Tarot Reading for the week of August 5th, 2019


This spread for the week of August 5th brings guidance for this week through showing us:

*Mind *Body *Spirit

*Past *Present *Future


The mind and the past are connected, as the mind often dwells on the past, and the past exists primarily in our minds, in our memories and thoughts. The cards related to the mind and the past talk about what we have recently experienced and what we can move out of, into the present and future. Things we can let go of, and things we can learn from.

Mind: 6 of Swords (reversed)

The 6 of Swords is a card of mourning, of being in the middle of a transition, feeling an equal balance of the loss and the opening that that loss creates. It is a card of movement, but reversed it can show some resistance to this change. Loss creates opening, which creates opportunity for change. In order to make this opening not feel like a vacuum or a void, we need to find grounding in the middle of fluidity, and we can use the breath here. When we need to center ourselves in a time or space that does not feel like there is a center, our breath is always available to keep time, to fill space, to provide a steady metronome for us to find ourselves. Our minds have been stressed, but we also have an awareness that there are antidotes, or a freshness that can await us. We aren’t there yet, but sensing its presence means we can drop our resistance and flow into it.

Past: Knight of Swords

This whole spread is heavy on thought, with all the swords cards, but it’s a sort of thought that is tied to action. It’s a planning type of thinking, a type of thought that doesn’t stay in the mind but needs to move into the body. It’s figuring out what to do next. We may not know exactly what to do because of any changes that we are going through, but we are motivated to take new action. The Knight of Swords in combination with a reversed 6 of Swords can show some blockage in our energies, some resistance to change, to new thought patterns, to solutions. New, unknown solutions require creativity to find, and these cards show more rigidity. Work on creating space in your mind through the breath, to allow new ideas to come through.  

The 6 of Swords combined with the Knight of Swords has a sense of ignoring a deeper truth or knowledge, in order to maintain a sense of stability, but this denies the fact that everything is constantly growing and changing, including ourselves. Letting ourselves just flow can be difficult, but is necessary to avoid obstacles and sadness. We create sadness for ourselves when we limit our ability to transform and evolve, when we block our own movement.



The body and the present are linked, as we experience the present moment in our physical body. When we are here and now, our bodies are fully in the present. Our bodies can often show us the more primal and instinctual messages we need to hear in the moment.

Body: Knight of Wands

We’re looking for new excitement, new ways of expressing ourselves, and a wider picture of ourselves. We want to break out of the old and take a chance on something unknown. This is a card of movement and freedom. It can be about risk taking, so combined here with the Ace of Swords, we want to instead be more intentional about what actions we take, and not do anything drastic. This card can be about following our pleasure, taking cues from what excites us and makes us feel alive. It’s the breath of fresh air that the stagnation of the 6 of Swords needs, to liven things up. Our minds tend to find pleasure in repeating the same thoughts, even negative ones, just out of familiarity and habit. But they can also find pleasure in thinking new, previously un-thought thoughts, and this can lead to establishing new, healthier thought patterns. Experiencing something we hadn’t ever experienced before can keep our consciousness active and nimble.

Present: Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords asks for clarity and focus. This does not have to be in conflict with the Knight of Wands, they can work together, and their cooperation shows a maturity of joining thought and action together for the best results. When we try something new or practice a new, out of character behavior, we need our minds to be on board with processing how we react to it, so we can learn from it. The Ace of Swords is about bringing all of your focus and attention to something so that you can integrate it into your current state of being.  

In our present moment, we can take advantage of a new way of approaching our problems or issues, by coming at them from a different angle. This will be helpful to move us out of any stuck feelings, and also help to move us into the future space of expansion. When we are in a state of being bogged down by emotions, especially ancient ones we just can’t let go of, because they have started to make sense to us just by their continued existence, it’s hard to find mental clarity. Take a look at those old feelings and instead of listening to its twisted logic— we learn to adjust our thinking to allow for the logic of our traumas—try to find new sense in what’s actually happening around you, in the present moment. If you have a negative self-image that is dragging you down and that part of you wants to escape and move on from (6 of Swords), you might discover that your mind has gotten used to viewing reality in a way that only confirms this negative self-image (Knight of Swords). When we do something different and out of the ordinary (Knight of Wands), we allow our minds to have a new thought that can confirm a new, positive self-image. We need our minds to purposefully and intentionally allow for this new perspective though (Ace of Swords). This brings a sense of freedom, expansion, and possibility that is crucial for our well-being.



The spirit is connected to the future. Our spirits know what we would like to move forward into, and has the clarity to know how to get there, if we can get our minds and bodies on the same page.

Spirit: The World

This is a further opening that is found in the other cards, a more expansive and inter-connected kind of opening. It’s being more connected to the network of life around us. There is a sense of discovery of things that we were not aware of previously, in our 6 of Swords mentality, things that have always existed, but we were not engaged with them because we did not allow for the possibility of them.  

Future: Strength (reversed)

The Strength card shows us where we can refine ourselves in order to match our intentions to our actions. It is often about doing the heavy lifting, the emotional work, transforming the inner self.  When reversed, we experience some resistance to doing this work, similar to the reversal of the 6 of Swords showing us where we are resisting change. What is this resistance about? Because a lot of the other cards reference the planning and figuring out of what to do, we might feel a little stuck in the details and not connecting enough to the larger motivations of why we are doing what we are. Personal cultivation and refinement leads us towards more beneficial action in our lives, leading to greater personal fulfillment and greater engagement with the world around us. Anything that blocks us from doing this work on ourselves will be felt now, and we can work on discovering the emotional origins of any neglect or dismissal of our own personal satisfaction. The Strength card is about lifting ourselves up to the highest we are capable of, through daily action and intentional behavior.  And so it is often about addressing those negative patterns we have which keep us from being that best self.

This week is about finding ourselves tied up in the details, without enough connection to our larger intentions, perhaps because we have some emotional blockage to connecting with our larger purpose. We have become accustomed to doing the busy work that is easy and makes our lives function, but with a nagging awareness that there has to be some meaningful purpose behind it, and perhaps this is lacking (not our purpose, but our connection to it). Moving forward, we can use our daily actions and behaviors, not for busy work, but to manifest what our intentions are. The 6 of Swords can show us a reluctance to engage with the world because it feels overwhelming or holds too much to overcome, but the World card shows us all of the positives that engagement in our lives can offer, at the least because of the potential. When we are in transition, possibility can feel un-grounding, but we can also work to ground ourselves and then open up to all the possibilities available to us, which might have been previously hidden, or that we had refused to see. Not being bound by our own self-imposed limitations, and tapping into the idea of endless possibilities are important tools for our happiness, and so if we are overwhelmed by these feelings rather than inspired, it shows us where we need to refine and focus our energies. The 6 of Swords feelings of being adrift, untethered, at the mercy of life, where things don’t make sense, can be transformed into hope and excitement, through a refinement of our daily thoughts and actions. The Strength card is about who we want to be when we meet the world. What keeps us from being that version of ourselves is being shown to us by the 6 of Swords— that which holds us down and holds us back. It’s important to face these feelings of being at the bottom, in order to know how to rise to the top.




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