of life contribute to the whole. Our individual preferences and beliefs, our individual expressions of love, all participate in creating the structures that we exist in. How can we do this to the highest benefit of ourselves and those around us, while remaining as authentic as possible?

The biggest gift that Aquarius energy can give us is the ability to find hope in the very qualities that make us human, which we inhabit every day. This energy is very much needed right now, as we’re all being negatively affected by forces out of our control. Politics, climate change, racism: these are all forces that separate us from the power, and the good, of our humanity. The association of Aquarius to the social changes of the 1960’s is a meaningful one, as Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of upheaval and disruption. Remind yourself of the power and positivity of humans joining together. This Aquarius new moon is about the power of the people, when they join together in solidarity and hope. The first step is joining deeper with yourself, and re-connecting with all of your unusual traits and human energies. Radical acceptance goes hand in hand with radical change.  

For Aries: How does your individuality contribute to the greater whole of humanity? Your endless courage can be such a light for those around you, as you allow yourself to continually expand and grow and be bigger, and push into the darkness outside of your comfort zone, you set the example for others. Continue to be brave and encourage those around you to tap into their own courage. You have enough energy to support yourself and your loved ones in this task.

For Taurus: Your career is an extension of your personal power. Nurture it as you would your own body and soul, make sure you’re spending enough time caring for it and cultivating it. Try to separate out ideas of obligation that could bog you down, separate from worries about money or finances, and connect more with the pleasure you take in doing your job, in doing the work that fulfills you. Let yourself be visibly proud of the work you’re doing.

For Gemini: This is a time to solidify your ideas and creative expression into something more grounded. You naturally engage in a dance with words and ideas, but sometimes the environment you dance in needs more, needs to see more of the connections that you’re organically moving in and out of. Explain yourself to others in a way that they’ll understand, even if you don’t believe that they will understand. It’s important that you develop your thoughts into something more like teachings, in order to make deeper connections with those around you.

For Cancer: There is relief to be found even in the destruction of things. You prefer to avoid the mess of things falling apart, and are practiced at focusing on building your nest rather than facing what’s going on outside of it. But you are still subconsciously spending your energy on the maintenance of keeping everything together in your mind. That’s why it can be a relief to acknowledge when things fall apart. To let things fall apart. Trust that your nest is strong enough to withstand some minor destruction and that you can always rebuild. Find rest in the moments of letting go; release your need to control your environment and release the anxiety that comes along with it. Exhale.

For Leo: Your desire for love is sometimes greater than what is available to you. Don’t get into a cycle of dependence on the mirror’s reflection of love, but instead focus on the external outpouring of your love. The love you give out magnifies the love energy around you regardless of what you are receiving personally. Look at how much you “need” from others. Do you find it’s often more than they are capable of? Again, don’t get trapped in a cycle of getting into relationship with people who you know can’t give you as much as you crave, just to prove to yourself that your love is too big. Instead let your love be as big as it can be, let it nourish you, and let it draw close to you those who can handle it.

For Virgo: Your unique gift is that you are a healer of others, which can express itself in many different facets. It might not be straightforward, it might not be understood or even wanted by others, it might even cause you problems in your own life. The role of the healer is one that has often stood outside of society – there is a connection there to wisdom and physical knowledge that is often misunderstood. So your second gift becomes one of being humble and self-contained. Learn how to elevate these gifts and learn their languages so that you can better use their offerings.

For Libra: It can be hard to find yourself within the mirrored hall that is your life. Your true self, the one with all types of quirks and faults, whose only reflection is the self. Your faults start to make more sense when you look at them in the context of your own life and process; they make less sense when you’re always either comparing them to others, or trying to see how they will be received by others. Let yourself just exist and find what’s special about yourself that is only for you to enjoy.

For Scorpio: This moon might bring some tension into your life around the idea of nesting, or feeling like you belong somewhere. You prefer to feel unsafe, even in your home and relationships, because you feel that this acknowledges a basic truth about the impermanence of life. And it does, but at the same time, it leaves you without some important support systems. Part of acknowledging the inherent instability of being alive should also include the passing comforts that we can indulge in. Why not make yourself a little comfortable in your journey, even if it’s momentary? Just because you might not belong somewhere forever, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the times that you do feel at home. It’s not being naïve, it’s allowing in the healing that feeling at home can bring.

For Sagittarius: In your quest for what’s next, you can sometimes leave others behind. Unintentionally, but still. When your head is raised so high all the time, it can be hard to see what’s below you—you want your loved ones to rise and come with you, but there isn’t always empathy for when they can’t, or don’t want to, or don’t know how. Incorporate a little more information processing about your fellow man, let in some input instead of always focusing on your output. Find out more about what’s going on with your community, it will be interesting and is valuable knowledge for you to carry with you. Don’t assume that you know, ask instead.

For Capricorn: Part of what moon phases show us, is how to adapt and change over time. Not losing our natural ways of being, but evolving them. How can you develop your natural alignment with structure and progress, which is so needed by the human community, but also stretch a little to involve those physical energies that bring pleasure. How can you incorporate more art into your vision for the world. More creation. More doing for the sake of doing, more for the process than the end result. This is an important expansion for you, and because you naturally carry a lot of authority, your loosening up can send a message to others, that process and creation is also valuable, as valuable as the end result. This can shift the status quo into a more loving and open creative space.

For Aquarius: This is a powerful time for you to learn how to support and empower yourself. If your take on the world is naturally not quite aligned with the status quo, it can easily go one of two ways: either you feel supported to go your own path, shifting the world around you as you go, or you feel pressured by the world to suppress your unique viewpoint, and the world misses out on experiencing an expanding of collective consciousness. It’s not pride or hubris to believe that you can change the world, its just accepting that each of us, as an integral part of the world, has an affect on it. Bring yourself into the center.  

For Pisces: Having a strong connection to the spiritual energy inside and outside each of us is something others strive for, while it comes naturally to you. Your goal then, is to figure out how to connect this open channel to everyday physical life. There is a constant awareness of the possibility of the loss of this channel, which can cause problems in finding your balance and roots, unless you come to believe that it cannot be lost.  Once you establish this belief, you are free to find grounding in the physical world as much as you do in the metaphysical one.

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