Tarot Reading for the week of September 16th, 2019


The spread for this week starts with a focal point at the top, three rays that show how this focal point is manifesting or expressing itself this week, and a row of 4 cards that show how we can work with this energy.  

The top card is the 9 of Pentacles, reversed. This card is a message that we already have what we want, and are possibly not allowing ourselves to see or to fully receive what is surrounding us. We might feel tension between what’s going on for us and our expectations—perhaps they are not matching up the way we thought, or perhaps there are little snags or imperfections with what we have. Working on appreciation this week will help to move through any sort of hiccups or non-ideal situations. If we focus on the positive and seeing how much we do have, even in an imperfect or weird way, we can better enjoy our lives. This card can also be a message that what we want is available to us, if we can only see it or let ourselves get to it.

The three ways that this can be manifesting for you this week are the Page of Swords, reversed, The Empress, and the Knight of Cups, reversed. The Empress is the strongest energy here, and is also not reversed, so not blocked. Tap into your physical energy—appreciating your body and everything it is capable of doing, even with its various imperfections or weaknesses, is a good way to connect with a more engaged way of being. Our bodies are the things that allow us to do everything we want to accomplish, so making sure they are in the right cycles and aligned with health is important. The physical is very strong right now, and the other two cards, which address more mental and emotional ways of being, are reversed. We might feel less confident about our ideas or our feelings, and this might be blocking us from immersion into the 9 of Pentacles feeling of abundance and even a sense that we deserve good things or success. Grounding into the body can help bolster both self-confidence, and belief in the self, as well as a sense of connection with humanity and the human commonalities that we all share. Grounding down into a sense of the collective, while also grounding up into a sense of the uniqueness of the self. Look at any fears you have about either putting forward your ideas or thoughts, or being vulnerable with your emotions. The sense of self-doubt here accentuates any blocking of receiving success or enjoyment. If you feel unsure of yourself, center yourself in your body, which can offer security, safety, wisdom, etc. When we center in the body, we remind ourselves that we can care for ourselves, that we are capable and self-sufficient. When we care for our human needs—eat when hungry, sleep when tired, move when activated—we help ourselves, which is empowering. Then, when we want to move forward with new ideas, or get more intimate in relationships—whenever we want to push the boundaries a little bit, we feel capable of taking care of ourselves when doing so, which can alleviate fear of the unknown.

Moving into the row of guidance, of how to either take advantage of the positive energy, or work on un-blocking the negative, we have the 6 of Swords, the 6 of Wands, the King of Wands, and the King of Cups, all reversed. When a lot of cards are reversed like this, especially in the section for guidance, I decide whether I want to see this as meaningful, or random. When you shuffle the deck, usually about half the cards end up reversed. When so many cards are reversed, it may or may not be helpful to read them as reversed. You can choose to read them as if they were upright. Sometimes it’s more powerful if there are only one or two cards reversed, that way the fact of the reversal feels more meaningful. In this case, because we are in the guidance section, which is already talking about things we may not be doing or putting into action yet, I’m not going to talk too much about the reversals.

The 6s in Tarot talk about finding harmony, finding resolution, finding a balance or a way out of conflict or struggle. The 6 of Swords wants us to move away from any mourning or disappointment we are holding onto, and really let ourselves move into the present moment and all it has to offer. There is a sense of creating struggle for ourselves by focusing on the past and not letting ourselves move into the future. The 6 of Wands wants us to appreciate ourselves and all of our accomplishments, and to integrate these into our sense of self. Both of these cards relate back to the blocked 9 of Pentacles, where we are not fully receiving the gifts that surround us. Living in the past and not valuing ourselves are two ways that we block these gifts. This week we can work on letting go of past disappointments, and letting go of expectations for the future, in order to let ourselves receive everything that is happening right now. We can also work on centering ourselves, on valuing ourselves—we can relate back to the Empress card if this is a hard thing to do. Start by valuing everything your body does—even in situations or environments that make you feel under-valued, you can appreciate how your body functions in those moments. Your body is very sensitive, and when you focus too much on the pain of the past or anxiety about the future, your body will respond, and not in a great way. When you focus on the present moment, and appreciate it, your body responds the best, as the present moment is what it is most attuned to. The two Kings are interesting—they can represent people in your life, or a way of being for you to embody this week. If these are people who might come into your life, or help you out in some way, they would be people who are working from the heart, either through passionate action or emotions. They can also be asking us to embody these traits more fully—the Kings act with authority out of whichever element they are, so it can be about stepping fully into our hearts. Committing to our emotions, to our desires, to those things we care deeply about. Especially with the more tentative cards in the second row of manifesting energy—the Knight of Cups and the Page of Swords, both reversed—we are being asked to move away from feeling unsure, and take more of a stand for what we care about. In doing this, in centering in the heart’s passion and taking action from there, we can immerse into the 9 of Pentacles sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

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