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Our Planets, Ourselves

Astrology and Tarot newsletter subscriptions

I am now offering a subscriber-only astrology newsletter, emailed to you twice a month, around the full and new moons.  Your subscription can start and end anytime, and you will be billed monthly. 

These will be longer, more elaborate versions of my Instagram astrological posts. They will include insights into the astrology of the month, large and small, and will touch on how the aspects affect each sign. Additional general wisdom as prompted by the aspects will also be included, with drawings to help illustrate the feelings of the moment, with the intention of helping to guide you through any emotional processing that might come up due to the movements of the planets in the sky. 

As we become more in tune with the planets, which act as reflections of aspects of our lives, we start to become more self-aware.  Our actions can then stem from a more authentic place, creating more ease in our lives. Universal movements around us act as mirrors of our own personal movements, so being aware of them can lead to deeper understanding of ourselves.

NEW! Added feature: included with your subscription, you can email me directly with astrology questions— related to the newsletter information, or general questions. I’ll answer to the best of my knowledge, and will share any interesting exchanges that seem relevant to everyone in the following newsletters. This opens up the conversations and gets you more involved!

Subscriber option 1, begins August 15th:

Astrology newsletter, bi-weekly on the new and full moon. General insights and sign-specific horoscopes. Includes the option to email in astrology questions, with occasional Q&A's included in the newsletters. $8/month

Subscriber option 2, begins August 5th:

Bi-weekly Tarot reading, on the alternate weeks from the Astrology newsletter. General pull for the energy of the week, including what we are moving from and moving towards. Includes explanations of the reading as a mini lesson. $6/month

Subscriber option 3:

Both the Astrology and Tarot newsletters! $12/month


Tarot readings tap into intuition & knowledge of the cards to offer guidance. I offer readings in Los Angeles, or over Skype for non-locals. Readings are one hour, and cost $150. Gift certificates available.

I am also available for readings at events and parties, as well as private lessons.

Photograph by Levi Mandel

Photograph by Levi Mandel

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Reiki is healing energy work, to clear up blocks & help you move forward. Discussion at the beginning and end of the session helps to clarify and process the energetic cleansing. I offer sessions in Los Angeles for $150/hour. Gift certificates available.

Stick N Poke tattoos

Starting at $125. Flash and custom work available. In Los Angeles.


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Online Workshops

Intro to Tarot workshops are now online!

This intro class provides insight into Tarot, for beginners looking for an entry point, and for more advanced readers looking for discussion & exploration. This class breaks down the Small Spells Tarot into more accessible groups and elements, and explores ways to incorporate your own intuition into a reading. We will go over all the cards, discuss spreads, and bring in other esoteric tools, all to expand your Tarot vocabulary and get more in tune with the cards.

An accompanying booklet will be sent to you in PDF form once you sign up, as well as a link to register and further instructions about how to access the workshop at the appropriate time. This workshop is held live so that you can ask questions during it, and have them answered in real time. There are no refunds— if you sign up, make sure you can attend at the correct time— double check your time zone.