Welcome to the Cancer New Moon/Solar Eclipse!

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There is a new moon in Cancer on July 2nd at 12:17 pm (PST), which is also a solar eclipse. In two weeks, there will be a full moon/lunar eclipse in Capricorn, which will be connected to today’s eclipse. The theme of this pair of eclipses is the tension or balance between our private and public selves, our home and work lives, our emotional and authoritative selves. Who we are when we are in charge, and who we are when we allow ourselves to feel safe and supported. Who we are when we venture out and conquer, and who we are when we envelope ourselves in the comfort of the unconditional love available to us.  

The sun and moon are together in Cancer, the sign of home, the mother, unconditional love, shelter, and belonging. These themes may come up for you during this time, showing you where you have this in your life, where you feel it’s lacking, or where it’s accessible to you but perhaps not obvious. Cancer is linked to the moon, so the facets of ourselves that the moon affects—our emotions, our connectivity, our moods, our cycles—will be more present in our consciousness.

There is an oppositional pull between mother and father energies. The sun, moon, and the personal planets are clustered in or around Cancer, while some heavier, more global planets are clustered in or around Capricorn, the opposite sign, the sign of the father, in that it is about responsibility, rules, and structures, typically more masculine features.  Because there is some tension between these two opposite signs, and because the lunar eclipse that comes in two weeks will be in Capricorn, there is a lot to think about, feel, and process concerning our inner and outer lives, our private and public selves. Eclipses often bring changes to what’s happening around us, so that we are unable to ignore the changes that need to occur within ourselves.

Your sense of who you are in your work-life or in your public persona may be changing. You might be feeling that your work persona has become so linked to your private self, that the security that you crave in your home life has transferred to the security that work gives you, financially and with a sense of purpose. If either of these, home or work, feel insecure, the eclipse will push you towards finding a solution. You might suddenly realize that the way you’ve been proceeding simply isn’t working anymore. You might have neglected certain private needs in order to fulfill the needs of your public self. You might realize that the way you think of yourself is quite different than how others view you. (See the end of the newsletter for a small piece about the Midheaven, or MC! The MC is correlated with the 10th house of Capricorn, the house of status and public standing.) Perhaps you need to adjust the way you view yourself internally so that it more accurately fits with how others are viewing you. This can be a positive thing, as others might be looking to you with more admiration and authority than you thought.  Saturn and Pluto, both retrograde in Capricorn, might be pushing you for some substantial re-structuring in your life.

The personal planets of Mercury, Venus and Mars, are near Cancer, in Leo, Gemini and Leo, respectively. These signs are about how we engage with others, with words, love and care. Leo and Gemini want to connect, and want to express love through communication and play. These are tools for getting through this Cancer eclipse. The feeling of care and belonging that Cancer embodies, the sense of unconditional love, can find expression through these other planets and signs. Because Cancer can have a hard time reaching out or feeling comfortable enough to extend to others, and because these two eclipses are about balancing internal and external (NOT about withdrawing into yourself or retreating away from the world, though you might want to do this), you can look to these other planets to find ways of connection, finding fun ways to engage. Creativity, playfulness, jokes, conversations, etc. You might want to attend lectures, you might want to try out a new art form. These are all good options to find a balance of equal measures of inner and outer, without swinging too much in one direction.

Chiron in Aries is squaring this eclipse, pushing the sun and moon a little bit. Chiron in Aries has been making us focus on our wounds of individuality—showing us where we are insecure about the very things that make us special, showing us where we hold back our unique qualities instead of feeling good about expressing them. Chiron is always about healing the wound, so the motivation is good, but when our wounds of the self interact with our needs to feel safe and part of a family in this eclipse, it might be a bit of a hard time. Remember to use those other skills of the signs surrounding Cancer, in order to keep your energy active and engaged. Mercury and Mars in Leo is about taking action and expressing yourself through the motivation of mutual beneficially—the idea that you enjoy others and they enjoy you. Venus in Gemini is lively, flirtatious, and full of new ideas. Through accessing these energies, you can give yourself opportunities to connect with others, to shift old thought and behavior patterns, and bolster your self-esteem while you’re processing any emotions inside, or changes around you.


For Aries: This time is about finding a sense of security in your actual home and family. Feeling safe in your private internal life. Leaning into more receiving mode than action mode, being able to accept unconditional love. Aries is typically an independent personality, and so a sense of belonging does not come easily, and relying on others can be seen as an impediment rather than a support. Try to balance out how you interact with others in order to allow others to love and nurture you, without feeling like this is a crutch. Remind yourself of your capacity to love and support others, and how good it feels to actively give love to others. Allow those around you to experience this as well, towards you. 

For Taurus: Where you find home during this time is in connecting with others, with your immediate environment, and within the context of your life. You’re used to being grounded in your possessions and in a sense of familiarity and the known, but you’re being pushed to find security in learning new things, making new connections, and establishing yourself in your surroundings in an active, not passive way. It’s a time of initiating contact and connection with others, and of discovering new skills and interests. When you are feeling centered in yourself, and confident in the web of people and networks around you, pushing out of your comfort zone comes more easily. 

For Gemini: You can now find grounding and stability in self-worth and establishment in the material world — not due to status or as viewed by others, but truly grounding in the sense of concretely living in the world, including the natural environment. This time is good for moving from the mental to the physical. Befriending your body, seeing it as a home that moves through your life with you. You’re usually more in your head, so work on connecting with your physical body and environment more.

For Cancer: Use this time to heighten your sense of self, to find security within the capabilities of the self. Your ideas of what you can do can be stretched now, to include a much wider range of action. Take the reins now. Put your focus and awareness towards your abilities, goals, desires, and your will. Instead of being caught between the tensions of protectionism of the self and caretaking of others, think about what is right for you, what feels good for you, and what you want to do. Cultivate your own needs and desires, single-mindedly, and then you might find that your interactions with others can be more free and pleasurable.

For Leo: Finding home has more depth for you now, as it includes deeper questions of consciousness than normal for you. Connecting to an infinite sense of belonging in a spiritual sense can alleviate some anxiety, and the need to be seen by certain people. Instead you can relax into being seen by the whole of the universe, and connecting with a more universal energy. Tap into a more circular and intertwined idea of performer and audience, where you are both at once, and others are also simultaneously both at once. You can expand your sense of belonging in this way, so it’s not so black and white, but more fluid.

 For Virgo: This eclipse is about finding your place in community. Being a part of an equal communal humanity, not below, in service to others, and not above, in perfectionism, but in the mix with others. Work on your tendency to vacillate between a high and low state or sense of self, and instead focus on the ways that you are integral and valued, just by being in the middle of everything, the same way that everyone is. Work on bringing your visionary ideas to the forefront, without too much worry about validation from others about whether this is okay to do. Unconditional acceptance of the self is available to you now.

For Libra: You can work with ways to feel more comfortable in your public persona, and in your power. You prefer to not exert your status or authority in concrete ways, because you want everyone around you to feel good about you, and you may not have incorporated personal empowerment into your sense of self in a comfortable way. But, sometimes you need to place your personal ambitions in the forefront, and really go for something in a more structured way. You can work on how you present yourself to others, and how to nurture your individual path in life, without bending to pressure to please others too much.

For Scorpio: This emotional moon will point you towards the light. You can invest more of yourself in your journey and your path of seeking out more. Let yourself be taken on a ride of new knowledge and higher learning, whether personal or professional. Although you are more attuned to darkness, this is a time to follow the light in your life, to have hope and to work on attaining more for yourself. Widening your perspective, imagine yourself moving outward and expanding, rather than always just going deeper. The width of your thoughts and feelings are as important as the depth.

For Sagittarius: You can look for security within the darkness now, in intense individuality and understanding of the separateness of everyone. It’s time to delve into the shadows and check in with what’s hiding, in order to return to your light with deeper understanding. This is not a time to avoid anything. You need to face the truths from all angles, not just from an ideal or optimistic viewpoint. You can always return to your more comfortable place of looking upward, but now can be a good time to really acknowledge the shadows so that you can incorporate the wisdom there, as you move forward again.

For Capricorn: Look for ways to find home in partnership, instead of plowing ahead on your own at all costs. Friends and family, and especially partnerships, personal and professional, are crucial to your sense of belonging in the world. Depending on another person for support can be just as empowering as doing it yourself. Re-balance the way you do things to allow other people in, in an equal way. You don’t always have to be top dog. Our sense of feeling safe and free in the world relies on the generosity of the people around us, so cultivate that now.  

For Aquarius: Work on focusing your attention on how good it feels to help others. Look for ways to be in service to others— directing your ideas into more concrete practices, following through. Have more awareness of the details and steps of any project or idea you are working on, and see these steps as crucial ways to ensure its success. When you widen your scope to include how anything you do can also help others, the process and success of anything you do has a bigger reach, and in some ways lightens your load and makes you more efficient, keeps you from distractions and wastes of time. See yourself as someone whose ideas are beneficial to others, and this can give you a meaningful sense of purpose.

For Pisces: You can find comfort in the joy, romance, and play in your life. You might struggle with commitment, but looking for the benefits of commitment to your family and community, instead of focusing on what it might demand of you, can help you out now. We all need to feel that we belong, and a big part of that is dependent on how we take action and participate, and reach out. When we have fun doing something, it creates an opening for engagement with others, in a light and easy way. If something involving how you relate to your loved ones is feeling like a burden on you, try to look at it from the point of view of what it can offer you instead.

 Q & A!

Q: What are your thoughts on the Midheaven & Nadir, and the energy that is available to us when we consciously try to work with them? 

A: My understanding of the Midheaven, or MC, is that because it falls at the beginning of the 10th house, at the very top of the birth chart, it is really about how we function in a public sense, how other people see us, and how we can take advantage of our natural qualities that are expressed externally. The midheaven signals the height of the sun, so it is the full expression of Sun energy, which is straightforward, honest, and joyful. It is also a very intentional way of being, when we know we are being watched and want to perform at our highest level. It is a more mature version of our self. The Nadir, or IC, is the opposite, falling at the beginning of the 4th house, or the house of home and the interior self. This is more of an indication of how we function privately or when we feel totally safe. We might have no self-consciousness here, and express ourselves in a more instinctual way. This is more about our childhood self, who might be more reactive, and is still learning. The 4th house is related to the Moon, so it is a more mysterious and darker energy than the Sun. This dichotomy can help us to better understand the different ways that we function alone, in relationships, and with the public, or in work situations. This pairing is different than the opposition of the North and South Nodes, which are more about the path of the soul over lifetimes, and show us where we can stretch out of our comfort zones in order to evolve, moving from South to North over a lifetime. The Midheaven and Nadir can show us how to balance the different facets of ourselves, as we are always embodying both a private and public self. Because these will always be opposites, it gives us a lot to think about when we work on ourselves intentionally, and a lot of work to do in order to integrate these two different ways of being! When you look at the pairing of the two signs that make up your MC and IC, you can focus on how to work with the highest expressions of these two signs, and look for ways that they can support and supplement each other, rather than work against each other. 

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