Welcome to the Virgo New Moon!

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There is a new moon in Virgo on August 30th at 3:38 am (PST).

The sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Virgo. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde. Jupiter is in Sagittarius.

This new moon is about the details, amplified by almost all of the outer planets in retrograde motion, the motion of do-over and refining. The only outer planet not in retrograde is Jupiter in Sagittarius, which only went direct earlier this month. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a lucky placement, which helps to counteract all the contractions of both Virgo and the retrogrades. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and beneficial gifts, so of course we want to harness its energy, and we’d do that now through the energy of Sagittarius, which is about journeying out, learning more, pushing the boundaries in a masterful way. It’s the joy of knowledge and wisdom, as the light that guides us into the unknown, so it lends a nice sense of confidence.

Virgo, an earth sign, while competent and intelligent, can lack the confidence of a fire sign, and even the conviction of the other earth signs. It is a doubter, more like the air signs—a skeptic. It likes to have proof of the validity of its thoughts. Virgo is last negotiation with the self before the zodiac moves into the Libra realm of partnership, and entry into the more public sphere of the zodiac circle. Our public selves are like the outer rings of our auras—more of an expression of our self-knowledge than the source of that self-knowledge. Virgo is our connecting point to our inner wisdom. Trust is a huge issue here; Virgo knows of the sanctity of our internal wisdom, but at the same time desires outside validation of it. Pisces is the sign opposite, and we can always look to the opposing sign to see what the shadow of a sign is, where the blocks to higher expression might be. Pisces is about spiritual surrender and immersion in the inner landscape, sometimes at the expense of practicality and logic. So Virgo can have fear of this surrender, and can instead immerse itself into the physical realities of details and facts and minutiae, as a way to keep the dissolving nature of Pisces at bay.

Virgo needs to learn to trust that things know what they are, to allow autonomy of all energies so that they can manifest as they know how to do. This is the healing aspect of Virgo, to learn how to allow and trust. Left to its own, without refinement, Virgo is the micro-manager, control freak, dissatisfied perfectionist. Instead, we can work on tapping into the idea of service and healing that Virgo embodies, even turning this concept of service inward. How can we be of service to ourselves, how can we refine our thoughts and minds to serve our soul’s needs? How can we learn to trust our inner beings, our bodies, our intuitions, and allow them to follow the course they know to follow. A flower doesn’t question its natural instinct to blossom, it simply does what it knows to do. Our natural state as a living being is pure self-knowledge moving into self-expression, and our thoughts can be healed so that they allow authentic expression of this self-knowledge, without interference. Because Virgo is the sign before Libra, the sign of partnership and reflection in others, it is extremely self-conscious and self-aware. This can be done in a higher vibration, where it works on strengthening its own knowledge of self in order to be a good mirror for a partner, or it can be lower vibration, where it learns to self-police and anticipate the needs of others, striving to meet them and inevitably failing, because that is not authentic self-expression, and authentic self-expression is our natural function, our main path to self-actualization, and what we inherently know to do, just as a flower blossoms.   

Virgo is about containment— we are the container, the vessel, of energy, so it rules everything about the structure of the self: physical health, mental clarity, daily routines, work and service.

The focus is on what we do and how we do it.  Pisces as the opposite is the pure experience of the divine self, and Virgo is about what wraps around that experience, what we can do to best embody ourselves and the inner soup of knowledge that we tap into via our Pisces intuition. Virgo is what puts it into words, into meaning and sense. It observes and re-constructs , makes meaning, while Pisces just feels. Virgo is about using the mind in the best way to allow the inner self to embody and express itself. The inner self holds all experience—we have nothing but our own experience of living. Virgo needs to hold the balance between pure experience and how we contain it. How we communicate about it to others, how we turn it into logic. The potential neurosis of Virgo comes from the difficulty of this reconciliation of pure magic and mundane reality. 

Virgo helps us to see and to know how to honor the self. This is a good time to harness the skills and tools we need to better our health, our daily practices, and our connection to the needs of the inner soul. Virgo is an analytical earth sign, meaning it is a bridge between our mind and body, in service of the soul and the energy that flows from inside of us. The chakra system feels like a Virgo system—it’s a series of energy centers than originate in our bodies and energies, but create meaning through our understanding of them, which enables healing and deeper understanding of the self. When I experience a sensation in a chakra center, whether it’s a contraction or an opening of it, the sensation can be elevated by my mental processing of the feeling, and by making intellectual connections to a system of knowledge. The feeling is brought into focus by mental understanding, and healing can then proceed.

For Aries: This is a time for, again, truly attempting to establish boundaries, structures, routines, that can benefit you. Schedules can be hard for you, as you require freedom to ignite any new ideas that come to you. But, there is always the danger of burning out and returning to square one, instead of building on your momentum. You trip yourself up by resisting efficient practices and routines. Try to bring more alignment between your impulses and the patterns of life that can provide support for you. This is about building a bridge ahead of you, using your intentional mental conceptions and physical practices, instead of burning bridges behind you by your emotional reactions.

For Taurus: This moon can show you how to be of service in an unconditional, embracing way—your own insecurities and a desire for concrete establishment can lead to not naturally knowing how to nurture others in what they need. Your biggest lesson in life is how to care for the self, how to give the self what it needs, but this often comes from a fear of lack—a fear of loss and abandonment. This is a time to embrace what is abundant, what is generative and creative, what is changing and evolving and not staying still. Learning how to nurture others in their own journey rather than vicariously nurturing your own journey through them. It can be hard for you to disagree and endure conflict because it feels out of control, but there is so much life and energy in those moments of being out of control, while in the flow of things.

For Gemini: For this new moon, you can address any instability you might be feeling in your life. There is a sense of being humbled with a Virgo moon, that we can strip down to the bare bones and find ourselves there, without all the bells and whistles. Work on finding who that person is and what they need, outside of your persona of yourself. Settling into yourself and feeling at home there is important, and although it’s not as flashy and easily engaging as the outside world, it’s vital that our inner worlds are healthy and strong.  

For Cancer: This moon is good for refining your communication skills, so that you can be a little less at the mercy of others, but feel more secure in your own ideas and thoughts. Trust of the self is a big lesson with a Virgo moon, and in your case, you can work on establishing that trust through the language you use. Standing up for yourself, not being passive in your language, and asserting yourself in a way that feels right to you. You don’t need everyone to agree with you, or even understand you, because there is a lot of pleasure to be found just in expressing yourself and making your own intellectual mental connections.

For Leo: This moon can bring some focus for you, and help you work on settling down and home-steading. Your energy can be hard to contain, but that’s what’s on your plate now. Finding ways to structure your life in a better way, in order to support your passions, whether it’s family or creativity, or both. You might have a feeling of constriction with this new moon, but the purpose of this constriction is to provide sharper focus. The energy of the heart is fuzzy and expansive, but sometimes we need to hone this energy in order to elevate the things we do in our lives, and enable another level of accomplishment.

For Virgo: This new moon can help you to view the self as a container, learning how to best contain the energy inside you. The energy inside of you is what’s most important, but sometimes you can get stuck on the value of the outside container. Doing things correctly is important to you, but doing things according in your inner compass is also important, even when it goes against what you think you should do. Restructuring your sense of your identity so that it supports yourself above all else is valuable now. We can learn to shake off the conditioning that prioritizes others’ needs above ours, and learn to integrate our own desires more authentically into our actions.

For Libra: Finding spiritual satisfaction for yourself, within yourself, is important now. The internal mirror is as important as the external one, but it can be hard for you to pull away from the outside world and focus on yourself. Going deeper into your relationships to access the more universal connections between people, going deeper into your psyche and feeling unconditional love. Work with your routines and practices to find healing paths for yourself, and work on breaking down any perfectionism you might have that can block more universal acceptance and connection.

For Scorpio: Use this moon as a connecting force to strengthen your community bonds. Instead of isolating yourself, or picking fights with others, work on finding commonality. You can still have the focus on yourself, especially if you are currently intentionally working on yourself, but spread it out a little so that your scope of the self includes all of humanity. Instead of having a microscope on yourself and your unique-ness, try to see how your unique-ness fits into the greater puzzle of everyone’s unique-ness. It’s important for you to have a job or a mission so that your energy doesn’t go to waste, so give yourself some tasks to complete, that work on involving you with your surroundings.

For Sagittarius: This is a cleanup time for you, in terms of your career path and public persona. If things feel scattered or displaced, it’s a time to gather together and re-evaluate. The Virgo energy is good for discernment, for making decisions about what works and what doesn’t. You are careful not to discard any possibilities for yourself, but when it comes to following through and setting down roots, too many options can be paralyzing, and you might just throw it all away to set yourself free. Instead, work on making choices and making a plan based on those choices.  

For Capricorn: Finding your way to your emotions in order to use them as a guidepost or internal compass can be hard for you. With this new moon, you can try out new strategies of accessing emotion without it being too overwhelming. Knowledge is key here, and you can tap into learning about esoteric or metaphysical systems as a way to understand energy without having to override your super realistic world-view. Look into connecting the dots in a more intellectual way in order to gain emotional wisdom, which helps us to know the best way to move forward.

For Aquarius: This new moon is a good time for addressing the skeletons in the closets, the loose ends, the dirt under the rug. Since avoidance is a tendency you have, it’s good to begin practicing energetic spring-cleaning now and then, so that things don’t build up and affect you subconsciously. Look for ways that you can transform any negative energy into something more positive. This is the function of healing, that although we can’t change the past, we can defuse any negative emotional charge that past events hold for us, allowing us to let go more easily. Being free of emotional attachments benefits you and lets you thrive more readily, so it’s certainly worth working on.

For Pisces: Using the tools on hand to better relate to others, to partners and loved ones. Using the tools on hand to learn how to move out of the self and connect with others in positive ways. It can be hard to get people to understand you— everything is felt so deeply and usually without the language to express it. There is no language powerful enough to explain what you feel. But, we can try, because it’s helpful for us, and it’s helpful for others, to at least attempt to organize our thoughts in a way that they can be translated for others. Instead of getting trapped inside yourself, work on ways that join you with others, that link you to the habits and details of life that we can share among loved ones.



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