Welcome to the Aries New Moon!

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Welcome to the new moon in Aries!
On April 5th, at 1:50 am (PST), there is a new moon in Aries. The sun is also in Aries.

Mercury has recently gone direct from a retrograde in Pisces. Venus is also in Pisces. This affects our behavior, in that we are more attuned to ways of being that are flexible and less rational. In our relationships and interactions, we might find ourselves less able to articulate our needs or our thoughts, but more able to feel deep empathy and connection. Try to go with this way of being, and don’t force rationalization. We are all more intuitive with Pisces affecting the planets of communication and creativity, so use what you can from this. You might find yourself wanting to follow desires or ideas that don’t make sense, but that feel right. The expansiveness of Pisces includes a sense of timing that is greater than we usually pay attention to (hours, days and months), so trust that things are operating in the right way, even if the result develops over a longer time period.  

Jupiter will go retrograde in Sagittarius on April 10th. When Jupiter goes retrograde, the positive nature of this planet doesn’t change, but the gifts and rewards that usually come from it might slow down. This is so that we can look at our own hard work, to see where we can adjust and possibly contribute more to our goals, instead of being carried a little bit. Jupiter in Sagittarius is working to expand our sense of place in the world, to empower ourselves with more agency and authority, in a way that also elevates the world around us. Sagittarius is a sign that seeks wisdom and enlightenment. It is always upward facing, and optimistic. If Jupiter’s coming retrograde starts to slow your momentum a little, use this time to reach inside and pull yourself up. This retrograde will last through the summer, so you have time to re-calibrate and to find ways to spread your light using your own spark.  

The Aries new moon has a child-like feel to it, in that Aries, as the first sign of the Zodiac, is a bit like a child, bold and new. It is also a leader, always wanting to be first in line. This combination of self-assuredness and naivety has a tendency to be explosive at times. When looking at the wounds of Aries, they often trace back to childhood, where this bold energy can be held back, and where Aries can clash with the parent, who wants to the Aries child to be more careful than they naturally want to be. Even if you are not an Aries, this new moon might trigger some emotions around your authentic self and how it has been held back for the sake of the comfort of others, possibly the parent or authority figure. Each sign can really look at themselves during this moon, at their natural traits, and during this time might re-experience some emotions around when these natural traits have been repressed or denied by those around them. Aries in particular is not interested in pleasing others; it is the opposite of Libra, whose main priority is happiness of the other. Aries is mostly concerned with the self. Learning how to master the traits of the self, while also healthily managing the needs of loved ones and community, is a life-long lesson for Aries, as it is in some way for everyone. During this new moon, try to elevate the ways you express your natural gifts and talents and nature. Not compromising anything about how you are, but also expressing these in a way that also aligns with the ways those around you are expressing themselves. Allowing others to freely exist has to go hand in hand with any desire to freely exist as ones true self.

If any wounds are coming up for you around ways you have been restrained, or if you feel restrained by circumstances around this time, look for ways that you can transcend the restraints. This is the difference of confronting wounds as a child and as an adult. As a child, we don’t have the tools to transcend, to move beyond, or to shake off, the effects of the actions of others around us. We are in the control of the parent, of the home, and we don’t have individual agency to shift our environment to suit us better. We are forced to engage, and so we engage in the only way one can when one doesn’t have the agency to act on individual decisions: we react with anger and frustration, we throw tantrums, we become self-destructive, we act out. As an adult, we have free will to leave, to walk away, to change our environment, to assert our own decision-making power. And so we don’t need to act out or get angry. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, the planet of anger and a fighting spirit. So during this time, if anger surfaces, remember that you are no longer trapped in any situation. As an adult, you have free agency to act on your intentions, on your decisions, and you can change your environment when you feel that it isn’t supporting you and what you need in order to thrive, in the specific ways that your natural traits lead you to be. Use this moon to learn more about what you need to support your natural gifts. When we get used to being repressed and shaped by others as a child, it can be hard to break out of that mold as an adult, unless you give yourself permission to do so. By giving yourself permission to not be bound, you open up your mind to learning how to function with permission instead of denial.  

All the times you were told No in your life as a child—perhaps you were told to be quiet, or to change your interests, or to act differently than what spontaneously came out of you. Instead of responding to these triggers with anger, frustration, and resistance, which are all also forms of No, try to respond to yourself in these moments, with as much Yes as you can. For instance if you feel silenced by a colleague at work, and it brings up times you were silenced as a child, instead of reacting with anger at the colleague, or workplace, try instead to respond with nurturing energy to yourself and to your voice. This new moon is a good time to celebrate our particular masks and costumes, the traits of our individual signs. By celebrate, we mean accept, nurture and cultivate, especially those traits that have become thorns in your side, shifting their energy into something more supportive.

For Aries: This time is good for making decisions about what is right for you, and committing to following through. Because you get more excited about starting new things, but less excited about finishing them, you might have developed a self-consciousness about your desire to constantly switch things up. Because you might have been warned against being too brusque, too abrasive, too much, you might unconsciously hold yourself back from being all that you can be. Having the energy to constantly move forward and to consistently invest all your power in whatever you’re doing in the moment is a positive trait, which you can feel proud of. 

For Taurus: This is a time to work on your self-worth. A constant in your life is your desire for self-worth, but you also tend to find ways to devalue yourself. Your environment is so important to you, whether this is the people around you, the objects around you, your house, etc, but often you get distracted from just letting it nurture you, by measuring yourself against it. Remind yourself that you occupy the center of your world, not your belongings, not the reassurances of material success or acceptance of peers. Find time to clear some clutter, whether material or psychological, and just be in your body and in your energy, so you can connect to your own self-contained value.

For Gemini: This moon is good for harnessing your potential. You thrive on the high that potential gives you, of endless possibilities and limitless ways to interact. But this can lead you to not actually settling down to do the things you think about. Your mind is wide but whether this leads to substantial output is another thing. When you conceptualize yourself, work on incorporating more concrete markers of success, not just abstract ideas. You are big into networks and connections, but not always in a way that provides true stabilization for yourself. Keeping lines open is important, but balance it out with real results. If you work in communications, or writing, or anything network based, this is an ideal use of your natural style. Cultivating your ability to network can lead to more solid things if you push yourself.

For Cancer: The particular twist in the dominant trait of your sign, of being sensitive and empathic towards the emotions of others, but also needing to feel safe within yourself, can lead you towards feeling ungrounded or floaty some of the time. When we connect deeply with others, we inevitably want to help them, but when we also prioritize our own sense of security, it can be hard to take the risk of interacting so deeply. The animal of your sign, the crab, shows your dilemma; it exists in the world, but can only interact with the world when surrounded by the armor of the shell. A built in buffer is needed in order to function. When you shift your understanding of yourself to include this need for a buffer, and do what is needed to incorporate whatever physical, emotional or energetic buffer works for you, you are better able to interact more fully with others. Work on this, instead of hardening your shell against the world, or retreating from the world.

For Leo: A fire moon is always good for sparking a desire for action and movement in fire signs. Let yourself immerse into a physical activity, or an art project; something that feeds your creativity and high energy. It’s important that you have outlets for yourself, where you can bring your expression into reality. Our best ideas originate in the heart, and then we can occupy ourselves with figuring out how to manifest them. Don’t doubt all your projects and ventures, even if those around you are questioning their usefulness. You know that the value is in them being a conduit for your energy, and a way to expand and grow, and they don’t need to be more than that. You are also a conduit for energy, as we all are. Try to find ways to express yourself as a vessel, in whatever way feels good for you, without getting too caught up in the results.

For Virgo: This time is about figuring out how to make who you are work for your life. This can be tricky for you, as part of your natural way of being is about what works for other people. You can’t escape your willingness to help others, so try to work with it to make it also benefit you. If not, you might end up walking around in constant resentment, constantly drained, and this doesn’t fulfill your mission of being in service. It’s really important to make adjustments in your life, on a regular basis, to support yourself and follow your desire. A good daily practice for you would be to constantly be re-evaluating your methods and behaviors to see if they are making you happy or not. If not, you need to make a change, even if it feels selfish to do so. If you are having trouble prioritizing your own needs, spend time in nature. Nature can do the emotional weight-lifting for you that you are so used to doing for others. As an earth sign, you are both attuned to nature, and slightly resistant to change, so being receptive and letting nature guide you towards flexibility is very helpful. 

For Libra: The care you have for the details and minor points of life can be frustrating for those who don’t understand, and in turn can create frustration for you in context with those people. You care so much about the picture that your presence reveals to others, in ways that could be misunderstood, so it’s a good time to reinforce for yourself why you do this. The highest form of Libra is that in consciously working on how we are, we are able to consciously provide a clear mirror for those around us, which is important, loving work to do for others. Remind yourself that you’re a piece of the whole, working to bring balance and wellbeing to the world, so that your very intentional actions remain well-intentioned and don’t lose power. 

For Scorpio: Work on your relationship and conception of chaos during this time, and where you find yourself in it. Chaos, or a sense of things being unstable, is not something you shy away from, and you might even tend to draw it towards you. But, think about what purpose this is for. Your ability to become stronger in times of instability, when others tend to become weaker, can be an asset, if you don’t squander this energy. You might need to learn more about how to direct your power in times like this, so that you are not just riding a crazy wave, but harnessing that energy to be used. It’s like a downed electrical line—it’s super dangerous when left attended, but very useful when a brave person dares to approach and re-align it.

For Sagittarius: Others tend to view you as having a fair amount of authority, because you always put in the effort to seek to find truth. Don’t let this go to your head, because it’s important that you also act as a guide for other truth-seekers. The fire energy of this moon will activate your desire to expose more and more layers of the world to yourself and to others. Make sure you’re developing wise reins for yourself, so that you can lead as well as adventure, or play. What to you feels like running towards can look like running away to others, so keep letting people know your plans and your agenda, which will also reinforce it for yourself. A fire moon triggers a need for freedom and independence in fire signs, so remember to keep yourself a little grounded, by not excluding others from your goals.

For Capricorn: For you, life is like an ascending set of stairs, and so the concept of home is not always valuable, since you’re on the move. Forming emotional attachments to places along the way is not always helpful to you, but finding a sense of belonging can be. Your sense of the world is very stable and secure, and this helps you in your motivations to keep going, but it can also lead you to being stubborn in the face of the nuances of emotions. While your focus is more on the outward side of the self, which requires maintaining a certain consistency, you of course also have a private side, which is more free, and inherently more changeable. Establishing a stronger sense of where you came from, in a way that doesn’t have to negate where you are going, can be helpful in providing you more security to be yourself.

For Aquarius: Now, as always, showing yourself can be tricky. An Aries moon is about finding a safe way to be truly seen, and this is not always easy for you. You might fail to see the importance of being seen, because you’re on your own wavelength. But, you don’t operate in a vacuum, and so acknowledging your place at the table, and how your place affects others, is important, and is a way to both show and feel love and acceptance. Your abstract, general acceptance of everything needs to be balanced with direct actions of showing acceptance in specific ways. Develop your communication skills so that you can use them to ground yourself into your relationships and networks. While you aren’t the most expressive and communicative sign, refining your verbal and physical acknowledgement of others is important to show that you are seeing them and allowing yourself to be seen.

For Pisces: This moon is about all the things we can’t deny about ourselves. However, you can sometimes practice denial very well. Viewing things how you would like to, rather than how they actually are, can be detrimental to you, especially in relationships and in your work life. It’s important to work on getting a clear picture of the world, which includes your optimism about what could be, while also acknowledging what really is, so that your actions can have tangible results. When you act on dreams or desires only, the energy of your behavior is diminished, and this can reinforce your already held belief that nothing matters. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or like you’re dealing with too many conflicting ideas, or with confusion, this is a sign to you that your actions within this type of emotional space won’t have the best effect on your life. Work on finding clarity first.




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