Tarot Reading for the week of September 30th, 2019

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I chose a smiley face spread for this week, because I felt we all needed some light energy! I also want to show how healing and mysticism can have some humor to it; often healing can get bogged down in addressing trauma, and we want to remember that the end goal of our healing path is to get to a place of lightness and ease. My own connection with spirit can be very light and humorous at times; the spirits certainly do have a sense of humor and want to feel pleasure.

The two eyes represent what we are working with this week, and the five cards in the smile are our different pathways to move through it.

Page of Cups, reversed, and the 6 of Wands are both cards of enjoyment, and of receiving positivity. The 6 of Wands is a more straightforward type of reception, of feeling good about your achievements and actually acknowledging your successes. We are often so worried about failing and other people’s opinions about our potential failure, that we don’t really hear when people respond positively to us. If you have done any type of hard work recently, whether emotional or in your career, take some time to let yourself feel congratulatory towards yourself. Especially if you are a sensitive or empathic person, it can be easy to downplay your own success to try to make others feel comfortable. Try not to do that this week, and see what changes for you. The Page of Cups is a different type of receiving, and can be more broad and abstract and harder to grasp. It is about receiving from the unknown, and letting new things come into our lives and letting ourselves follow them and let them reward us. This is different than the 6 of Wands energy, which has more of a direct correlation between your work and the receiving of positivity from a job well done. Page of Cups, and perhaps this is why it is reversed, has a looser connection, which is harder to see. More of a karmic correlation, meaning one action or gesture on your part might enable you to receive a benefit or gift that is unrelated on the surface. We tend to distrust this type of gift, since we can’t see the link. But, we can trust that our energy has done something right to receive whatever positivity is coming to us. 

The cards that can assist us as we move through the week are:

The Moon, the 4 of Cups, the 7 of Pentacles, reversed, The Star, reversed, and the 5 of Wands.

The Moon is always a tricky card, but it doesn’t have to be heavy. It can show us an entry point into the mystical, which, in its illogical nature, can be freeing. When things don’t quite make sense, we are more free to construct our own meaning, and this might feel good this week. Being playful and loose in your interpretations, not being so rigid in your responses. The Moon can be a trickster, and it has that feel this week. Things are not always what they seem, and instead of this feeling like chaos or instability, you can play around with creating your own meanings. The 4 of Cups is always a message to not take things for granted, and to not let things get stagnant. Bringing the reversed Page of Cups back in, these two cards can tell us that we need to inject some more life into our emotional selves. To not get bogged down in routine, and again, to bring more play into how we relate in our love-life or with our emotions. The 7 of Pentacles reversed here feels like a message to not take work too seriously. The energy of this week is about living in the moment, almost as an experiment to shake things up for yourself. So, we don’t need to do too many long-term projections or too much worrying about the future—this week we need to focus on our own actions in the present moment, and if we are bringing enough life and lightness to them. The Star reversed also brings me back to the reversed Page of Cups, as it shows us that we are not connecting deeply enough with ourselves and sharing ourselves as an act of creative manifestation. The Star card tells us that in order to fully embody ourselves, we need to show and share all parts of ourselves, and feed and nourish all parts. There is no hiding with the Star card, and the presence of the Moon card, a card of obscuring, tells us that we can work on our shadow selves, and anything we are keeping locked up, a bit this week too. When we share ourselves, in enjoyment of ourselves, we let ourselves enter into a reciprocal flow of connecting inward and connecting outward, and then the outside flows back into the inside, based on how we shared ourselves. We create a momentum based on what we share and this sharing comes back to us. This week feels like a week of Yes, of being open to new experiences, while being fully observational and in tune with the self. The 5 of Wands is a card of movement, activity, and momentum. It’s the feeling of buzzy energy, when you are energized, and the energy around you is matching that enthusiasm, and a lot is going on. This is best used in the present moment, because it’s so high energy that it’s not super sustainable, and at some point we will have to return to the more steady and stable 7 of Pentacles energy. But, for now, we can tap into a feeling of excitement, because this provides us with some renewed battery life and enthusiasm for our lives.

Returning to the two cards for this week, we want to work on opening up ourselves to the benefits of life that may seem unexpected or illogical, and following where this takes us. We can rely on the work that we’ve already done, accepting praise from others so that we can really see the progress we’ve made and what we’ve achieved, taking the pressure off a little, so we can be more relaxed. As we move forward, our keyword this week is play—making your daily actions more playful assists with opening up, with tapping into lightness, and with connection with others and enjoyment of the self. We want to re-inject anything that has felt too dull or static with new life.  

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