Welcome to the Gemini New Moon!

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There is a new moon in Gemini on June 3rd at 3:02 am (PST).

Mercury joins the sun and moon in Gemini on this day. The following day, Mercury moves out of Gemini into Cancer, and a few days after that Venus moves from Taurus into Gemini. All this movement around Gemini stimulates our personalities and interactions in the realm of communication and connection.

 Gemini rules communication, but going further, it is the idea of a messenger. Imagining ourselves as a messenger, or as a message, can bring some excitement and empowerment during this time. It’s a good time to clean up how we communicate, how we send messages, and make sure we are doing this how we want to. You could clean up your email inbox, clean up your social media, even clean up your paper notes and to do lists. These organizational things in our lives are meant to help, but when they grow so large, they can overwhelm and take on a life of their own, which we now have to maintain. A new moon is a chance to start anew, so it’s a great time to cleanse and restart. Try cleaning out your computers and phones, and see what path that takes you down. Remember that having control over our own messaging is important and beneficial to us, so feel free to delete old messages or posts that don’t resonate anymore, without guilt. If guilt or nostalgia comes up, face it and see what fear it’s triggering in you, and see if you can get to the root of the issue so you can free up space in these systems we use in order to function better. Your social media is not meant to be a burden or a responsibility, or to detract from your real life, so if it has become that, now is a good time to take a hard look and make some changes.

A new moon in Gemini is a good time to reevaluate the systems of your life and make changes based on if those systems are creating freedom for you, or trapping you in additional work. A messenger has to be fast and nimble, and flexible. The point is to get the message across, to transcend time and space to connect with others, and we can’t do this while carrying too much mental weight. In addition, the messages are always changing, and we can’t hold too tightly to old messages that are out of date. Now would also be a good time to take a look at your belief systems, and see what’s still accurate and working for you, and clean up those that are holding you still or holding you down. Gemini is a very mind-based sign, it’s all about the processing of ideas, the incorporation of sensory input, the organization of logic and understanding. Try to see yourself as a full being who is the interface of all that surrounds you. You take in information, you develop that information inside your mind, and this then influences the information you continue to take in. You are not separate from the process of mental understanding, you are the center of it. When it’s elevated in this way, we can become more careful about the whole process. Everything you see, hear, touch, smell—it all co-mingles inside of you, so it’s important to be thoughtful about what those things are.

If you want to take it further, work with your energy as a messenger. Our energy seems invisible and ephemeral; you might even imagine it as light. But our energy is also a messenger, carrying information about our health, our desires, our pain, our destinies, our ancestral wisdom. The vibrations we send out into the world (whether we are aware of it happening or not) determine the vibrations that we receive. We can consciously work on focusing the attention of our energy towards things we want, towards a path we want to move towards, towards teachings that we’d like to learn. We can send our positive energy towards things or people we’d like to love and heal, we can send it back into ourselves if we want healing. If there is a message you’d like to reinforce for yourself, like an affirmation or a new belief, you can work on moving this beyond a mental exercise into an energetic one. This involves our emotional self, and can also involve our bodies. For instance, let’s say you want to shed an old belief that tells you that you don’t deserve success, and want to replace it with a belief that your success is beneficial for you, the people around you, and the world, in order to receive this success and not unintentionally block it. You can work on getting your mind used to this idea mentally, but you can also work with it energetically. Practice sending love to this idea, practice how the fulfillment of this idea would feel emotionally and physically to you, practice aligning your energy with the energy of your future success. (Use any type of visualization that works for you: perhaps your energy is a black cat, and it starts to run alongside, catch up, and keep pace with the energy of your success, which is a unicorn. How does it feel when these two animals are finally galloping side by side?) When you do this, you might receive new insights into what is holding you back from manifesting your success, insights that your mind might not be consciously aware of yet. In this way we are each our own messengers, we hold the messages for ourselves.

Three big power planets are currently retrograde: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. In some ways it feels like this is some heavy energy, but in another, it feels like the authorities are looking the other way. Especially with the Gemini energy, which has a bit of a trickster vibe, it feels like we can sneak under the radar a little bit now. This is good for establishing new networks and thought patterns, to not be influenced or controlled by authority figures, but to be free in doing this new type of connecting.  Work on freeing yourself from all types of obligation, whether this is coming from your family, your work, your social connections, the society at large. In this freedom, look for what feels good and makes sense to you, and go with this, even (or especially) if it feels unusual and inventive. The trickster has great wisdom, in showing us what we already know in a new way.


For Aries: Use this new moon to get clear about what you want to do with your time each day. It’s time to focus on your immediate surroundings: are they comfortable, are they functioning, are they supportive. If you see an example out in the world of what you’d like for yourself, work on planning how to move yourself there. When things are not working for you, your thoughts can easily get cluttered and jammed up. Remember that you need to move your ideas out from your mind and body quickly and efficiently, otherwise you can get stuck with too many unfinished concepts inside. The energy of this moon is powerful for getting your mind and your immediate environment cleansed and ready for action.  

For Taurus: The focus is on your own sense of satisfaction with yourself. This can show itself to you in many different ways, so make sure you have a balance with the healthy, sustainable ways, as much as with the comfortable ways. Comfort is not always the best path for growth. There might be ways that you can expand out from your comfort zone, and even be excited about this exploration, and maybe even see that change and dynamic energy is necessary for you to find your happiness and fulfillment. We can all get stuck occasionally, especially when it comes to how we feel comfortable with ourselves, but we need to push past comfort into dynamic change, to truly find our comfort within our evolution.

For Gemini: This can be a powerhouse time for you. Your ability to network is amplified, and this can help you in presenting your self, in improving your self-image, in becoming brave in moving forward. Tap into your talents and use your comfort with complexities to give you the upper hand in any situation where you have to present yourself to others. Really immerse yourself in your natural qualities and see if you can establish a more concrete self of sense because of them. Because you are seen as being moody or changeable by others, make sure that at least you are sure of who you are.

For Cancer: Seeing yourself as the interface between your inner self and the outer world might feel sort of scary to you, because you see this as a barrier that is necessary. But really, existing as this interface means a lot of information can come through via your senses. It’s more of a telephone network than a barrier. You send signals out, and you receive signals from outside. This fluid sense of existence is what allows us to respond and adjust to everything inside and out of us. The more you are in touch with this, the less stuck or rigid you become. Remember that while words can be used to hurt, they more often are pathways of wisdom that help us to learn. Don’t shy away from communication. 

For Leo: Your focus now is on spreading your infectious energy out into the world and towards those around you. Widening your attention to a larger scope – more worldwide, more communal, more global—can be done through your words and how you connect with others. How can you spread your innate confidence to others, and help them to find their own center and truth? Find ways to shower others with support through your words.  

For Virgo: Getting organized is important now. Think about a more objective organization, where it serves not your emotional needs but your more physical and social needs. You can get caught up in an agenda of exerting your energy for others, but you need to also be considering your own trajectory and path in life. It’s not selfish or negative to take care of your own financial or organizational needs. Move away from just doing busy work in this realm and start dreaming larger about what you can achieve in the future. You are your own engine, first and foremost.

For Libra: There is a lot about balance right now, with your natural alignment, and with the duality of Gemini. How can you elevate your desire for harmony into something greater? This might be a time of confusion or misunderstanding, as communications need to get sorted out. Interactions or engagements with others that aren’t mutually beneficial may get shaken out during this time. Try to look at any drama with a sense of the big picture, and see if your responses can be more aligned with your natural philosophy. Gemini can be reactive; for now, try not to be, so that you can observe and learn what your reactions are really teaching you.

For Scorpio: This is a good time for learning how to use your words better, in order to translate your emotions into workable ideas for the people in your orbit. Think about how you use your words. Are you just working to express your needs, and not caring about how it’s received? If your attention can shift a little bit away from your own mouth and towards the ears that are hearing you, you can see how it becomes important that your words makes sense to more than just you. Moving away from any self-righteousness and towards a genuine desire to communicate will help you play better with others.

For Sagittarius: You’ll want to actually rein yourself in a little bit, and consider those who you share a life with, whether personally or professionally. You’re so independent that you can sometimes neglect giving enough attention and energy to those who you depend on, and who depend on you. Make sure you’re spending enough time and sharing enough words with those you care about. If things feel in balance in this realm, work more on progressing your relationships further, and seeing how they can grow and expand. It’s all up to you and your communication skills. You can build bridges and connections with words as much as action now.

For Capricorn: You can work now on making more of a balance in your life, tipping away from work and towards your personal health. In particular, learning how to ask for help, to incorporate help, and to involve your community and immediate environment in your daily well-being. Taking a daily walk, having a daily routine that includes loved ones, talking to friends on a daily basis, and learning new things each day. You can be so single-minded sometimes that you forget to do these simple routines, which can support you in your greater mission.

For Aquarius: Use this new moon to find new expressions of yourself. Tap into more play, more experimentation, more looseness in your self. You’re highly experimental in your mind, but you don’t easily let others in to play with you. Or you might have trouble giving yourself permission to play as much as you want to. Use your words as a way to give allowance and to root your desires in reality. Speaking thoughts into existence is valuable work that exercises your empowerment. Share with your words and ideas.

For Pisces: You’ll be seeking a sense of security now, a feeling of being at home. The way to pursue this now is through how you communicate with others. Additionally, a reconciliation with the dual nature of being might be available to you. In general, this is something you wrestle with – a simultaneous experiencing of complex energies. Gemini can help you to bring this down to earth and experience it with less angst or turmoil. If you can express yourself more clearly and authentically, you can communicate about this duality of existence to others, and connect to a more secure feeling through this communication.  


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