Welcome to the Pisces New Moon!

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Welcome to the Pisces new moon!

This week has some big things happening, that have potential to really make you think and reconsider your ideas of reality.

There is a new moon in Pisces on March 6th, at 8:05 am (PST). On this same day, Uranus moves into Taurus for real (it had a short stint in Taurus before having headed back into Aries for a short retrograde) for a transformative seven years. This will fundamentally change how we view finances, natural resources, and our own physical security. In addition, the day before the new moon, Mercury begins a retrograde in Pisces.

So there is a lot of energy around our perceptions, our spiritual connections, and our intuition, combined with a global shift towards our connections with nature and resources. It’s a very dynamic combination, one that can move us towards feeling more comfortable and empowered in our relationship to the world. Joining together a sense of safety and a sense of mystery, and finding comfort in both simultaneously, is a powerful use of our spirituality, which is about connecting to something larger than ourselves, whatever that may be for you. When we have this deeper and larger connection, of our energy to a larger cohesive, loving energy, we inevitably feel more comfortable and secure, and more willing to trust our intuition and internal guidance.

The Pisces new moon in conjunction with a Mercury retrograde in Pisces can have an interesting effect on our moods, on our thoughts, and on our perceptions. We might be more tuned into our imagination, into things that feel ‘made up’, or not concrete. We start to rely more on intuition and on knowledge that comes through feeling and senses that are not the typical, physical ones. During this time we can also learn how to reign in our emotions so that we are not completely overtaken by them, but instead can use them for the wisdom they impart. Learning to work with the messages contained in our emotional responses, listening to them, rather than reacting only to the surface emotional triggers.

The Pisces new moon is about tapping into the unconscious, or subconscious — a Pisces moon is super sensitive to the environment and to the feelings of people in the environment. This is a time to work on boundaries, on protecting your own aura and energetic field, and on cleansing those emotions or energies you’re carrying that do not belong to you. These attachments can hold you back, weigh you down, and bring negativity where it isn’t necessary. Imagine that your attachments to the emotions of others are like a physical link, and feel into how that link feels for you. If it feels like a heavy chain or something dark or slimy, it would be better for you to work on letting that link separate from you (this doesn’t mean cutting the person off necessarily, but letting loose the power that their emotions have over your life). If the link feels loving and supportive and light, feel free to let it stay and act as an emotional grounding for you. Pisces needs to feel totally free and easy in order to act in its highest abilities. If it feels bound to people or situations or expectations, which is very easy for it to get caught up in as it’s very porous and absorbent, then it tends towards its lower actions of escape, self-harm, and retreat from the world. 

There is a fine line with Pisces, between spiritual connection and escapism. We can think of the Devil card in Tarot – this card is referencing that which has mastery over us, which binds us. You can think about: what are you at the mercy of in your life, and how can you gain more healthy control over yourself and your life. Work on your bad habits, work on counteracting escapism, work on grounding and establishing boundaries for your energy. Refine your habits and routines, so that they are not automatic or reactive, but truly support moments of inspiration, connection, and bliss.

The Uranus Taurus transit that is just beginning now has the potential to drastically change our relationship to the earth, to money and finances, to our environment, and our self-care. Think back through the last seven or eight years, when Uranus was moving through Aries, and transforming how we relate to ourselves, what our identities are, how we exhibit our power. For some of us, this was a huge shift into a more authentic and powerful way of being. Imagine how a transformation like this can affect us now, but instead of with the self, with the natural world and environment, and with material possessions and wealth. We need a rebalancing of resources, and we need a more authentic and loving way of interacting with the earth, so this transit can be very positively influential if we don’t have resistance to it.

Use this time to give your brain a break, don’t overthink things, instead work on feeling and connecting. Feel your way towards a more expansive spiritual existence—this is a good time to seek and find guides to assist you. A good place to start, and to honor this next phase of Uranus’s transformative power, is in nature.


For Aries: Your conception of yourself needs to grow in order to include more space for your spiritual connection. You need to pay more attention to your spiritual maintenance. The physical world holds a lot for you, but when you immerse too deeply in only that, you more easily embody all of the lower forms of your sign: becoming impatient, angry, frustrated, arrogant. When you connect to your spirit and the spirits around you, especially in nature, you are calmed, and you can instead embody your more positive traits: courageous, generous, energetic, and curious.

For Taurus: Your community can become a more supportive resource for you. Any interactions that expand your concepts about being alive is helpful, and seeing how others live and respond to life can be informative and a helpful guide for you. Our friends and colleagues are meant to act as guides, so you don’t have to work on your own all the time. Take your ideas of you against the world, which reinforces your tendency towards martyrdom, and make space for others to help you—not by doing your work for you, but by witnessing, caring, and holding space for you to do your work.

For Gemini: It’s time for you to focus more on your path. Your career path, but also your path forward in general. You might be constantly led astray by side distractions, and you don’t like the idea of cutting off any options for yourself. But this can also act as an energy drain for you, and can keep you from achieving everything that you’re capable of. Expanding your ideas of what commitment means, and allowing it to be flexible at the same time that it keeps you focused, can be helpful now. Hone in on your deeper purpose so that you can stay motivated on the smaller tasks at hand, and see them as building blocks for your future.

For Cancer: The consideration that you take in your own life can start to have a wider influence. You are very careful with your own actions, behaviors and ideas, but you don’t always see how this can connect to a larger web of connected concepts.  You want to help other people to feel comfortable in life, since you are often consumed with a need to feel okay in yourself. But you’re not always clear on whether you have the authority to offer guidance. Take your sensitivity to a higher level and start to use your influence as a trusted friend to really help and support those you care about. Your words and perceptions can be very nurturing to others, and you naturally act as a mirror for others. Trust in your wisdom.

For Leo: This moon might open up some dark doors for you, but this is a good thing. Anything that lives below the surface, that you ignore, is still affecting you, and as someone who likes to feel on top of things, these shadows can have a detrimental effect when you avoid them. Because you have a natural confidence, you naturally hold authority in your community. It’s important to match that authority with serious, constant inner work. There are always more layers to peel away, and the more you humble yourself to that truth, the more empowered you are. When difficult emotions surface during this time, do not turn away from them, embrace them. Love them and learn from them.

For Virgo: The focus now is on your intimate relationships. Because you have a tendency towards wanting to control, you might come across some issues having to do with allowance and freedom in relationships. Working on granting freedom of expression and behavior to your beloved will bring greater closeness between the two of you, but you have to surrender into the more amorphous space this freedom needs. If you are looking for a partner, now is a good time to get comfortable with the areas of merging and connection that relationships require. When we partner with someone else, we need to work on maintaining the health of our boundaries, as well as our more porous emotional membranes. Allowing deep connection through intimacy is at the forefront now.

For Libra: Your daily practices are an important foundation that supports the things you value in your life. You can take a new look at your routines and look for the deeper purpose in them. If you ever feel too limited by your daily needs, it might be time to break away a little bit, and at the same time, if you don’t have healthy routines set up, now is a good time to work on those. When doing so, always look for the deeper reason of why you do something. Remember that your daily schedule is meant to work for you, first and foremost. Once you have your health in place, you can give to others as much as you want. Work on not sacrificing yourself for others, and always giving from a full well.

For Scorpio: The Pisces moon aligns nicely with your natural inclination to dive deeper, but you’ll actually be pushed more into the spotlight, out of the darkness. A heart opening experience might draw you towards finding some more nurturing connection with others, or a chance to take the lead on a project might push you to find some inventive talents within that hadn’t been used before. Seeing yourself as capable, and more importantly, as wanting to express and show yourself versus keeping yourself more hidden, can push you in a good direction now.

For Sagittarius: If you are feeling a disconnect with your sense of self, and knowing where your home is, now is a good time to work on establishing your connection to the world around you, and finding your center. It becomes easier to travel outward and explore when you venture out from a place of self-fulfillment. Looking inward to find yourself and to learn what you need from yourself is valuable now, even if this inner view is not something you’re accustomed to, or something that feels comfortable and knowable. Use your intuition more, about yourself and what makes you feel safe and secure, and put that self-knowledge to use even while you focus outward.

For Capricorn: You are usually all work and no play, but some deeper recesses inside might be calling out for some more, unusual experimentation or stimulation. This time is about receiving for you, tuning into different forms of reception than you’re used to. Noticing signs and symbols around you can start to help you on your path forward. Think of your senses as antennas, which pick up on external stimuli and travel into your mind, having an influence on you. This influence can help attune you to change and development, which you might need assistance with in order to be more flexible.

For Aquarius: This time can be great for coming up with inventive ideas related to your living space, the world’s living space, and the environment as a whole. You often have counter-intuitive ideas that actually make a lot of sense, so make sure you’re reinforcing those ideas and sharing them with others. Uranus, your ruler, moving into Taurus is great energy for you to take advantage of right now, as you’re always at the forefront of everything. Make sure that you’re grounding enough into the current reality as well.

For Pisces: You’ll probably be feeling a lot of feelings during this new moon! But it might also feel great to you, as it’s affirming your innate personality traits, and supporting all the things you are in touch with, like energy, spirit, moods, and creativity. You have the opportunity to deepen your connection to yourself in a positive way, and a chance to move away from any negative expressions of yourself, like avoidance, escapism, or depression. These are signs that you’re not feeling supported, and since the best support system we each have is ourselves, it’s time for you to develop a greater connection to your self-image and purpose.


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