Welcome to the Taurus New Moon!

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Welcome to the Taurus new moon!

There is a new moon in Taurus on May 4th, at 3:47pm (PST).

A new moon is good energy for bringing more awareness towards implementing new habits and perspectives. The natural vibe of this time is about initiating change, so any shifts in behavior can come easily now, with less resistance from the environment around you, or from your internal landscape. Watching ourselves shift and grow is an exciting thing, and, with the slow, intentional energy of Taurus, we might want to observe ourselves slowly shifting, rather than try to force new actions, perhaps prematurely. Taking your time now is a good use of Taurus energy.

This Taurus new moon is a good time to reconnect with nature. Immersion in nature reminds you that you are a part of a greater whole, and takes you away from reliance on your ego for your sense of self. Ego is concerned with the self only, with the self as a separate contained being, when that is not what we are. The desperation and anxiety that we feel when we think that we can only rely on ourselves is alleviated when we let ourselves be in nature, and be a part of the natural world. Nature tells us that we are not separate, we are interconnected, and that no burden is one that we can’t share. Humanity can be complex and tricky, while nature is complex but straightforward. We know that we are not dealing with masks and facades and protections when we interact with nature. Nature has no ego, just function and expression. When we extend our thoughts through organic nature and into our home and environment, and our physical possessions, which is also the realm of Taurus, we can still hold onto this idea of function and expression over ego. Our homes and our material objects should work to be used or to be enjoyed, and anything else can easily become out of balance with a more natural order of things. Hoarding, whether of objects, wealth, or access, is an out-of-balance expression of Taurus energy. Poverty mentality, martyrdom, or withholding, is another out-of-balance expression of Taurus. Work on rebalancing your relationship to the objects and physical home arena in your life. Or perhaps for you, it’s in the food and eating arena. Hoarding or withholding food from yourself is another way that pleasurable and functional Taurus energy can be out of balance.

Uranus has moved into Taurus and will be there for a 7-year cycle, causing major shifts in how we relate to nature, our bodies, food, and material resources. This is a potent time for shifting back into a more even, functional way of existing. Function is often not glamorous or sexy, so this time is good for rearranging how you perceive worth in terms of excitement or desire. How you spend your time even, perhaps even looking at your digital existence versus your physical one. Which one can actually experience everything in a deep way, and which is a sexy facade that just appears but doesn’t experience? Which feels better to you, and how can you balance them? When things related to money, and therefore status and worth, and therefore value and health, are so out of balance, we start to rationalize things so they make sense mentally, even while they don’t make sense physically. Uranus in Taurus, and this Taurus new moon, are times to focus on how we are actually living in the physical realm, and if it’s feeling good and functional, and if it’s contributing to a healthy, balanced, self-esteem and self-worth. This is a time to evaluate the sustainability of anything you do, and to incorporate sustainability as important criteria in your perception of value.

For Aries: This time is good for establishing deeper material roots, and working on self-worth as shown by the fruits of your labor. You are very action based, but another way to express or engage in the world is through the manifestations of your actions. This might feel too passive for you, but those things you have put energy into carry their own energy and life-force. Work on trusting the environment that you have built for yourself and allow it to support you and take you further.

For Taurus: This moon is about you! You’re so aware of your environment, which includes all the people you love, that you sometimes don’t focus enough on yourself and your own experience of life. During this time, let yourself be carried by the environmental energy into taking bolder action to support yourself, to nourish yourself, to do what is needed for yourself. If there are new projects or ideas, or even a sense of wanting to do something different in your life, that excite you, work on taking them seriously and start to take action on them, even if that action is just building confidence that you can do it.

For Gemini: This moon can bring awareness to your spiritual sense of self, and shift your focus away from external stimuli, towards what’s happening in your inner landscape. Look for the depth of character that resides within you, and look for ways to bring that out and integrate it with the world around you, in action and physicality, not just with words. Language is one form of manifestation into reality, but due to its changeable nature, it can be a good idea to balance it out with your spirit’s energy, and the energy of your body. Go deeper into the realm of the soul, and then find more concrete ways to express that soul.

For Cancer: Tap into new and creative ideas with this moon, even ones that seem really out there. Finding a more visionary voice can actually connect you to your community more, drawing you out from your shell. Those around you love to see you more engaged, and physically bolder—look for the positive responses that come whenever you do extend yourself more. Work on shedding some of your insecurities so that you can break free a little bit more. Holding yourself back can make you feel comfortable, but it’s also good to experiment a little more, and reach far out into the world.

For Leo: You can work on being more grounded with the earth energy of this moon. If you feel scattered or overwhelmed, work things out through your body so that you can get to a more focused place. It’s an important time to progress your career path, so you don’t want to be spread too thin. If you have been avoiding business needs for yourself, because it’s too boring or too overwhelming, remind yourself that you getting organized is necessary to direct your body where it wants to go. Don’t waste or leak energy, try to stay focused on your goals.

For Virgo: Breaking out of your routine and venturing out of your comfort zone, literally by moving your body, might be where you are pulled with this moon. Find ways to explore new paths, either by taking new roads or going to new places, or by using your mind in a new way. Shaking things up by taking side roads might feel frivolous to you at first, but the expansion it can bring is invaluable. Your connection to the body is mostly based in efficiency and function, but the Taurus energy can expand that to include pleasure and immersion in the sensory. Sometimes we have to try a new thing in order to learn how to use our bodies in new ways.

 For Libra: The body can be a conduit for learning more about ourselves, via pathways that our minds might not have access to. Using our minds can be more comfortable, especially for air signs like you, but the mind can be both limited and manipulative. The body holds simple truths about what works for us, and what doesn’t. Use this time to get more comfortable with these subtle truths, and learning to hear how they can guide you. Get your mind on board with your body and you can access so much more wisdom for yourself. 

For Scorpio: You have deep awareness that is often centered in the self, and less about those around you. Try to bring your focus to the partners in your life, whether these are lovers, friends, or colleagues. Finding a balance between the self and the other can be enjoyable, especially when you find it through experiences that you have together. Work on not projecting your emotional state onto others, or finding judgment or blame with others, but instead look for the moments of aligned connection. Recognition of the self in others, instead of projection of the self onto others, can require vulnerability, so work on letting down your guard during this time. Remember that nature is an ally here, providing you with the intensity you seek, but with an uncomplicated simplicity that can counteract any drama in your life.

For Sagittarius: This time is about really settling into your body and all the wisdom and messages it has for you. You might not have the most in depth relationship with your body beyond that it is a vehicle to move you forward. But, it requires attention and some amount of maintenance, the same as a car. Take some time to listen to anything you’ve been ignoring, or to incorporate a regular practice of some kind, in order to maintain the health of your body, which increases the pleasure that you can take in your body and in your life experience. 

For Capricorn: Loosening up and being playful doesn’t always come naturally to you, but it can be good to find that part of yourself with this moon. Finding ways to be casual while intentional will be helpful. This is the realm of flirting in new romance, in playing with children, in fooling around with art materials. It requires a loose focus and a sense of allowance and flow. You are more straightforward and single-minded, but you can experience more of a heart-felt fun now. Accessing your creativity and sense of exploration of the physical world can be powerful for you.

 For Aquarius: This moon will access your emotional self more deeply that you might like. Our emotions live in our bodies, but you tend towards living more ephemerally, ending up avoiding those emotions. Feeling safe in our bodies and within our emotional spaces might be a lesson for you to work on right now. When emotions are triggered that cause pain or discomfort, remember that making our bodies feel calm and safe goes a long way in addressing that pain. Our emotions can pass through and be processed when we allow our bodies to relax into them. Work on practices like meditation and movement to help support your body as it feels.

For Pisces: This moon will stimulate the areas of your life that include communication and language skills. You are gifted with a more intuitive and sensory communication, but this can be evolved and widened to include expressing yourself better, and more clearly. Shift into more of an interaction and engagement with your environment, and you can help yourself to move yourself forward. If there are any areas of your life where you feel stuck, work on learning new tools of language and expression, and then look for ways to practice them in the world around you. Your sense of self-worth can be easily affected, your boundaries easily crossed, so strengthening your use of words and understanding how they are received can be a helpful lesson now.



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