The Small Spells deck unlocked the tarot for me. Not only did the meaning of the cards became clear, but Rachel’s approach to the workings of tarot, and how the suits and progression of numerology interact, made tarot almost immediately accessible to me.
— Juanita

Rachel’s reading was an incredible gift. She put words and visuals to the pain-points I was struggling to identify on my own, and she did it with gentle grace. During the reading Rachel shared actionable insights about re-connecting to my intuition. Her service is truly a valuable spiritual tool. I’d recommend Rachel’s Tarot reading to those brave souls willing to hold a mirror up and see something true inside. Her kindness and grace let her insights land gently. She’ll give you a lot to think about as your path unfolds.
— Kathleen

Rachel was wonderful! Considering it was my first time “doing reiki” I did not know what to expect. Rachel’s calm demeanor made me feel comfortable instantly and she prefaced that if I begin to feel strange sensations (breath especially) to just breathe into it, as it will soon pass. I did not feel rushed during the session and really appreciated our talk afterward. She is wonderful and sparked my curiosity to explore reiki further. Thank you again!
— Lydia

I hired Rachel to do tarot card readings at our company holiday party, and she was fantastic! Everyone I spoke to after their reading said how insightful and thoughtful she was in her delivery, and a few people even asked me for her information so they could plan a follow up session. I highly recommend her for a personal reading or special event.
— Taneka
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