Welcome to the Pisces Full Moon!

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There is a full moon in Pisces on September 13th (a Friday!), at 9:35pm (PST).

 This moon is appropriate for the superstitious date of Friday the 13th, as Pisces is the sign of secretive and haunted places, intuition, the spiritual world, and the expansive imagination. We might feel pulled towards our inner landscape, and feel that there is a large universe held inside, as large or larger as the one outside of us. Pisces is a sign of multiplicities, and of outer space, so we might be drawn towards some more occult or strange thoughts and feelings. It’s important to give these enough time and space, as we don’t always have access to them, and it can be fun and rewarding to experience them. The sun is in Virgo, a very realistic place for it to be, and is more concerned with tasks, drudgery and efficiency. Virgo is the intersection with the outer world, how we engage with that, while Pisces is the intersection and engagement with the inner world. We will want to spend more time alone, spend more time in our own heads, more time spacing out and just soaking up all the energetic vibrations that we are now more attuned to. Your sleep might be more disrupted during this time—all full moons can lead to insomnia, but a Pisces full moon can be more so. Try to go with this and see what nighttime can hold for you, what you can sink into and learn from. Trying a guided meditation if you can’t sleep, rather than tossing and turning, would help in going with the flow.  

While the moon is in Pisces, the sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in Virgo. The day after this moon, Mercury and Venus will move into Libra, so this moon is very potent with the culmination of Virgo energy, before it transitions into Libra, especially in how you communicate and express love in your life. The pull will be towards self-care and self-management, but heading towards more cooperation and inclusiveness, as they move into Libra. All of this is opposed by the Pisces energy, and the moon energy, which is much more deep and internal. Full moons are about a building up and then a release, which is why they can be so emotionally overwhelming. Everything that needs healing is potentially up for consideration, and Pisces wounds are particularly intense, and relate to consciousness and the spiritual self, rather than the more mundane things that other signs rule.  If you start to feel like your very concept of yourself, or sense of self, is more flexible or malleable during this time, sort of pulling apart and drifting away, try to work with this energy instead of against it. A healthy form of expansion and release, and then a coming together or contracting in a new way, can be a way to refresh your sense of self, and become more present in the current moment, without old baggage. Anytime we disintegrate, we always re-integrate again. It’s a temporary situation. Re-integration of the self is a way to consciously choose the parts of our lives and selves in a way that works best for us, so it’s a great thing to periodically do. It’s like when we sleep—we lose control over our conscious thoughts, and our thoughts become extremely loose and flexible and absurd as we dream, as a way to safely release and cleanse them from our energy, and then we wake up refreshed, with all the mental and emotional space we need for our day. If you are someone who deals with sleep issues, now is a great time to really address them. Sleep is vital for life, for our waking health, but also for our unconscious, spiritual health.  Sleep issues can show how the Virgo-esque need for control feels more safe than the Pisces-esque surrender into the unknown. Healthy sleep requires that we completely let our guard down and become super vulnerable, and trust that we will be kept safe within this surrender. Working on letting yourself enter into this trust and safety can be helpful to work against insomnia, night-time anxiety, and teeth-clenching. Again, guided meditations can be helpful here, even if you fall asleep while they are still going, because they can access the unconscious and work on making it feel secure.

Pisces can ask you to release your imagined control over life. We often cause ourselves pain by assuming that we can control things that we can’t actually, and so are frustrated when things go out of our control, instead of relaxing into being a passenger in the ride of life. This can be as small as how we make choices in our daily lives, to as large as how we view our mortality and physical health. Pisces can be thought of as the final disintegration of the self, as it is the final sign in the zodiac. It can simultaneously be the culmination of all the signs, containing all of them. It can be a tricky sign to embody, for those who have Pisces sun, the act of living can sometimes lack clarity or focus, as the wisdom of Pisces means that Pisces natives know that all options are open.

For Aries: This is a time to embrace your spiritual connection, and really own it in a way that works best for you. Becoming more spiritual is not a race to win, or a job to do in the best way, it’s a completely different thing. It asks for retreat, for finding an internal safe space for contemplation, for shining your light inward rather than outward. Find your way into this retreat without it dragging you to a dark place—the calm inside doesn’t have to feel boring or lonely, it’s actually a full and abundant place. Find ways to be alone without feeling alone; find ways to be active within a more passive space.

For Taurus: Use this moon to find deeper connection with those around you, from your close friends to people you just chat with for a second in passing. Finding connection with the people who surround you can be a good way to ground yourself within the wider web of humanity and life. When you feel lost, you tend to search for grounding in the material world, by either creating or purchasing or consuming something. For now, try something different. Try instead to find your place with other people, through shared interests and hobbies, through conversation and team activities. When you return to your material world, you’ll have new insight and shared perspectives to explore. 

For Gemini: You can work on finding deeper meaning within your work life, and your career path. Whenever you’re feeling resistance towards something, it’s actually pointing you towards what is better for you. For instance, in work, you might feel tied down or restricted if you don’t have freedom to form your own ideas and connections. Instead of struggling against this, you can look for options that allow, and even encourage your natural traits. Or even just a schedule that gives you enough flexibility. You don’t need to tie yourself down to a structure that doesn’t work for you, but you do need to find a structure that works for you. An option of giving up and resigning to feeling dissatisfied will only repress your enthusiasm for life, and cause bitterness and resentment.

For Cancer: This moon is about finding courage, finding the bravery to forge your own path. So, one way to help you put yourself front and center instead of holding back, is through a strong spiritual connection. Because you require a strong self of security, you don’t want to get stuck in your path at times when you don’t feel this as strongly as you’d like. Evolving yourself means that you have to push yourself, and develop the skills that take you to the next step. Go inward and draw from your core self. Learning ways to manage and control your emotions so that they don’t paralyze you is helpful—if anything comes up at this time that is emotionally triggering, perhaps connected to a new concept you’re working on, work on finding ways for your emotions to help you, to keep you connected to your mission, rather than pulling you away from it. If you spend time alone at this time, it’s best to do it in a productive way that keeps you engaged mentally or energetically, like reading a book or going on a nature walk.  

For Leo: This time is about emotional release of anything you are holding onto as a secret, or a hidden shame. There may be things in your life that can no longer function with so much energy being taken up to hide or keep feelings close to you and protected. In fact, it’s antithetical to your natural way of being, which requires openness and strong vulnerability. Try to go with the flow as far as where your emotions are taking you—whatever path your emotions want to go down, follow them and work on uncovering what’s hidden there, and integrating it into the light of the rest of your being. Nothing in the human experience inherently has shame, it’s something that we put onto certain experiences and change our behavior to keep hidden whatever is attached to that shame. Your embrace of the total human experience needs to transcend shame for yourself, so that you can help others transcend their own shame.  

For Virgo: This moon is about moving beyond your physical boundaries into a more energetic space. The people we connect with are good conduits for entering this energetic zone—we automatically let ourselves feel more and connect to these feelings when we’re with who we love. Don’t question this movement or this shift into a more ephemeral space, with another person. You can learn to trust your feelings more, without concepts of proof or measurable effects, just by gauging your emotional state in different situations. In our partnerships, we should feel comfortable and supported on an energetic level, regardless of what’s happening temporarily on the surface. There can be a consistent bond between you and your partner than transcends daily ups and downs, but you have to provide half of that bond, through feeling and emotional intention.

For Libra: You can work now on how to maintain your self, your health and well-being, while being in relationship with another. Rather than losing yourself in the needs of another, it’s time to focus on yourself and what the right fuel is for you. You can tap into universal energy to replenish yourself, you can access healing modalities to support yourself. Whatever you choose to try out at this time, remember that life is not about finding balance at the cost of deeper investigation, but about using that deeper investigation into the self in order to establish homeostasis within yourself, regardless of what that investigation brings to light. Finding balance within conflict and contradiction, not through avoiding it. You might feel like you want more privacy in your emotional processing now—you don’t have to share every feeling you have, as this can create a burden of responsibility, instead of creating allowance and movement for your changing feelings.  

For Scorpio: Another moon of contradictions—finding how you can support others by retreating inwards and supporting yourself there. This moon is about establishing purpose to everything you’re feeling. A water moon is always emotional—and this one is particularly about how to use emotions in a less explosive way. Using them to make connections and build bridges rather than burning them. It’s imperative that you learn how to direct your powerful emotions into the best outlets for you, and for everyone around you. You can’t just skip to the release without processing why you’re feeling the way you are. The processing is where the meat is, where the wisdom is. Spend some time finding new ways of processing that involve interaction and engagement with others, with the world.  

For Sagittarius: Your home is an important aspect of your life, something you can take pride in, which represents your experiences and travels. But often you are conflicted about wanting to be at home and wanting to be away from home—your natural journey is about exploration. But you also need to feel secure, and this moon can show you places where you don’t feel secure, where you can work on re-establishing your roots in your life, both physically in your home, and also with your friends and family. Roots and lineage are valuable foundations for you to spring forward from, so make sure to work on healing any rifts or discomfort you have with them, in order to counteract any desire to leave or run away from them.

For Capricorn: Your desire to find more emotional connection can come into play now with your network of people. Friends, co-workers, colleagues, and neighbors, are all people who don’t just provide a backdrop for your life, but they provide meaning and make the world make sense. Your independence can use some support now, via your environment and daily interactions. A Pisces full moon will be a pull between being active and passive, with passivity and reception feeling more appropriate emotionally. Let yourself receive all the insight and wisdom that is gleaned from immersion into your immediate surroundings, without holding yourself separate in order to maintain control. Those around you help shape who you are, which is a good thing.

For Aquarius: You can work on finding your self-image in a more solid way, on learning to rely on others, on the facts of your life, and on reality in some way. Your powerful imagination sometimes leads you to drift away from your anchors, as you are always open to new possibilities. But, you can find balance between the more concrete and more fluid aspects of your life, still allowing for change and growth as needed. You can establish greater links to those people and things you care about by expressing your affection, in sharing with others, and in giving of yourself to others. People appreciate being gifted specifically, but you exist in a more general type of space, not focusing yourself on one person, but on the whole. It might seem selfish to you to direct your energy on just one person or one moment, but focused shared connection is valuable now. You resist feeling ownership over anyone or any object, but claiming connection can be powerful.

For Pisces: This moon is one of contradictions for you—it asks you to dive deep into yourself, while also working on your external identity and how you present yourself. But, both things are related, are mirrors of each other, so ideally when you are authentic in one, you are also authentic in another. Work on reconciling all different parts of yourself—Pisces is a multi-faceted sign, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t establish a solid sense of self for yourself, as a way to make your path in life easier. You get to determine how people respond to you, by asserting yourself as you want to. Tap into your imagination to visualize yourself from the outside, and then work on integrating this vision into your daily experience. There can be balance between your internal experience of the self, and how others experience you.


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