Welcome to the Aquarius Full Moon!

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Welcome to the Full Moon in Aquarius!

There is a full moon in Aquarius on August 15th at 5:29 am (PST). This moon is opposite the Leo sun, and Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Leo. The sun and Venus are in the closest proximity of all these planets, in a conjunction. This lends a sweetness and positivity to the whole experience of this full moon. The sun conjunct Venus means that our actions and will is filtered through the refined pleasure seeking of Venus. This is a time to use honey rather than vinegar, and being sweet and gentle will help you get what you want, even in more intense or unpleasant situations.

The sun in Leo is all about our attachments to others, in the sense of families and kin, those people whom we have firm links and ties to. MY parents, MY children, MY siblings, etc. These are people you can’t get away from even if you wanted to. Because Aquarius is the opposite of this, there is detachment there, and a looser sense of attachment. Aquarius is about the larger family of humanity, and it has a more loose net—people who are connected to you through different aspects of your human nature can come in and out of your life as your nature attracts or repels through time.  

Leo’s sense of creativity stems from the security of being attached to a secure bloodline, or a distinct group of connected people. Creativity can feel like a risky venture, and Leo prefers to express itself while feeling confident from being enfolded within a specific network. On the other hand, Aquarius’s visionary thought process stems from the freedom of dis-attachment. Because Aquarius is so out of the box, the kinship ties of Leo would feel too constraining or limiting. Aquarius wouldn’t be able to be as free with the familial obligations that Leo thrives on. Aquarius then needs to find some sort of ties to feel anchored to, in order to not feel lost. This is often the self, as Aquarius can be a loner, but it can also be the larger and broader connection to the whole world, or the chosen groups we form, the collectives we align ourselves with.

Uranus is the planet that is most closely correlated with Aquarius—the planet of disruption and discovering new, radical perspective. During this moon, Uranus will be square Mercury, the planet of communication. We might find that the ways we usually communicate or send messages to others are disrupted, in order to eventually find the right language to express in a more visionary way. We can’t necessarily communicate new ideas with the same old language or networks. Some ideas are so strange and outside of our normal consciousness that we need to seek out unusual methods to explain ourselves to others. Or, we can come to old problems with new solutions, by thinking in a different way. Don’t discount any glitch or brain fart you might have, instead see if it can point you towards seeing something new. 

The sun and Venus conjunction with this moon will also affect how we make connections. Venus and the sun are social planets, influencing how we link up with others, how we express ourselves, and send energy outward. With Venus influencing the sun, we might be more inclined to spend more money, to be more romantic, and to really be more present in our experiences. 

All full moons can act as triggers for us, because they want to spill out whatever has been bottled up, or has been collecting within us. It’s a time of release, to let go after a build-up. The release with Aquarius may be less emotional and more psychological. It asks us to expand our consciousness and thoughts, to be able to connect more with a collective consciousness. To move beyond our individual blocks in order to connect more deeply with the entire human experience. If we are triggered by this motivation of the moon, it can show us where we are fearful, where we cling to our personal identities and neurosis in order to feel secure. Expanding our minds can be de-stabilizing, so we might need to shore up our faith in ourselves, outside of the established descriptions of our families and cultures. Work on being present within yourself, being able to sit with your own mind, and recognizing the thought patterns that might trap you into a smaller or more painful consciousness. This time is about stretching your mind, doing mental yoga in order to change your ideas of what is possible, and sending your energy freely wherever it wants to go. A lot of our anxieties at this time can be about feeling too weird, too different, too strange. That our point of view is not conforming with the norm, and that this is a negative thing. But really, a variety of points of view are always needed. We all get stuck in our own minds, and it’s mentally freeing to see things from the perspective of others. And then, we can take it or leave it, and we should remember that everyone has agency to do this, that we can be free to express our ideas and others are free to listen or not, to agree with or not, to incorporate into their own ideas or not, and that’s fine. Aquarius does not have the sense of familial obligation that Leo does, where we might feel that we have a duty to agree with, or be the same as, our family. This full moon may bring to light tension or conflict around where we believe ourselves to be too bound to others, too responsible for others’ happiness, to the point where it’s a job and not based on an enjoyable connection. Opening this up starts with our own ideas about ourselves.

This moon can be about finding our own ways to be ourselves, within the confines of our families, even when we find those to be limiting. It’s about learning to appreciate those unique qualities in ourselves, even if we can’t see just how different and special they are. You might not know that others find your point of view fascinating and informative, unless you position yourself within humanity in a way where you can also see and appreciate what is within you. This moon is about understanding that your input is wanted and valued by others, that they want your influence and your specific magic. There might be some friction here in terms of dealing with your family, and your freedom to be your highest self within it. You could think back to the Leo eclipse of August 21, 2017, which also instigated some wounds around family dynamics, remember what was triggered then, and what has been healed since then.  

For Aries:

This full moon falls in the area of your life that is outside of ordinary. Anything that you believe that is radical or visionary or progressive, in a way that might feel unsustainable, or too weird, can be re-envisioned so that it makes sense in your world view. Remember that we all need to see things sideways sometimes, that reality is not set in stone, and we need the dreamers and magical thinkers to evolve us out of our rigid thinking. Because you are a natural leader, people look up to you, and use you as a model, whether or not you feel like you have that authority. You make people believe that things are possible, due to your go get ‘em drive. Use this full moon to shed any blocks to driving yourself forward, down an unknown road. The Leo sun is a supportive energy for this, as Leo really believes in itself and what it can do. You are typically not as eager to be in the spotlight as Leo, but during this time it might be good to make yourself more visible, so that people can better understand your revolutionary ideas.

For Taurus:

This full moon is about your public face, and your career. These are things that can cause anxiety for you, because your comfort zone is at home, where things are predictable and stable. But, you also have to recognize that your talents are best expressed out in the world. In your interactions with the greater world, and in your ambitions, you might find some tension between wanting to be free to embody all your unique thoughts, but also wanting to be liked, which can lead to us playing it safe. Your tendency is to hold back even as you can’t help but want to share and revel in life with others. Find new ways to allow yourself new options of being, without needing to make everything concrete and secure. There is a safety net of human connection that you can trust in.

For Gemini:

This moon might find you more open to an expansion of thought and movement. You’re already eager for new ideas and conversations, but you can widen your curiosity even more, into a philosophy of curiosity. There is a Buddhist philosophy book called Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind, which you can embody now. Having an open mind, so that everything is a potential lesson, but in a way that opens you up to universal wisdom. Using your mind not just to engage with stimulation, but to really process into a sense of cohesive understanding. This can lead you into new territory and give you an exciting feeling of inventiveness.

For Cancer:

Despite the fact that an Aquarius moon is less emotional and more intellectual, it might hit you in those areas of emotional intensity that you haven’t yet processed, and might be avoiding. It’s important that you face these issues of major impact, like a loved one’s death, or a problematic relationship to money, or sexual trauma, so that you can move beyond it. This full moon is a tension between thoughts and action, and when our thoughts are tangled up, we can’t take proper action. Finding freedom via the un-gripping of Aquarius, finding release of our wounds through letting our thoughts shift, can all be helpful now. The Leo energy of reminding us of our familial responsibilities can support your natural motivation of always seeking home in your surroundings, but you might need to step up your game as far as how you process, detach from, and move on from the emotions that are causing you pain. Yes you might have to face things that are scary and overwhelming, but they affect you whether or not you are consciously thinking of them, so it’s better to find new ways to confront your fear rather than repress it.

For Leo:

This full moon will force you to move your focus away from yourself and towards the perspective of the opposite of yourself, the audience to your performance. Finding more tolerance with others and their needs will help you to secure your place in your relationships. The Aquarius moon is in tension with the Leo sun as far as you go, because you’ll want to use the sun’s energy to exert more of your perspective, but the moon won’t be satisfied until you pull back some. This may show itself in your relationship or partnership, where you’ll have to step back from your powerful emotions and strong will in order to make space for the needs of the other. You can be a strong support for your partner, and your passion is never questioned, but whether your partner can truly be their authentic self with you may be an issue. Find the strength to ask and to listen to what their point of view is. This moon can be a teacher of how to disengage with your emotional responses enough to learn what is needed from you for your partner, so that you can emotionally re-connect in a more intimate and bonding way. 

For Virgo:

You might find yourself in a struggle with your thoughts about your own value during this moon. It could trigger questions of whether your actions are productive and virtuous enough, at the same time that you might be more inclined towards leisure and enjoyment. This is an important question to spend time with, especially as your ideas of self-esteem are directly linked to the validity of your actions. You can work on expanding your sense of what health and well-being means—it doesn’t have to be just taking care of all the loose ends and being as efficient as possible. Both the Aquarius moon and the Leo sun show us the ways that human ties and links are important for health of the emotions and psyche. You don’t have to be a solitary workhorse in order to deserve your place on earth. Expand your ideas about what it means to “work”, and remember that working on family and community relationships is just as important as other productive work.

For Libra:

This a time for you to open up in how you view yourself in terms of what you contribute to your family, whether it’s your kin or your chosen family. What can you offer others is always on your mind, but you can learn to tap into a more intuitive sense of what they might need from you. Instead of being literal about things, look for a deeper sense of knowing or wisdom that comes more from inside, that forms from the energetic links between you and those you love. This is a whole new landscape of knowledge that comes through the body and its movement, rather than the workings of the mind.

For Scorpio:

This eccentric Aquarius moon can help you to find your footing in your personal life. You tend to thrive on feeling different, which Aquarius does to, but your emotions can overwhelm in a way that Aquarius doesn’t feel. A zen detachment can be helpful for you, to try to move towards a sense of peace through mastery rather than through destruction. This full moon will test you in that the Leo sun will try to engage your dramatic side, while the moon will try to direct you to a more enlightened place. Remember that while you may have a keen awareness of how things inevitably fall apart, you also need to have a sense of security in life in order to be able to fully actualize yourself, as we all do.

For Sagittarius:

Because Sagittarius is linked to higher learning, there is always sense of responsibility or seriousness to it. This unusual moon will hit you in the area of a lighter mental exploration, without a heavy purpose or goal. The Aquarius moon can push you to engage in a sillier or goofier way, opening up new avenues of connection for you. You can connect more with the people or places you see regularly, but perhaps seeing them in a new way, finding new aspects of them to engage with. Use the Leo Venus and sun to point you towards more fun and creativity.

For Capricorn:

This moon can be a good time to do some self-evaluation. Although you can be emotionally in control, it isn’t necessarily always due to self-understanding. Avoiding expressing yourself isn’t the same as mastering your emotions. Look to your own personal resources and sense of self that go beyond what you think you’re capable of. The Aquarius moon likes to bend or break the rules, and you are a very rule-based sign. Find ways to stretch your boundaries. You can benefit from adding a more visionary quality to your very grounded and realistic perspective—it can help you to develop your output and to manifest even more of what you want.

For Aquarius:

This full moon is about your tendency to fade into the background rather than let yourself shine. Each sign holds a connection to the opposite sign, and can have fear of what the opposite embodies. Aquarius may fear the boastful quality of Leo, so it tends to negate its own power and influence over others, pulling back too much for fear of out-shining someone else. You can find ways to express yourself and share yourself with others, once you’ve allowed yourself the luxury of connecting with your own self-interest.  

For Pisces:

This moon may be a time of retreat for you. All the Leo energy is a lot of action-oriented motivation, and you are more of an observer and processer. The moon can point you towards new ways of connecting that don’t alienate, but connect. When you’re torn between two ways of being, of retreat into safety or pushing forward into the unknown, now is a time to discover how to navigate new territories without getting lost. Aquarius holds a lot of hope and excitement for the new, which can help you whenever you get jaded or disillusioned. The future is a bright light that you can follow.


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