Welcome to the Libra Full Moon!

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There is a full moon in Libra on March 20, 6:43 pm (PST).

On the same day, the sun moves into Aries, the start of a new Zodiac cycle, and the Spring Equinox occurs. Day and night are equal lengths on this day, fitting in with the Libra moon’s qualities of harmony and balance. 

There is one more week of a Mercury retrograde in Pisces. Our collective brain fog will soon be lifting, and we can begin to work on being more grounded. The positive elements of this retrograde, which we can still work with, are a deep connection to our intuitive sense of things, and a deeper understanding of things on an energetic level. Mercury is a verbal and eloquent planet, but in Pisces it is more about nonverbal communication, which includes things like body language and energetic vibrations. With the rest of this retrograde we can focus on honing in on our abilities to discern, not through explicit communication, but through a more subtle sensing.  

A Libra full moon is the embodiment of relationship energy, so everyone will be feeling something around their intimate, one-on-one relationships. It could be a culmination, it could be taking things to a new level, it could be even an ending. But whatever happens, it is naturally about welcoming in a new way of being in partnership. If this requires changes, or releasing of old patterns, try to go with the flow of what’s happening. It can be equally scary to face the prospects of a relationship ending, as with a relationship moving to the next level. Releasing your fears around any type of change will be helpful.

It will be a little easier to shift into changes, with both a new Zodiac cycle and spring beginning. There is an excitement, a re-engagement with our days, with the sun, and with our energy. It is an optimism time, at the same time that the full moon might trigger some bittersweet or intense feelings in us. Full moons are more triggering in general than new moons, and our relationships and partnerships can also be very triggering. Whenever we are negotiating our boundaries, whether physical or emotional, with another person, there is a chance we’ll bump up into some old hurt or trauma wound. Whenever we rely on another person, and join our happiness to their actions and presence, we create the potential for the opposite to occur as well—their actions can also create unhappiness for us. The Libra full moon is a chance to re-learn how we want to exist in partnership. We should be constantly re-learning this as we go, so you might want to take time around this full moon to explicitly and intentionally evaluate your feelings within your relationships—in romance, or with friends, or in business. Consider both what you want to offer another, and what you want to receive. Whenever you feel a lack in what you are receiving, look at what you can give first, before asking for what you need. Often times we can adjust a frustrating or unfulfilling situation just by investing more love and attention into it. Remember that you are one half of the relationship you’re in. It doesn’t exist around you, or to you, you have to actively participate in it.

The full moon can be a great ally for what you’re working intentionally on, for what you’re trying to manifest for yourself, so look for ways that this moon can help direct you towards people or events that are aligned with yourself. It can also be a great teacher, providing lessons for us, to show us where we are unhealed and still have wounds to come to terms with.

Self-consciousness (as an insecurity, different from healthy self-awareness) is really consciousness of the self via others.  We often police ourselves in many ways, by observing ourselves through the eyes of others. Anticipating what the other will think of us, and so changing our behaviors or modulating our actions to fit what we think they want. This is lower form Libra— it’s people-pleasing, which can come across as inauthentic, because it isn’t totally natural and organic, it is attuned to the imagined or perceived needs of others. Higher form Libra acts from a more pure loving state. Providing a mirror for others can be a spiritual gift, if done clearly and with love, without baggage or attachments. It’s part of the magic of being human— we can’t see ourselves, so we view ourselves partly through the eyes of others, and give others a view of themselves that they can’t achieve on their own. This is a gift when done lovingly, and a trap when done with other motivations. The idea of romantic partnership that Libra corresponds with actually begins with the parent- child relationship, and so we can now look at the modeling our parents’ relationship gave us, and what it might trigger in our own relationships, and how to get closer to a clear mirroring rather than one that is bound to inherited patterns. If this comes up for you during this full moon, try to show yourself the ways you’ve been able to love another and be in partnership with another in a healthy way, free from any karma or conditioning. This can point you towards how to keep doing this, rather than focusing on any unhealthy patterning that you might carry. The more we pay attention to something, the more it grows, so try to grow your healthy love expressions and connections, and release the unhealthy ones. Patterns only continue because we are often unaware of them. Once we become aware, we can choose not to follow them anymore. Nothing is set in stone, and even ingrained behaviors can be shifted and evolved if you let them. 


For Aries: Your relationships are at the forefront here, and the intensity with which they can exist is really up to you. If you’re not allowing a deeper connection because it triggers feelings of vulnerability, now would be a good time to address your fears. You don’t have to be right all the time, and you don’t have to be perfect. Practice letting yourself be in an “I don’t know” space, with another person, without isolating yourself. Let them see you not knowing, because this is where bonding and intimate connection comes in, through the trust that being vulnerable with another requires. 

For Taurus: How you treat yourself is an indication of how you are capable of treating others. Your tendency can be to want to nurture others more than yourself, but in doing so, you share a message that your own wellness is not important, and since we tend to reflect each other, the one you want to care for might begin to feel that their own wellness is not important either. Taking care of your needs first is the best way to care for those around you. It’s important to show love for others by showing love for yourself. 

For Gemini: This moon can provide a lesson in loyalty for you. Your focus is often on yourself and your free movement throughout the world. You can start to lavish some more attention to those around you, who you want to support, instead of just receiving support when you need it. Learning to express yourself fully in the way that you show commitment and care for your loved ones synthesizes your best traits together without falling into habitual, distracted behaviors.

For Cancer: This moon will highlight your nesting habits, your sense of security, and your feeling of home. How your partner fits into this may come into play, or just how you engage with your home and its aesthetics. It’s important to find a balance between how you interact in the home and out of it. Learning to trust others, loved ones, to provide the support you need to venture out further, can bring you out of your shell a little. The buffer of protection that you might have sometimes could potentially block some connection, so you want to make sure you’re addressing your emotional needs enough.

For Leo: Learning to communicate better will greatly improve your relationships, and even your career, if it’s in a creative field.  Becoming more imaginative with your language and speech can help you to find the words you need to share with others more. Don’t get stuck in a rut with your expression, find new ways to communicate. Those around you need to know what you’re feeling, and if they aren’t getting it, it’s up to you to find new ways of speaking that they might understand better.

For Virgo: Because your tendency is to partner with others through being of service to them, it can be hard to find your own comfort in the world. There isn’t necessarily someone doing the nurturing of you that you are doing for others, because we each need to nurture ourselves first. Connecting with the things you own and which give you joy and pleasure can be helpful now, to counteract any victim mentality of “I don’t deserve…”. You need to center yourself into what you deserve to be surrounded with, whether this is art, plants, clothing, cooking supplies, etc. Sacrificing your pleasure to serve others doesn’t help anyone, and is unnecessary. Remind yourself that there is enough to go around for everyone.

For Libra: This moon can help in your quest to better assert the self. It can be hard for you to truly stand up for what is right for you, even to truly know what is right for you, since you always take into account what is right for those around you. Your attention always moves outward, searching for a balanced reflection. During this moon, try to turn your mirror inward, and indulge in just working with your own feedback with yourself, instead of the feedback of others. Establishing better self-knowledge will help you to find a deeper balance in the world. 

For Scorpio: This time might find you searching for more spiritual fulfillment, or might find you bogged down in emotions. You can access more of your intuition now, but you might be hearing some internal guidance that you don’t want to take, regarding how you relate to those you’re close to.  You could be having resistance to advice to bring those you love closer, or you could instead let your guard down a little and allow yourself to receive what others want to give you. When you’re in an especially open receptive state, you can get closer to finding some more softness. 

For Sagittarius: You might feel pulled a little all over the place, between your connections with a partner, and those with your broader community. You could be caught between individual needs and the needs of the collective. Instead of reacting by wanting to pull away from both and shake off the obligations, work on facing them and trying to re-establish balance. We can all participate in working towards balancing the needs of the self, the partner, and the wider world, by making sure we are first balanced, and not acting in any sort of reactionary way.  Doing right by your community, or your partner, is not a ball and chain, but an opportunity to elevate yourself.

For Capricorn: You might be asking if your career path is aligned with your partner and their path. If there is any conflict here, use your perseverance to find your way through this problem. You often go it alone, and charge forward no matter what, but try seeing how this affects those around you. We can use a Libra moon to try to put ourselves in the place of others and see things from their perspective rather than just our own. Then we should go forward taking into account this information as well. If your way forward seems clear, proceed, but remember to find consideration for your partner, as you would want for yourself.

For Aquarius: The best thing to do right now is to work on counteracting your tendency for aloofness and singularity, and instead consider how your ideas can be organized into a philosophy that you can share with others. Connecting your life experience and perspective to those of your loved ones can expand your understanding of it and widen your path forward. Those around you need to know that you care, and you can learn to show them your emotional side without feeling constrained or restrained. Forming attachments and connections helps to ground us in reality and establishes foundations that we can then build upon.

For Pisces: Your desire now might be to go deep and dark into your own psyche, but try to use this deep dive towards an end goal of finding ways to incorporate more balance into your life. There can be a pull towards extremes with you, as well as indecision, and this might be heightened now, with the Mercury retrograde in your sign, as well as the Libra moon. If you’re feeling entrapped by any problems or issues now, try to find your way towards moderation by connecting with others. Sharing experiences with them can bring you out of your own consciousness and towards healthier solutions. 



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