Welcome to the Scorpio Full Moon!

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Welcome to the full moon in Scorpio!
There is a full moon in Scorpio on May 18th at 2:11 pm (PST).

The sun is in the opposite sign of Taurus. In any full moon, we will feel the tension between the sun and the moon, between our external actions and our inner emotions. Finding the balance between the two, and letting go of whatever blocks us from finding that harmony, is a good way to use the accumulated wisdom of the moon at its maximum fullness.

Scorpio feels everything intensely, and so this Scorpio full moon can help us to know our own emotions.  You are a gauge for yourself— you have to know what everything feels like in order to be able to respond correctly. You have to know what the bad feels like so you can recalibrate yourself to the good.

Don’t numb yourself to your feelings, you do yourself a disservice by doing this, and shut down your internal guidance system. If you feel overwhelmed by your feelings, look for new tools of how to manage and control stress, new skills to minimize the havoc that your feelings are creating within yourself— do not shut down the feelings or try to avoid them.

We are made to feel all types of emotions, but we are not made to act on all of these. Scorpio energy feels like the lesson we all have to learn about how to coexist with our emotions, without letting them overtake us and without acting out towards others on these emotions. When we engage with others, we have a chance to feel out what is the right balance. Scorpio energy might push us too far in one direction, but we can observe, pause, and recalibrate. Feeling attraction is natural, feeling obsessed is too far. Feeling bonded is natural, feeling ownership is too far. Feeling disappointed is natural, feeling betrayed is too far.

The lesson of this full moon may be about how you respond to the actions of others, and how you can find the right balance of experiencing your emotional reaction, but then approaching that reaction with more neutral energy. Often times my most helpful writings come from my experiencing my own frustrations in my own life, but then working to move myself out of the purely emotional space and into a more open, learning space of: what is this emotion teaching me, telling me, and how can I transcend this emotion and move into a healing space rather than sit in anger or frustration? How can I move my own specific emotional experience into something universal and connective to other humans? I can’t be the only one feeling this emotion, so how can I connect it to the human experience. Scorpio often feels that they ARE the only one feeling this emotion, which keeps the emotional reaction powerful and overwhelming, and in control. If Scorpio is angry, that anger overtakes everything and holds too big of an importance, which can obscure the universal truths hidden inside the emotion. Scorpio needs to learn to transcend into the surrender of universal experience rather than keep it specific and personal, because Scorpio also understands, on a higher level, that nothing can be owned, nothing is personal, everything is shared and will disintegrate and re-coalesce in another form.

The Scorpio/ Taurus axis is one of possessions and loss, of material and immaterial, of shared experiences versus ownership. This full moon will press buttons about what we feel we own, are entitled to, have authority over. It’s hard to avoid seeing this full moon within the realm of the Uranus in Taurus transit. Many of our current issues that feel overwhelmingly problematic—climate change, wealth disparities, health insurance/medical care conflicts, sexual harassment and abuse, etc—are based in the tension between ownership of resources and sharing of the same resources. This goes deeper into sharing our space, sharing our emotions, sharing our experiences of living. Neither Scorpio or Taurus has the balance completely figured out, but by looking at both of them, we can attempt to learn more about how to balance the needs of the one, and what the one deserves, and the needs of the many, that might take away from the needs of the one. The intertwining of these two would seem to be a part of the answer; that our lives are a constant dance between individual and group, between gain and loss, between possession and letting go. But, we are more often stuck in a linear dichotomy, where we can become too accustomed to either the pattern of accumulation or of destruction, instead of a cycle of both at different times. The answer to many problems seems to be “both”, rather than “this” or “that.”

As humans, we have the desire to own and collect, and to assign status to our possessions, and to differentiate ourselves from others based on these material collections (Taurus). We also sometimes have the need to cleanse ourselves from these material possessions, to dis-attach ourselves, to be freed from the physical burdens we carry (Scorpio). We sometimes want to define ourselves by our thoughts and feelings rather than our stuff. We want to find the connections between people rather than the separations. We sometimes want to lose ourselves in ourselves, or in another person.

During this full moon, we have Mercury in Taurus, siding with the sun, and opposite the moon. Venus is also in Taurus, although still at the beginning degrees, while Mercury is further along in the sign. One thing to watch for with these two planets is how you respond to emotional and interpersonal situations. Scorpio tends to be on the lookout for any sort of betrayal from loved ones, while Taurus is more committed and can even be stubbornly blind to the bad behavior of others. The planets that rule our communication and our affections and desires are caught between these two opposing ways of being, so be extra thoughtful when you react to the choices that others make. Notice if you are assuming something negative, acting out of your own distrust, or conversely, if you are looking at a situation through rose-colored glasses, and assuming the best despite the reality. Working to view a situation as neutrally as possible is always the smart choice, but noticing our tendencies to either distrust or trust too much can also be informative and helpful.

Scorpio is the realm of death, which is also the realm of change, and transformative energy. There is always a silver lining hidden within the intense melancholy or despair that Scorpio feelings can dip into, always a sign or signal to point you towards the light. If anything in your life feels like it’s slipping away, or being drawn away from you, try not to fight it, but instead look to see how this loss can provide the right setting for replenishment. There is no such thing as a void, so an opening can always set the stage for new abundance, given time and the less resistance you hold towards this change.

Each horoscope is specific to a sun sign, but because our charts consist of many planets in many signs, you might find it helpful to read all the horoscopes, and see what resonates the most with you.

 For Aries: This is a time for deep inner work, if you feel drawn towards that. You might even feel sucked into that, whether you want to or not. This moon will hit you in the Scorpio arena of intense self-investigation. Remember that Scorpio is also the realm of transformation, so try to approach everything you are dealing with, even when disorienting, with the idea that all energy can be transformed into something else. Feeling that something is off can lead to new solutions about how to make things work better for you. Work on finding optimism in how you view any changes now.

 For Taurus: This moon exemplifies the opposite energy of you, and because you are a stubborn and less flexible sign, it might trigger some anxiety in your life, especially as it relates to how you find balance in your life. If you are running on empty, devoting too much time and attention, or not enough, to a loved one or a passion, or even a necessity that supports your life, like your finances or medical health, now is when you’ll be feeling the effects of that unbalanced equation. Look at behaviors or habits that it might benefit you to lose or to re-evaluate, and look at new actions you can start to incorporate into your life. Make sure you are giving equally to yourself, those around you, and your life. If you imagine your life (as it plays out on a daily basis) as something separate from you, are you in a healthy relationship with it? Are you supporting it in the most functional and beneficial way, so that it can reciprocate and support you?

 For Gemini: This moon is also about health and wellbeing for you, and the intensity of Scorpio can make this time quite dramatic. Make sure you’re cutting through the drama to get to the lessons and messages underneath. Finding the right kind of schedule for yourself will get your time more into shape, and enable you to get the things you want to do, done. It’s easy to waste time, but you don’t want to look back with any regret on how you spent your time, and making your life more functional and efficient will assist you on your journey. If you’re already feeling any regret about anything, work on processing the emotions and letting it go so you can start anew tomorrow.

 For Cancer: The full moon often triggers imbalances in our lives, and shows us what we’re missing out on. Your ability to really put yourself first and prioritize your creative expression and enjoyment might be put on alert, and you might be feeling strongly the effects of not fully opening yourself up. Loneliness is the opposite expression of your innate desire of belonging, so anytime you feel isolated or lonely, something is off balance and it’s up to you to find the ways out of the feeling, not to remain stuck in the feeling. There are things you can do in your life that can point you towards feeling more enveloped and interconnected, and most of them involve your immersion into the fun of it, so that you can lose any sense of feeling out of place. This takes a relaxed and un-self-conscious energy, so try to cultivate that with this moon.

 For Leo: You might not realize how deep your need for feeling secure goes. You feel most at home within a family unit, whether this is by blood or by shared interests. You want to feel secure within a connected community, in order to feel safe enough to spread your wings and express your uniqueness. Perhaps there are expectations you need to shed in order to find your place, and perhaps there is acceptance you need to find in how other people can provide this for you. Because you feel you are always offering a lot, you have high expectations for how others will reciprocate. Remember that not everything always goes according to your desires, and work on spreading your vision towards what is on offer that might look different that you want.

 For Virgo: The need to interact and not retreat will be more pronounced now, and you might be pushed out of your comfort zone, which at times can be very small—whatever you feel in control of.  Seeing outside influences as interesting and informative, rather than disruptive to your point of view, can be helpful now. The Scorpio moon will push emotional buttons, and make you feel uncomfortable. Look for ways out of any constrained feelings, rather than burying deeper into them. Communicating your ideas, needs, and thoughts to others can be a tunnel to escape the tightness of your mind.  Look for lighter ways to communicate, not everything needs to have an obvious function and purpose.

 For Libra: Tension might come now around the way material objects represent emotions: things like gift-giving, inheritance, or joint ownerships tend to have emotions attached to them. Your feelings around sharing or giving & receiving, and the importance you might give to how objects can stand in for emotions, might be confused or not straightforward. Watch for if you are placing too much emphasis on giving your time or money for the behalf of another—a gift is not a gift if there is obligation attached to it. If you are on the other end of this, and feeling manipulated with material objects, work on dis-attaching your emotions from them, and accessing the energy behind the object.

 For Scorpio: This full moon can be a very self-reflective time for you, able to show you a lot about yourself, and the persona that you present to the world. You feel that personality traits are deeply entrenched in people, and to some extent they are, in that we all have qualities that are so organic to us that we express them without explicit awareness. But, there is also much about ourselves that we can examine and make decisions on. Our more evolved personalities will be a combination of things that are very innate to us, and things that we have made conscious decisions to embody. This is a good time to hold a mirror to yourself, to see yourself through the eyes of others, and to see what ways of being are available for change via intentional decision-making about behaviors.

 For Sagittarius: This moon brings some unusually dark and mysterious energy for you. You are normally pulled towards the light, and upwards to higher vibrational energy. But it’s important to always consider what’s on the other side of the light, and what it brings to your sense of reality. Instead of forcing an optimistic or ever persevering attitude, pause and see what some deeper insights can come through in a dark and still moment. Imagine the depths of the water of a lake you’re trying to cross. Instead of focusing completely on getting to the other side, take some time to linger in the middle and see what’s below. You might want to spend some time in deep self-reflection, or you can even work on accessing the depths through your dreams.

 For Capricorn: Finding your place within a larger community can be tricky for you, as your focus is very specific to you, and very single-minded. Empathizing with the goals of others can be hard to do. Working to expand your vision to include what those around you are working on can be helpful, just to open up your mind to what else is out there. The full moon will pull you towards depth, which can feel like a pulling away from your own goals, but it’s important to involve yourself in more than just your own experience of life. There is a lot to learn from being a cheerleader for others, supporting others in their ambitions, or even just observing the multitude of ways that others go about achieving their goals. While you feel very comfortable enveloped in your world of one, find ways to include others in this world, even just for the sense of feeling a part of something greater than yourself.

 For Aquarius: Even though you naturally have a healthy emotional distance with most things in your life, your work might be feeling very attached to you right now. If your work life feels needy and burdensome, look at what can be disentangled and streamlined. Your work should not have such an emotional hold on you, so if it is, look for ways to separate out the emotions and learn what needs to be done from them. Find yourself in relationship with your career, and see how it’s giving to you, and how it’s taking from you. You are not obligated to your work, you should have as much freedom in conjunction with your work as you do with other things in your life. Scorpio pushes us to shed and to let go, but sometimes we need to go overboard and cling too tightly in order to really know it’s time to let go. Look at what is causing you stress instead of uplifting you, and see if you can reestablish a better working relationship with your career path.

 For Pisces: This moon is a good time for you to spread your wings a little, and venture out into the world more, either physically or mentally. It’s easy for overwhelming feelings to start to paralyze movement in your life, but if you can overcome these emotions, you can feel more capable and courageous. Pushing outward in aspects of your life, pushing yourself further than you thought you could, can build a healthy foundation to lift off from. Rather than let yourself be sucked into a vortex of cyclical emotional states and reactions, work on moving yourself up and out, in whatever small ways you can. Taking walks can be helpful to get you in this mode— exploring new territory around your home, discovering new paths that you weren’t aware of.

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