Tarot Reading for the week of September 2nd, 2019


The top card is the overview for the week, and it’s The Wheel of Fortune. This means we can expect the unexpected, or at least be open to being led rather than being controlling. The Wheel of Fortune asks us to open up our eyes and discover more than what we already know. It’s a turning point, where we can elevate our experience by widening our perspective and finding new connections and insights, lifting us higher. The best way to use this card is to practice allowance, and to notice everything. It’s about expanding our awareness so that we can take advantage of what the universe has to offer. There is magic everywhere once you look for it.  

The rest of the 7 cards are for each day of the week, but we’ll just connect these loosely, and look at these cards as a story arc, rather than literally connected to each day.  

2 of Wands

Ace of Wands

The Moon (reversed)

8 of Pentacles

8 of Cups (reversed)

4 of Swords

Death (reversed)

All of the reversed cards this week are cards of personal, internal transformation and transcendence. This means we will be confronting this theme in some way, but in ways that don’t come easy, or our energy might be resisting this. This is fine, we can’t always be perfectly aligned with where the universe wants to take us. The Moon, 8 of Cups, and the Death card all ask us to move beyond our ego and our comfort zones, in order to find deeper meaning within and without. Whether or not this is easy for you to do this week, having awareness of it is still valuable. The Wheel of Fortune as the umbrella card for this week also wants us to surrender and look outside of what we know and feel comfortable with, to find new options.

The rest of the upright cards are more purposeful—this spread definitely feels like where we are astrologically, being in Virgo season, and heading to a Pisces full moon next week. We feel pulled towards taking care of business, to making things move forward in beneficial ways, towards the details of our lives, but underneath is a sense of the more ephemeral feelings of existence, as we approach the full moon. Now is a time to build what we have been working on, and continuing to focus on our agenda for life, but to also know that the more emotional processing of life is still there, and will eventually surface for us. If you are feeling some emotional loose ends lingering near you this week, get yourself prepared to face them head-on next week, with the full moon.

The 2 of Wands and Ace of Wands lead us into the week with energy to spare, and a sense of optimism and can-do attitude. Each time a reversed card pops up in this spread, it can show us where a trigger point might find you. Since the reversed Moon card comes after these Wands cards, we want to be able to continue to deal with ourselves in a positive way, even in conflict, so we can work on keeping our momentum from the Wands cards even if we get hit with some unconscious emotional processing with the Moon card. The 8 of Pentacles card following that, brings us back to our momentum and we can focus on how much we’ve built a strong foundation in our lives. The 8s in Tarot are about pushing beyond our own limits, and transcending our blocks in order to become who we want to be. As we work on this mission this week, we’ll be alternating between facing buried emotional issues that are re-surfacing, and continuing on our journey forward. These are good to go hand in hand, as we can use our healthy progress in our external actions to support us as we dig deeper internally. Focus on the work you’re doing that you feel proud of, and give yourself enough time to do it well and find the satisfaction from it, and it will be easier to confront any emotional triggers this week. We can continue this healthy progress in work and career into our personal self-caretaking, and make sure that we are always supporting ourselves in what we need in order to rise to the occasion. The 8 of Cups reversed moving into the 4 of Swords asks us to look within for the answers and guidance that we’re looking for, and to listen to what it recommends for us, even if it is not easy. It will lead to ease in the long run. The Wheel of Fortune card, the week overview, does not tell us to completely surrender and give up our own agency, to let the universe do it all for us. It tells us to hold our own as we look for ways to allow the universe to help in mysterious ways—we only have to give up our need for control, not our mastery over ourselves. The Death card also wants us to let go our irrational desires to know it all and to force things into being, and instead, to just follow along as things ebb and flow, as some things close and others open.

There is a big sense of openness this week, of being open to larger forces affecting us, being open to finding out more about our unconscious and how to engage with it, being open to following life as it goes. We might find some resistance to this, but in our actions in the rest of the week, we are working on doing things with positive motivation to find positive growth, and this can help us to lose some of our resistance.


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