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Rachel Howe Small Spells Headshot

I'm Rachel. Welcome to Small Spells.

Small Spells is a multi-dimensional brand, joining healing and the arts. I provide inspiration and healing through private tarot readings and reiki sessions, as well as regular astrology posts and channeled messages on my Instagram feed, @smallspells. My work empowering others to find their way to healing also takes the form of teaching regular workshops on tarot and accessing intuition. Reaching a broad audience through my illustrations that embrace mysticism while staying firmly rooted in the culture of modern design – drawing on the imagery of cartoons, tattoos, handmade illustrations and low-fi graphic design, I've found a voice that is both accessible and aspirational. Whether through energy work, a hand-poked tattoo, or a t-shirt, the aim is always to lift up those around me, to raise the level of communication and self-awareness, and to enable personal healing and growth to occur. The Small Spells Tarot Deck is a culmination of the healing and artistic work I've done for myself, and spread to my community (originally in Brooklyn NY, and now relocated to Los Angeles), for the past six years.

Photograph by Zohn Mandel




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Our Planets, Ourselves

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Small Spells Tarot Deck

In 2016 I released the Small Spells tarot deck, after spending a year and a half immersing myself in the cards. Each of the 78 cards has an original illustration, drawing on traditional meanings, but also my own intuited interpretation and symbology.

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