Tarot Reading for the week of August 19th, 2019


The blossoming flower spread for this week came to me because the energy of this week felt like spring time, like a new start is available to us.

The top three cards are the flower—what is blossoming, the middle two going vertically are the stem—what can help us to grow, and support us, and the two side cards are the leaves—what we can eventually shed.  

Blossoming Flower: The Fool (reversed), 6 of Pentacles (reversed), and the Ace of Cups (reversed).

The motivational power of new, lighter, energy is strong, but our resistance is strong too. Reversed cards can show us how we are resisting change and creating blocks for ourselves, in the arenas described in the cards.

There is a strong spring-like energy of new refreshment of ourselves—when we are in the thick of summer, time seems to expand and we can devote more of ourselves to our interests and passions, which in turn gives us new hope and energy. All these cards that are reversed are not negative, but instead show us what’s possible. So we have the potential for new beginnings, for being able to receive more, for approaching life from the heart more. The Fool card is our guidepost in the dark, our trust and sensing ability, and our ability to just let it flow. It can be hard to go with the flow because the letting go of the grip that is requires feels uncomfortable. Even when we are enjoying ourselves, we might be conditioned to anticipate something going wrong, taking a turn, and we need to be on the defense and ready to act. Except, that might never happen, and by resisting the tide that is carrying us, we make it harder on ourselves. Practice small ways of surrendering to trust. This is not a giving up or a naïve blindness, this is a smart trust, actually following your intuition and your sense of what’s happening around you. There is so much good that is there, for instance when you trust the beginning of a romance and so let yourself connect deeply, and therefore create a loving, bonded relationship, rather than applying any distrust to it and creating a less tight and secure bond, and therefore a less intimate and loving relationship. We create our realities, and a large part of this grows out from either our optimism or our pessimism.  The 6 of Pentacles is about acknowledging what we need for ourselves, which supports our ability to embody the Fool energy of trust and optimism. 6 of Pentacles means we take for ourselves the space, the time, and the resources that we need to support ourselves to be our best selves, not in a material way, but as a way to support our soul’s desires.  Reversed, it shows we need to stop denying ourselves what we need to thrive. Ace of Cups, also reversed, means we can work on approaching our days and our lives from a place of love and positive intention. I often get this card when I ask what I need to do to maintain my spiritual connection, and this gives the answer that there is not a rigid practice I need to start doing, but instead just approach everything I do with a loving intention. This alone will strengthen my spiritual practice, because when we act with love and not fear, we are not denying the existence of spirit, but embodying and honoring it.

Supporting Stem: The Lovers and the 8 of Swords.

These show us what our foundation is made of now, what we can draw on for strength as we try to embody more loving and open energy this week. The Lovers is a card of integration, of merging and connection, of growing loving energy. The 8 of Swords can be somewhat negative in certain contexts, but here with the Lovers card, we’ll look at the positive message it can be telling us, because the Lovers carries such a positive charge. The 8 of Swords acknowledges how our internal emotional blocks actually manipulate our behaviors, and lead to us getting stuck in certain behaviors that we might consciously not choose to do, if we could. The 8 of Swords tells us that we can choose to escape these patterns, it’s hard work, but we can start to shift our behaviors so that they move us out of feeling trapped. By transcending ourselves, we shift into the space of the Lovers, where we can more freely connect with others, letting them get close to us, without barriers or walls up. The Lovers is not always about romance, it can also be about a mutually loving co-existence of anything, that expands out and allows a loving vibration to take on a life of it’s own. It’s stepping into alignment, so we can work on allowing ourselves to be in alignment when it comes to us, instead of reminding ourselves of all the reasons that we can’t just relax into the tide and let it take us. We don’t always have to try so hard, and the 8 of Swords can show us how when we work too hard we can sometimes get ourselves further stuck—think of a fly struggling in the spider’s web, getting more and more entangled instead of its intention of escape. Escaping the patterns of our minds can sometimes require just letting go, more than working harder to figure things out.

Leaves to shed: The 5 of Cups (reversed) and the King of Wands (reversed).

These cards are about what we are holding onto that is no longer helpful or beneficial to us, so we might start working on loosening our grip on them. The predominant behaviors expressed here are pessimism and hot-headedness. Pessimism is a powerful defense mechanism, that keeps us from feeling too deep of disappointment or from feeling too naïve or Pollyanna about things (the naivety of the Fool card). When we expect negative, we think we are saving ourselves from hoping for positive and not getting it. But really, when we expect negative, we attract negative, and we see the negative everywhere. The 5 of Cups shows how we are coloring our experience by our anticipation of how it will be. We can work here on letting go of the defenses we have to avoid feeling foolish, and we may have deep emotional attachments to this defense mechanism, so be kind to yourself as you shed it. Encourage positivity in yourself at the same time that you work on letting go of negativity. The King of Wands is a personality that is passionate and creative, but also impulsive and self-centered. Any impulsiveness combined with pessimism will generally have a bad outcome—working on mindfulness is important to do this week. When we approach our days with more thoughtfulness, fun and creativity can be better expressed than when we leak our energy out by not paying attention to our actions. The wands are the fire element, so we want to be more in control of how our fire spreads and burns, and not let it run amok.


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