Welcome to the Sagittarius Full Moon!

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There is a full moon in Sagittarius on June 17th at 1:31 am (PST). This moon has a focus on direct experience, as that is how Sagittarius engages with the world. Direct experience leads to a deeper understanding— it is our best teacher. We can be shown something or told something, but if we directly experience something, we will never forget the lesson learned. Sagittarius is about seeking knowledge and profound understanding. The symbol of the Archer is someone who refines their aim, going after what they want with clarity and good aim.

This full moon can help you by showing you how to place yourself at the center of your concept of life so that you can achieve your goals. This might come through positive examples, or negative ones. Pay attention to both so that you can catch the messages that come through even negative lessons.

Release the opinions & needs of others, by understanding that they are coming from their own center, which is their responsibility only. All opinion is colored by their experience just as mine is colored by mine. If you can become more neutral in your interactions with others, it becomes more possible to connect more fully, with more compassion. With more clarity of emotion & clarity of intention.

With Sun in Gemini, it is good time to organize your thoughts in order to get to where you need to go, so think about if your thoughts are even facing you in the right direction. Are your thoughts moving you further away from your goals, by repeating negative self-image patterns, or are they moving you closer through optimism?

Sagittarius aims high and believes in the self and in the positive possible outcomes, it doesn’t discourage itself with negative anticipation from traumatic residues, so now is a time to shed those. Any disruption in our expectations and understandings can feel traumatic, especially when we are younger and just forming those fragile understandings of our reality. Take seriously all those disruptions, even if minor, in order to let their effects lose their hold on you. Sagittarius wants a golden experience of life, so even small disruptions can interrupt the upward flow of energy. This may seem idealistic or entitled to feel, but if you go with it in this moment, you might find that some deeply held resentment about times that you felt held back, or dismissed, or belittled, is actually continuing to hold you back. The Sagittarius energy doesn’t want to be negatively affected by anything, because it knows it takes high energy to rise oneself up.

Look at how you’ve been affected by even small instances of trauma. This can lead to beliefs of not being good enough, not deserving good things, or even things that are right for you, not being able to be oneself in an honest way, not being able to flow with a rising tide. Other people’s opinions can have a great affect on us, especially when we are growing up, and until we acknowledge the pain it has caused us, and recognize that opinions stem from the perception of others and should not override the truths we know about ourselves, it can be hard to live authenticity from those internal truths, and this can diminish our experience of life.

Start to intentionally connect with the idea that having direct experiences in your life, throughout your day, is one way to regain the power in your life to be your best self. Notice when you shift your understanding of your own needs to fit the opinions of others (this can be as simple as not acknowledging that you are tired when friends are asking you to go out, or that you are feeling motivated when your partner is trying to go to bed, and not following your needs in the moment, instead dismissing or denying them because it’s not the same as what those around you want). By staying true to your needs and following through with your actions, you do better for yourself. If you sleep when you’re tired instead of going out, you’ll have more fun when you go out the next night. If you go ahead and work on your hobby when your partners going to bed instead of forcing yourself to sleep too just to be with them, you’ll be able to be more engaged when you see them in the morning.

Fire signs can appear selfish because they naturally want to be true to themselves, through their actions, no matter what. Sagittarius energy can be elevated though, by keeping a consistent intention in place through all actions. Life becomes a practice through consistent action, and those actions can then appear less selfish, because they are not changeable or unpredictable, and will instead be more focused and directed.

This can be a healing time for everyone. Often the reason that we get coerced by others into abandoning our own needs, is that the ones doing the coercing need to feel that it’s acceptable to do this, in order to excuse the times they themselves have been coerced away from their own selves. When we resist, and stick to our own needs, it disrupts their understanding about themselves, and if they are not up to the healing task of looking at themselves first, they will simply try to make you feel bad for sticking to your guns. If this comes up during this time, see how you can act as an example for others, giving them permission to do the same in their own lives and begin resisting coercion away from their ability to do right for themselves. Compassion is always the answer in how to deal with sticky situations of conflicting needs, and Sagittarius energy always tries to take the high road. It’s about moving towards something, not avoiding or running from anything. Now is a good time to face the blocks that keep you from freely moving towards your goals. Accepting that direct experience is the best way to truly move forward can help to face these blocks head on, knowing that only by going through the feelings and discomfort are we able to move past them.

Each horoscope is specific to a sun sign, but because our charts consist of many planets in many signs, you might find it helpful to read all the horoscopes, and see what resonates the most with you.  

For Aries: You might be finding that your self-referential focus, while good for your work life, and your ability to manifest, is hindering a deeper meaning from being established in your life. Because you are self-motivated, you need to work on this establishment from inside yourself, you can’t expect it to come for you from others. The easiest way to make this happen is by reaching out and reaching up. Extending yourself to others, and putting the best version of yourself forward, helps you to achieve what you want, in a more refined way than just by pure will. 

For Taurus: Although you are easy-going, deep down you like to feel in control. There might be things in your life that are feeling like they are less affected by your actions than you would like, and more connected to what others are doing or how they are influencing you. This is not necessarily bad for you, if you can loosen your grip a bit, and see how things could still work out for you, without this intense over-seeing on your part. Learning to trust others, and trust that their motivations could still benefit you in some way even without explicit instruction, will help you to flow more easily.

For Gemini: Work on elevating your energy, especially when it comes to relationships. For many this moon is about expanding our comfort zones, outside of what comes naturally, into a more intentional space. You can decide to refine your perspectives about life, choosing to believe in certain things that feel aligned with not just your current reality, but also an ideal one. When we are in partnership, we are often forced to reevaluate our beliefs and perspectives, based on our engagement with our partner and their beliefs, which can be a good thing. Although you are a facts-based sign, you can expand your ideas to include hopes and intentions as well as facts. 

For Cancer: The refinement that might be needed now for you is in the realm of work and daily practice. Finding a schedule that better works for your goals, that is more appropriate for where you want to go in your life. How you spend your time on a daily basis might be asking for an upgrade. Look at your energy expenditures and see if you can funnel more energy towards your aspirations and less towards your worries or fears. Practice setting a morning intention for optimism each day and see if that can set you on the right path.

For Leo: You can use this time to work on refining your creative output, and giving yourself greater opportunities to express yourself, perhaps in new ways. Expanding the ways you give out your energy, whether through art or through generosity to others, can lead you down new and interesting paths, which can also teach you new things about yourself. Try not to get caught in feeling stuck in only certain ways of being, but work on trying out new things and putting yourself into new dynamics.

For Virgo: Your home is your focus now, as well as finding a sense of unconditional love in your life. For you, validation is often conditional, based on how you perform and how you make others happy. But reaching out to friends and family and letting them make you happy can be more fulfilling now, and show you a new side of yourself. Reception is as important as giving, as it links us to those who care for us, and allows us greater nurturing. Follow the warmth and caring in your life.

For Libra: Communication is a priority now. Self-expression is a tool not just to find common ground between people, but to establish your own concepts of life, to find your own place in the world. Re-center yourself in your life. The context around you—the people, your family, the ideas, the beliefs, the activities, the locations—are all there to inform you and establish you. You don’t need to control or soothe or manage these things, as they have a life of their own. Work instead on how you interact with these things in order to learn from them, not just to find comfort in them.

For Scorpio: This moon can stimulate your sense of self-worth. All water signs might have a tricky time with this moon, as it is about having clear direction, and single-minded focus, which is not the nature of water. Finding a balance between relying on yourself and relying on others, finding a balance between when is appropriate to rest in the comforts of life and when to reside in a space of surrender, can be helpful to find a middle ground that feels safe but also realistic. Whether this moon is showing you positive aspects of your self-esteem, or negative ones, know that every lesson is pointing us towards greater self-love and acceptance. 

For Sagittarius: This time is about finding deeper self-knowledge. Taking the initiative to decide who you are and how you want to be. It’s a powerful time to put things into motion that reflect your true personality and desires. Take a good look at who you are right now, who you were—who got you to now—and who you want to be in the future. Integrating all versions of yourself can be a powerful tool to help you achieve your goals. Each version is valuable and important, and can act as a grounding compass for you. Acknowledging your trajectory in life, like the arc of a flying arrow, can be a helpful tool to center yourself.

For Capricorn: Finding time for private introspection will be helpful now. Your focus can be turned inward in order to get more clarity about your path forward. We need this internal private communication in order to stay aligned with what really matters to us, so that our energy can be sent out in the best way possible. It might even be helpful to physically find retreat somewhere outside of your normal environment, in order to move your mind into that more internal space.  

For Aquarius: How you relate to others is important, and recognizing yourself as playing a significant role in the lives of others is valuable now. Look for how you can move yourself into a more integral position within your community and take more of a leadership role. Rising to the top is never your goal, since you believe in a more horizontal communal structure. But your ideas and your unique perspective is needed, and ends up strengthening the entire group that you lend your energy to.

For Pisces: This moon will put the focus on your goals and achievements, and show you how you are either nurturing or neglecting them. Being on a solid path forward is not always easy for you, as you prefer to follow a changing tide. But instead of being distracted by side projects and fantastical ideas, focus on your end goals so that you can know what steps to take in a concrete plan to achieve them. It’s hard to know what next action to take when it feels like all options are on the table. This can be a good time to refine your true goals by focusing on what your true motivations are. If it’s hard to know what you want, first think about what your values and beliefs are.



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