Welcome to the Libra Full Moon!

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There is a full moon in Libra on Friday April 19th at 4:12am (PST).

This Aries season has two Libra full moons! The last full moon was also in Libra, with an Aries new moon in between. This axis of Aries and Libra is like a see-saw between our individual needs and desires, and those that are connected to the relationships and partnerships we’re in. Aries focuses on the self as it relates to the self, while Libra focuses on the version of the self that interacts in an intimate way with others.  

This second full moon is at the very last degree of Libra, which leads us to feel that we need to resolve issues related to Libra in our lives. Libra rules one-on-one partnerships, so most likely this would be a relationship, although it could also be a business partnership. It also rules balance in general, so if we are feeling out of whack in any way, with life problems overriding our work demands, or the other way around, or feeling like our time is not able to be allotted in a balanced way, this full moon will push us to resolve these issues. We know that there are things in our lives that feel important, that feel like priorities, necessary things to us, but we often can push these aside if more pressing demands come up. When we let important things slide, we send a message to ourselves, and to others, that what we care about is less valuable than what others care about. This whole cycle of *Libra full moon – Aries new moon – Libra full moon* is one that can bring us back around to a new way of being in partnership, perhaps in a way where we can merge and unite with another, without losing any sense of our individual self in the process. Remember that Aries embodies the emotion of anger, and with Libra as its opposite (opposites are different but still related), we want to watch for how anger or any manifestations of it, like frustration or resentment, can appear in the Libra aspects of our lives, and work to release it so it doesn’t negatively affect our relationships.  

In addition to relationships and partnerships, Libra rules the aspects of life that are artful and aesthetic, that seek out harmony and balance. It also rules the balancing of light and dark, of “good” and “bad”: always searching for a neutral, or pleasing, spot in the middle, where our energies can rest in contentment. The movement of our actions, from internal to external, is also a Libra aspect—considering how actions have consequences and effects that vibrate out. This brings us back to our partnerships, when the actions of our lives have direct effects on the lives of those we are in intimate partnership with, for instance, those we live with. In the first Libra full moon on March 20th, you might have been having certain thoughts around partnerships, and the new moon in Aries on April 5th might have changed your thinking, perhaps to center back to yourself more, and what your specific needs and desires are. With this second Libra full moon, we can really revisit those first thoughts and make further conscious decisions, based on a fuller, more complex picture that includes both our needs and our partner’s needs.  

This full moon holds a lot of tension in it, with the moon in the last degree of Libra. The sun is also in the last degree of Aries, and will move into Taurus on Saturday. Uranus, the planet of unexpected change and upheaval, is conjunct the Aries sun, and opposite the Libra moon. All of this gives a feeling of being on the edge of something, perhaps the edge of a cliff, perhaps the edge of opening up into a new chapter. It doesn’t have to be positive or negative, but having awareness that there is an up in the air quality with these aspects, can help to move through the period of this full moon. When things are so changeable and on the cusp, it’s helpful to work on allowing for change, allowing for growth, allowing for flexibility, rather than being too rigid or clingy, which could backfire on you.  

For Aries: This time is about finding new ways to engage within your partnerships, especially intimate ones. It can be hard for you to balance your need for independence with your need for affection and connection. You are a true do-it-yourself personality, and it can be hard for you to link up to everything that a partnership can give you without feeling too vulnerable or needy. Look deeper into your feelings about feeling vulnerable. This openness is how we allow other people to connect with us, so when you block vulnerability, you block that connection. It’s through our partnerships that we learn how to partner, so get more comfortable with experiencing feeling imperfect, foolish, or naïve, because this is how we learn. You are actually somewhat naïve underneath your warrior’s armor, so lean into this learning state more, instead of pretending that you know how to do everything already.  

For Taurus: This moon can bring up issues with your health, with your physical body and its needs, which you may or may not be addressing in the best way. You are a physical sign, but your connection to your body is more through pleasure and fulfillment than maintenance and diligence. How can your partnerships support you in your own health practices? Can being in intimate connection with someone else show you how to better care for yourself—you are often more interested in being a care-taker of others, but when you neglect your own health, you are avoiding a crucial aspect of your own life experience. Let your loved ones and relationships point you towards taking care of yourself, of your physical, mental and emotional health. Ask for help if you need it, and more importantly, accept the help when it’s given.

For Gemini: You take work very seriously, and often strongly identify with it, especially if you are able to do work that involves networking and a lot of communication with a lot of people. When you narrow down your focus to your intimate partnerships, you could feel that they are less exciting than all the potential that this networking vibe holds for you. This moon will point you towards ways that you can infuse your relationships with more romance and excitement—you tend to flirt when things are new, but not when they are established. Remember to keep flirting, to keep up that sense of high anticipation, even with things like partnerships and families, which can feel more settled. Everyone in your life still wants that special charismatic energy when you’re focused on them, even if you see them everyday. 

For Cancer: As caring as you are, there can be a remove in your partnership relationships—since you strive to maintain a feeling of safety, and intimacy can often trigger feelings of being vulnerable, of being in a more unknown space, with another person. As protection, you might hold yourself back a little bit. Becoming closer with someone else in a mutual merging can be scary, and you’re used to having a strong buffer around you. You might focus on making a combined home with another person as a way of expressing your love for them, but remember to also reach out and mix up your emotions together with them as well.  It’s your responsibility, and task, to find ways to create comfort for yourself as you inch closer towards the unknown of another’s emotional space.

For Leo: This time is good for finding ways to truly express and communicate your needs and wishes in your relationships. You might be revisiting some issues with this, as it can be hard for you to access the right way to explain yourself to others. This might stem from a good place, from your open-hearted inclusiveness, but you can’t assume that everyone feels the same as you do at any given time. Partnerships thrive with communication, and so they are excellent teachers for learning how to bring our internal feelings into the world around us in an impactful way. You might think that you know what is best for someone, but until you really listen and respond in an accurate way for them, and for you, and for the moment, you don’t really know.

For Virgo: You tend to have a feedback loop of one—tending towards being self-critical, self- analyzing, self-motivating. Partners can be another, new mirror for you, if you can trust that their vision is accurate, and don’t second guess it. It’s important now to feed your sense of self-worth, and because you are more likely to devalue yourself, or de-prioritize yourself, it can be helpful to let your partnership inform you of your worth from it’s point of view. It can also help to ground you in the physical reality of yourself, which you might sometimes become disconnected from. Through the intimacy of being with someone else, you get to escape your constantly working mind and relax into the physical healing of connecting with a loved one.

For Libra: The focus now is on yourself, but your self is mainly concerned with partnerships and finding harmony through your partnerships—these include relationships and work collaborations as well. A large part of how you conceptualize yourself is through how those around you view you. But, your concern with balance means that you also have to include enough focus on your individual self in the equation of your life. Even though you are a pretty chill sign, this tension between the single unit of the self and the double unit of the self plus other(s) can cause friction for you. Use this time to concentrate on your inner needs and place awareness back onto yourself, before focusing on others. It will make your connections with others stronger and more satisfying.

For Scorpio: This moon might be an intense one for you. Things may come to a head in a way that you didn’t expect—this isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s good to be aware and ready for any surprises. You naturally like to keep things in the dark, but when things can come into the light and be seen by others, it makes our partnerships work better. Relationships can be pathways into finding deeper meaning in our lives, but we need to be open to letting them take us higher. Look for where you might be holding resistance to receiving positive connection from your partner.

For Sagittarius: You prefer to create your own context instead of relying on the already existing context of your life. Normally this helps you in your path forward, but when we are in the realm of partnerships, you might find you need to be more bound to the reality of others. You can call upon your greater community to offer meaning as well, so that you are not relying too much on one person, something that is hard for you to do, if that person is not yourself. Those people who are in your network can assist you on your path, and can give you the sense of broadness and wider meaning that you’re always looking for, especially if your primary relationship is feeling restrictive. Remember that the people who surround you can offer support for you as you go.

For Capricorn: Because this full moon is all about partnerships and how we engage in them, it can show us ways that we are in balance, and out of balance. Your laser focus on your ambitions and career trajectory might be excluding your emotional intimate relationships, or pushing them to the side. Try to see how you can find more of a connection between your emotional self and your rational, working self. Work is how you find the most meaning in life, but you are a whole being with private emotional needs as well, and these shouldn’t be neglected. When you envision your relationships, see that they also require your attention and investment in their development, but via emotions more than actions.

For Aquarius: This is a good time to push yourself further afield, out of your comfort zone. It can be hard for you to find your place in your personal relationships, because you are not especially attuned to the one-on-one, you are more into a universal connection. This is a good time to accentuate and develop this natural way of being, and to make it more solid and concrete, by elevating your platform of universal connection. It doesn’t have to be in conflict with intimacy, it can work with it. Use your partnerships as a way to express yourself in a philosophical way that provides meaning for others as well as yourself. You do like to feel needed, and since we are all connected, being closely connected with one person is also a universal connection.

For Pisces: This time can be very full for you, as you can access a lot of deeper emotions and even karmic stories with this moon. You are adept at merging with others, but it can feel out of your hands or control sometimes. Boundaries are always an important lesson for you—learning how to create invisible structures that are supportive of you and your gifts, which allow you to engage more healthily with others. When you examine your relationships at this time, think about how they show you information about yourself, and how you can use this information to organize your emotions.


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